Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ode to mumbai's Rain !!!

Its raining hard and I am in the train
it moves not , stuck at one place
here is rain God -in all non-chalance
with consistent showers -that ceaseth not...!!!
I missed my train ,I skipped grand plans
there's party at home, and I am so far
How many fond dishes, how grand the feast
I know not , having missed it all
its real beauty of falling drops
yet i stand grim faced
in the blowing wind and the unstartable train
Oh common rain God - thou cant be so harsh
the bestower of warmest times
Head to the pleads of hearts
and Go back just for a while
maybe to more anxious eyes
awaiting thee since long in Gurgaon , in Delhi
and give my friends there a huge treat
a fond surprise and respite much sought
shower thy mercy on my co-passengers
gang of smartest Aunties
why strain them with twin giants
the drops of rain and words of mine
For oft you come as blessing in disguise
heralding the season of colors of celebration
profusing hearts with songs and dance
so cant you go this time as a change
and let all be merry again
with the humpty dumpty ride
on the local train..............
in a journey worth commencing
to a destination its meant to reach ........!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Random could it be............

how random can the world be, than it already is......
like perfect evolution - to built cells , tissues,organs , organisms-thriving lifeforms....varied, n beautiful.u call it evolution, survival of the fittest - i marvel at the variations n all being unexplained - remains random ..yet their are fixed logics, fixed formula's n theorems being followed
from planetary motion to cell division -intelligence n abstraction- like feelings n emotions - all driving you to be in accordance with the rules in general - propagating life.yet u take tensions - oh i dint do this , i couldn't went there
i lost this , this is unacceptable !! common man grow up - look around. what u call trend is a minuscule - u wanna follow the trend?
check out of nature's , if it isn't some master God - playing his favorite facebook kind of build ur city game - only that his city spans the whole universe -which again is an abstraction for the infinity - which we assume can be measurable - or would have boundaries - what we will find after that nobody's sure -maybe the kingdom of gods - playing their farmvilla- or their design n play n comedy n sarcasm contest - in a little universe named box -  what all else would be then a void ?? like zero - a nullity - i have no idea , but its really mind boggling.

Few months back I dint knew of subspaces n norms n dimensions n universum, now everything is strangely explained by or in terms of these words- a plane or a hyperplane n I wonder how could I afford to live this long without this notion - common hyperplanes has to be such a natural deduction!!

n then viola - I worry of the food in mess, n the India's loss n lack of research n i wanna go home n all the bla bla - all this within a span of a minute ,in one go - viola - God n his world - or nature n life -or universe n vacuum - whatever u are - u r amazing !!.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


isn't it a mockery -the dual aspects of each term
whatever u say - i can justify
so whatever u say -u are always right
the world is beauty n a beast
joy is temporary n eternal
faith is objective yet subjective
relativity holds all over
black clouds are respite n coming storm
sun is light and burner
God is the only truth n the truth of world
Dualism is the key to all
surprises,remorse ,passion,hatred
genius,madness,virtue n vice , enamored or scoff
are all dubious , a foul cry
a song of jubilation , a restless appeal
all are dual -with dual basis
not complementary neither orthogonal
momentary and eternal - all are relative
cause ,effect and divine interventions or ways
volubility and silence
motion and rest
perception and revelations
good and bad
dualism to its core !!

The Child of magical land......

n she was a child of magical world
she believed in miracles
so normal worries never clouded her mind
but it was d flight to new dimensions
she wondered preoccupied
n did she witnessed any in real
ohh many , her each day was filled with it
miraculously she moulded her all events
a magic wand was the child
n she did believed whole-heartedly in out of league
creating a world of her magical world
she lived undeciphered
amidst the saddist realm

wont u tell me more of her
how she was
n magic spectacular
ohh curiosity -indeed , its gud its gud
its what she had all in her
curiosity , the solution maker
finder of pathways n alleys
ahhaa -it was a joy to see her
it was an aura she carried
of faith, trust n glory

the story of her glory
cant be put in words
still my child
lemme take u to her unique world

When the time will come........

n when the time will come , u'll understand
the truthness of all blatant promises n pledges
the indulgences u tend to justify ,
the ruminesceses that keeps u occupied
with the passage of time
it will figure it out for its own self/sake
dats my faith -

oh my heart u have //to accomplish// a task
but u wanna sing n u wanna dance
u have a deadline to meet -
tasks to do n u indulge in futile talks
what u want ???  a purpose -u have it everywhere
see million eyes still in dark ages
billion people n their cries
u wanna make a difference
go help a single being truly
n yes u have a purpose

Universal Brotherhood...???

they could never have disrupted ur nerves , had u been ready for the shock
do strangers ever run ur world ?? when they do - ur doomed
how could they decide for u , when they are so unaware
maybe one size fits all rule cant leave the docile mind
haah..friendship n love n thy tests.........
which one to take n which to leave
ridiculous is ur out-lashing
for the champions of universal brotherhood
i want to put a question mark
at the very end of brotherhood??
which brotherhood n why brotherhood only??
is it again a gender-bias,
shall i call it humanhood then
baah - its so useless- its just a hood
where's the human to enclose in a hood??///n be a hound
or all are already draped in a veil
donno - i would like to see the naked face
behind the roudy conduct
i would love to know the why's of acts n thoughts
for most lofty notion of "humanhood"
needs some lofty analysis
theres no question of sisterhood?? cause how does it matter anyways
man has been ruling the world -bar 1 or 2 glitches
n its harmony there we seek
'universal" is again a catch
i would love to broaden the span of the world
isnt it intriguing- world's a temple
of well wishers - playing n laughing n celebrations
well -have u heard of obsession
where will it fits in the string

Never Realised

never realised what maturity is , what it means that life goes on. why the threads of life are always embedded with celebrations and celebrations with songs n food .Never realised that life is not a fullstop ; its not a single book with a fixed storyline and lifetime - it never ends......Never realised -what love means, how strong are the ties of trust and human bondings, what drives our decisions , our choices and our ambitions .I so much love the life I have been given -protected
cared and loved by y family and friends.Wherever I go -its with a notion, I am safe , when loved , I am wanted.
Not alone to face any harsh cruel world out there, there is my mom-with the best delicious dishes for me-the moment I step inthe house. My father with his little fond smile at me-that makes me feel blessed .How much I can thank u my lord.
My sisters -the best pals I can cry my heart out on any and everything and my little bro to whom I can act like Hitler yet he will listen to me.How much I love my friends teasing and pampering .Isn't it funny I would ever want to be serious in life? what for? Hey whenever I see a tragedy in books or movies -I cry my heart out, I cant imagine living in that circumstances.Yet something matures in me, in thoughts and understanding. When it comes to a full life- I do wanna see the beautiful celebrations that people can jot their life with .The fond memories and chit-chats.There's much more to the life and the world than what one can ever love,Yet u come to love so many facets.The question of belongingness, of homeland,of places u lived and grew up. There's no common rule , there's no common standards -its all so customized -mixed with the signs of lord -n some miraculous notions- that lend the meaning and change and colors to human life.Different countries different cultures , different viewpoint-yet its
this instant that's all so  beautiful. Maybe I can capture the essence of this moment on reflect on as the experience worth remembering.

U'll never get what u imagine-yet somehow whatever u'll be in-will be just right, filling the missing links and leadingto an end only one of a kind.

Midnight in Paris-

Ok its kindda funny to see the extent of romanticism and fantasy you can take .To be honest I am a big dreamer -dreamer of magical world full of all biggest historical things and Roman and greek art architecture sculpture and wonders. It all seems so very perfect and impressive - well who aint is marvelled by reading of these greatness-but somewhow somewhere it cant be to watch and witness all at one time,iou have to draw a line somewhere between real and illusion, as u cant possibly go on living an imagery; so I suppose . Anyways so in this movie -this hero gets to the age he considers to be the Golden age, in his  most beloved city of Paris-where he wanna settle in and loves everything about it. His zeal is not at all shared by his to be fiance -she thinks
him to be insane to have these ideas -but guess what our time tussle drops in, the hero goes to the different era-the 20th century by sitting in a strange cab -lets presume it to be some kindda time machine and gets to meet all the great writers he ever admired in person ,meets Pabelo picasso and Eliot and all n no. of such big names you always associate with the 20th century as big giants of their times....and he soon finds the true love gives the courage to forget the fear of death, which he is always gripped with and hence seems to be a saddist. Further he comes to know the beauty to find a person who somehow shares every interest and passion as u ....who just fits in with your fantasies and is the true soulmate-ofcourse if u put it in fantasy lingo.
OK so he returns back to his present time thats 21st century-2010 to be precise, breaks up with his to be fiance-gets to know what note to take on the book his writing with the help of the 20th century writer's remarks.Ofcourse it was not the best movies ever made, it was not even close to hold the interest if ur 1% realist I presume. But if ur insane enough to hear to ur weird cravings of the  other perfect world ,getting on somewhere around some part of universe or maybe by time space continuum right now simultaneously or parallely somewhere, you wanna know the meaning of life and wish to live in just the world as  u would like it to be; u somehow come to believe the story -ridiculously u are with the main hero in his disconnect with his pushy GF ,
 her cynicism of his book, his uncertainity whether to follow his dreams of writing or to head to the continuous push to get back to script writing in hollywood -at which he's pretty succesful. You are always hoping he should not give up his quest of fantasy world ...

Somehow somewhere we all cherish the thoughts of being in the world , we dream of ,tempting however it be but as a reality it must be testing.
Optimism for a saddist is a big deal-its just out of his immediate nature.You cant live in future , u cant live in past -what u have to live in is the present .
You can take ideas and inspiration from the fascinating past and you can put ur imagery and fancy for the future.But present is where ur world and action is .What would it be like to know that what ur living is possibily the best you have always had in mind and have ever hoped for.

If you look around you the inspiration is all over.

Does age change OR what u see is what u get  -?

Companies n Tees

A gal carrying the Bag "Juniper your Net" greeted me as I entered H10 for lunch break....Now thinking of network in my lab
coming back -it struck me as interesting ! Why not Cisco?? oops it doesnt sounds gud..ok then its gud one, nxt moment it was Morgan Stanley Tees gal ..
I thought I am gonna look out how many big names were roaming around the mess area today . Ok I made a point not to count "Entrepreneurship Cell IITB "
since its too many n on all days to interest any more. OK next came Facebook- reminding me that I havent checked it since morning.OK next to come
was our very own H10-its remarkable how the same Tee looks so very different -on all the girls, some wear it with skirts , some shorts, some Jeans and
that too in n different ways .So continuining the series were few colleges -and numbers of basketball team . I wondered where would all these converge too...Yahoo , Google are others which usually are spotted but somehow not today.
My food was suddenly so very interesting.

when the sun had set

when the sun had set , rolling the sky was wind,
was tide running to catch of the shores with sea.......
the dust had settled the luminous lanes intertwined with darkened lanes
that I had seen u setting ur steps on the pebbles nearby
drenched in the flow of water .....coming and going
the mesmeriising n charmed look of urs
is what I hold till now

How often

how often is it-that your most profound sense of discovery of joy turns into most profound sense of loss, hopelessness, deadend. how often does the dead end you perceive like the end, leaves many a new doors a journey you only in your heart knew you have so often wished to undertake. God, high power , nature , myth, sincere call of heart-whatever it maybe and in whatever form
literature, movies, tv series , real life melodrama's wherever-it leaves a deep faith behind, in something superior somewhere . Who said the search of absolute is the ultimate end, unless its some kind of endless loop of discovery of wisdom and the severest blow to your sense....

Word- don play with them

I learnt not to play with words
or give them little less value
a little q here instead of r -
leaves the meaning miles apart
words they are- to be employed selectively
just bragging n dragging nowhere leads
meaning they are associated with
clear, n explicit
its not a play - to follow what u feel
its the charm of most apt n upright
almost as a science n discoveries
what combination - portrays at best
what u wanna convey
almost imparting elegance to the gestures
or ruining the wealthiest display
for the mouth open decides the impact
 n words is all the very sane
choose them with perfection
for words is indeed a great power
handle it like a precious vase
they do have meaning!!


why Indians are so obsessed with not wasting time, when thats what they end up doing.
A Lecturar in class getting impatient cause somebody asked a basic question is not the way .
telling the answer will take less time then scolding n ridiculing him, reminding him of which class std
had he already read it in.....its simply savage the responses I see, as if that one moment of repition is a hardest
torment to bear.

Oh dear Parents.......!!

do u know -what i wanna say ??
 of this infinite care
oh dear Parents-no word ever suffice
to what grateful n gratitude i feel for the bygone times
ur the bestest .......

do u remember -when ur eyes gleamed with my funny talks
ur incessant pearly laughs is all i cherish
the times u stood there in my fears n uncertainties
sometimes i wonder - how it would be like
to be the life boat of ur child
goodness personified

Smooth is the flow- beautiful n spontaneous

believe.....n it is bestowed to thee...
whats work, whats rogour , whats hard
alls a myth .....its al in believe.....
trust n trust whole -heartedly
trust god n his varied ways
trust him to direct ur ways
love n love unquestioningly
just don't put it up on ur face
be the smooth river
all along the way,
turn n twist n rush as u wish
do it all away on ur own hearty self

Saturday, February 18, 2012

n the wrath of God had the expression....!!

It was the summer-the summer most dreaded in northern India - heat waves taking its toll on people -like wrath of god. People who had chosen to play with the nature for their whimsical obsession with the tools n gadgets and so called advancement that had lead to destruction of the very nature , very genesis , very heart and soul of the world..
though any play with nature has its own adverse effects -the humanity payed price in too hot summers , too cold winters and extremes of climactic conditions which was again fought by people by there new nd new devices...where the race will end , nobody knew or bothered till they knew they can live the day
. Crazy that people did woke up to the call - however late it maybe . but seemingly the common understanding had no role to play in the manner the world was run, where matters of ecomony , profit making , selling urself was all anyone and everyone what cost was just out of question.
In one such world and in one such obsessd vialage lived a girl named Neena , she had grown to be strangley out of the world or any of its believe . Not being some divine power or cost soul in search of meaning . Not any one person saving the world was just she was a struggler a struggler she was, with her own convictions, her believes and her feelings
. What drived her was not the perfect  sense of right or wrong ..or crystal clear understanding of the hightened sense of superpower or champions...
She was sadly a very normal girl , in society creeping somehow , trying to fit in the so called place the society ,often failing cause she dint wanted to follow the set norms.wandering amongst the jungle of life , not even like a monk with huge knowledge and powers..iT was her own battle, to her own self initially yet later it was an strange co-existence she had come to live. When driven by the sheer sense of wishes she lived the day and pulled through .in one such summer sitting at her office , a very boring place ofcourse -noone seemingly noticing the changes around n busy in their own messed up selves - ofcourse very confident and crystal clear of what future would be like and had in store. That she had decided its all over -she needed time to experiment - to live the life the way she wished . She resigned that day -
Just half an hour later a resignation mail was forwarded to the entire heads and she left with a bag -submitting her phone , her laptop the two burdens of her life .and decided to roam through the roads for sometime.Not agood idea one would say , but mind it she lived by her own convictions and wishes -and she wished to roam around .
 Throwh each lane she went , each picture she saw, she witnessed suppressed humanity , in need of menaing , poise and purpose.Somehow she was awaree that all those around her need the meaning -she found crippled by not knowing but soemwhow all managed to get along with it  as if nothing mattered ever.SHe did read follow ur dreams more often then any other thing , she did heard people talking about following ur instinct but to what extent it was followed she was unaware .Anyways enough of findin the difference between people and herself,she needed to quit she had , now onwards she will try what to find what ails her heart so much to be always in this incessant need of being anything then what she had folowing the socieal norm . enough of complaince I must say ...

What a bore !!no not always :).When she was happy , she was the happiest person around infusing the joy of being in the dull routine of people nearby. When she laughed it filled the joy in all hearts. Why and what nobody knew or cared for -just it was the bliss of the moment to live on.They loved her to be around.

Do picture is what we perceive!!

do people really are bad??
do they take advantage of u
change their stand - the moment ur luck turns
what is friendhsip - help n compassion
what is faith , belief and trust
either u follow it or u dont
or is it again - shades n tones
ahh its a weird question , a weird timepass
n such a wastage, of time n space
there's indeed a wide gap
in what u would like the world to be
and what it actually is
the best moments of life
are when u expect least
n are bestowed love , care and respect
 for whom u have great feelings in ur heart
whom u like as good people
reliable and whom u can cry ur heart out
yet u doubt -what if its just taking advantage?
can u live trying to run away from every being
to be in a world of ur own
ofcourse away from what u fear world is
a plot by all to take advantage of u
what i have learnt is - its all bull -shit
if u just do what u wanna do -
take no extra pains n efforts n no burden for any question like this
n just be the best u can be
things usually are in control.
But the more selflessness u show
the more it hurts
when ur abhored
the more u try to care
the more villaneous out u become there
n r projected n suspected to be
just mind ur own business
let those who distrust call u any name
u do ur best- live ur best
donno whats the right way
but live the beauty u want world to be
rest let it be
atleast there's one who understands the sacred existence
as the world is a mirage of incomprehensible variables.

Feel Good factor....!!

a glimpse you were ...
like feel good factor
amidst the dark tones
and contrasting notes .........

beauty all around
melody of sounds
nothing pervaded
nothing super ceded

yet a thought u were
dark n strong
like the brook playing with wind
like the bright sunlit day n the hazy sunrise

glimpse of promise , glimpse of hope
glimpse of brightness soon to enclose
carrying you in my mind
couldn't muster to keep you away
even for a while

You -the thought of the perfect note

as a presence, captivating my eyes
an image that lasts for long
what shall I do of the toast

don't wanna tell , don't wanna let go
be with me - in my memory
as a glimpse to fall on
as the enlightening thought

As the still picture
silent yet loud
with impact all around
n you came, as if never to go

leaving imprints in the foggy night
like the petals in the way to delight
like the zillion forms of light
striking n impactfull
you were all
holding you in insight
mesmerized ,

lemme capture you in words
to carry all along
n savor for long......
the feel good factor!!

survival instinct

is one which says - fight or run away
that tells whats apt n whats overt
the basic of the basics .....most forgotten
u need not break ur head against wall
there's more challenges , more fun
there's plenty of tasks more beneficial to the world at large
yet ur told to fight the might of walls
 break may ur head
keep up -
no dear- trust ur survival instincts..n run fast :P

see the moonlight

n see how the moonlight -wont buzz
the calm cool breeze undeterred
that poise is what is being
rest is just unforseen
lemme give my best
which again is a  misnomer
for all is possible
if the faith is there
miracles do happen
strange coincidences
just an infinite belief n trust n hope

Gone with the wind......

The me refuses to let go
pampered n damn haughty , it holds on tight
with wishes of dreamlands n demands unjustified
yet the maleni intervenes
wants to keep hope n let go
to take her all along -in the way of right n justified
yet see the tantrums scarlet throws
how much a compulsion n what deter to refuse her
see her childish pamperings n demands
vouching for the best n seeking attention
ohh common -let go , leave me for a while
ur not justified , ur hell lot of kiddish
ur a damn fool, n what upto
let go , let go

Comprehend the degrees of freedom.....!!

its a wait for normal spaces to be copied in multiple forms for multiple heads
a day before exam
its a huge queue chasing the bus running from the stop
its the designs of huge networks with a chalk n a board
its the concepts just fitting in the form just perfectly
like a piece n bits falling to fit in
n it shud make ur nerve more strong
with each passing day , with each encompassing/engrossing thought
remember the days when u just wanted to feel great
like a new idea and understanding
recollect the yearn to read n marvel
remmeber the crave to feel the shell - break it to peices
n live a day of freedom of work, of ur wish
do u remember me
n now walking at the sidewalks - with the giants n concepts
so many things ot learn n fathom
n beautifully understand the varied forms
why this rush to put it restrictedly , manipulatingly
bygone are the crazy days- learn the free spirit
of reason of logic
read with an insight
making the foundations of rome
strong n huge to the core
like the incessant work on some art form
relish the learning as it flows
like a wonder in eyes n mind at work
like a genuine thought twirling and shaping in the nerves
the nerves being strengthened with each second
thanku IIT for whatever u are - n to make me whatever I want
comprehending the degrees of freedom - is now the charm -
lemme tread in depths n search the gems.........!!!

Weakness or empowering...!!

what is it - do u feel overt emotional n sensitive
r u always d one - trying to mend things n terms
then let ur terrible mess be blessing
insert it in art forms
soul stirring n soothing songs
maybe a painting or two
n see u can make fine emotions reign again
who said ur traits r weakening u
let them empower u for ur vision n world
 -a dream land of beauty , piousness and sacredness


crazy heart wants to see a dream //on way to to see
see the crazy heart's crazy talks
crazy are the heartbeats , crazy breaths
crazy ...sleep runs away from changing postures
crazy eyes wants to see crazy sights thru crazy

crazy world , a companion in the crazy world
ur hand in hands in
crazy melody n crazy tunes
crazy legs wants to litter to the crazy beats notes of crazy words/songs

crazy is the darkness, crazy silences
crazy ecstacy
crazy veil, slow n silently
wants to come down from the crazy face

crazy heart wants to see a dream

Shorter the Span , more the memories.....!!

Its said that "If u have studied till 8th , u do remember every bit u ever learned in school". I know its true,not because I have read till 8th as experiece, rather I dont remember most things the moment my exams are over! Having a
engineering degree and pursuing master's now -this has always been the case. Yet I know it because I remember everything about a place I have visited for the shortest amount of time and wished to visit for years, while the places I live are the least explored one's......
Funny yet true............:)

You have only one goal -thats Celebration!!

u dont have right to be pissed off
u dont have the sense to be nonsensed
it never matters what happens
then why take pains for the immaterial waste
what matters , what lasts is the life
the celebrations n the smiles
so togetherness is indeed a sacrifice
a sacrifice of ur ego n false
a sense to take the right from wrong
a sense to take all along
if life be a field
then its of the multitude
if a being it is -its the emotions
mingling the two never counts
know the bounds n the pious
the spark n flame
the god n the aura
all lead to common cause
a cause of joy n fun
its not -of what one did or what happened
celebration of life - is the tune of life
one who learns it-has deciphered
the perfectness of all
do ur best n take others with grace
togetherness n go along always
did i said listen to me
did i ever wanted to be all important
attention seeker n beloved
of one n all ........n what not
what was that a vanity ?
a sheer lowlessness of being
maybe, to the very core
yet today I face you
n remind - whats the aim of thy life
its celebration -its the only goal
in action, in joy, in compassion
in people, in support - an expression of faith
a celebration of the infinite beyond

Not the easy way........Idly Orchid and Will Power..

A great book by a great man about what the meaning of life has been for him .
The candid details he gives that ultimately went before he realised his most ambitious goal of building a five star hotel -wont be any justice.
By the name it doesnt sounds like a book to pick on saturday night. But trust me - its the nicest choice to make if you really could somehow pick it. When I sat down reading it I wasnt even sure to finish 30 pages , which generally I dont, for any book of business flabbergastings and preachings.....but here it was a story  , a story of self taught and ever dedicated lifelong scholar and entrepreneur for whom existence meant implementing one idea after another -facing all the uncertainities and troubles with most innovative ideas ever.
When I started the book I dint knew of any Vishal Kamat before but after finishing it "Orchid" is not just another 5 star hotel to me ..its alive life full
and I would love to go there and see for myself -the masterpiece of one life's full dedication and devotion. It somehow inspires you again for
searching your meaning of life and  carrying with the big dreams that hold your convictions at various stages - with reason and means - no matter how hard or insurmountable it may seem at first.How the good act repays, how not letting evil words and smile spare a moment of your purpose and definitely
the action pays off- good or bad, sooner or later.......u just need to be creative enough -rest all-where you started from, what you inherited- doesn't matter !!
in front of ur will power and humanity and kindness....I could see glimpse of my parents and there faith and trust at many places; as I turned pages
of Kamat's life story .Strange I am too grateful to them for inculcating the culture they have and only they could ever instill.

Its not always the easy and risk-less way or luck's best turn of events that will lead you there, at your envisioned best-but it definitely will need ur undetered
 and unconsumed /unbridled love and work......When he states his GF was the profession- you know what importance it held for him, the meaning and purpose of life.Ofcourse the best part is that there's not just one pinnacle to reach and conquer hosting ur flag at top and sipping coffee in luxury for the rest of your life , Its a triangle -as an idea is born , is processed and is finished ; only to lead to a bigger triangle and bigger again.12 languages, 50 hotels at international level - 3 to 4 to 5 star - south Indian to customised dishes as per country ; innovative ideas at the spurt of the moment - all just keep u engrossed till u feel oh can I meet this man-he simply is the guru - u can put your faith in.Well spent evening I must say...cant wait for the morning to dawn and start working on what I am upto -which I can put for generations to get inspiration from......... when u'll crave to get sleepless nights as you go about implementing your big ideas and time looses any other meaning then working to that end.Why thats so fanciful I donno-maybe its a sign of well spent life-may that bug eats everyone who ever aspired to make such gigantic efforts to see what his limitlessness were for his expression of beauty of life.

Celebration it was......!!

it was a celebration.......
celebration of human spirit
no matter what the context was
somebody someday -is the winner
winning everybody's heart
then its just pure joy
as if the world got to listen
n get enveloped in the charm

Lend me the charm.....!!

give me few roses - oh passing wind......
lend me ur frangrance, the ambience of the night
wats that charm u carry
mesmerised am I in its glory
ah.......king size life is not just palaces
it not just expensive things to buy
its in the walk of the Maiden, walking with her head held high
its in the charming mannerisms
its in the glow of the eyes , the beautiful eyes
wrap me along , in the infinite charm
of trust, of love , of hope , of joy
take me to the land of creative illusions
to the sail of the infinite dimension
the pure abundance of ur inner joy
n long n heart tete-a-tete with soul
of the stoid presence of trust, of confidence
to that land beyond doubts, beyond lowlessness
beyond the loops of shattering hopes
I wish thee nothing just that eternal self
n the abundance of the perfect being

If only -the world could run by my windowside...!!

why is world not run by my window
I have so many suggestions to give
each day - I see loads that needs transformation
yet I am so lethargic - to get up n go to suggest
N I feel kash it would have been just a click
to suggest , to contribute, to implement , to undo
how very wonderful it would have been
if only the world could run by my window side
n I'll keep it -most perfect , adorable
uptodate n almost as a fantasy land
If the world to be run by me
I'll ensure - its beautiful n free
that makes me think
isnt it right now??
ya in many respects
but theirs so many blotches ugly lying here n there
ruining the elegance n serenity now n then
does it imparts diversity, like a taste of wine to amateur
well well - maybe , maybe not .....
but its all too ugly - maybe we miss the point
of the perfect world .........
yet I wish I could experiment to better it
n if only - could run it by my windowside .....!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Nothing's more stylish than the plates of a girl's hair
A lock it takes, to feel the eternal beauty of the face
A strand that fell unattended and is swept in a perfect gest.....

Love the zillion ways a plate could be made-
natural , intentional doesn't matter -
its just the infinitely varied ways.........
Nothing's more stylish than the plates of a girl's hair

a casual  clutch to hold them at back while at work
little clinging braids of cute little girls
fringe or beehive's , bob or bun
style they make, impression they create
Hairs- left open for impressive fashion
or in haste or in lazy afternoon over terrace.....
shaping the personality as they are shaped

curly or long n straight , French or waves
spikes or pony tail .............
hair is all it takes , to mark the occasion
The plethora of ways , that they are held
n the immense difference that they lend...........

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Probability as I stumbled across it..!!

Probability has been one of my favourite subjects in maths. I still cant help but appreciate n nod my head vigorously when I figure out some probability , the moment its cited , that how it came.

Yet today during one such reference I remembered the funny manner I stumbled upon Probability at first.
It was in the summer of holidays after 10th standard that I learnt the notion of probability from some "Maths for you" types magazine lying in my home. I loved the notion -dint read it to understand but just read it once and knew the basic operations of addition and multiplication etc.

Now it so happened that four months later -in Regional Maths olympiad -that time we got most questions based on probability -related in some manner . I was happy, thrilled ! that I read it just like that and see its here.
But somehow it seemed unnatural to me that probability of getting 6 on rolling a dice has to be same as those of others. I dint liked this I always got a six every third time I had ever rolled a dice.

So toying with the idea , I went by my instincts and segregated a 1/5th  probability to six exclusively and remaining was equally divided into other five numbers to get . and I solved all questions , happy that I had done that ; next month we learnt the probability theory in class, n I was agonised that six has to take the same  probability as others more than that - my little ingenious idea -was entirely wrong and ridiculous . I was in
deep pain - it seemed like a perfect betrayal .......

then I had forgotten all about it. If somebody would tell me this now -I will
laugh at this like a stupid notion..yet it seems funny how convinced n sure I was that it just cant be equal probability...........atleast with dice!!!

Dreamer that I am........

A dreamer am I , away from the hazy  world
To dream is what, most happening to me
I feel a pull  eternal of bliss
That's in sheer illusion n imagination

Just the love of portrayal  of grandiose n beauty
Love the vision of autumn trees
the droplet ready to fall from leaves
n the sweet cold winter's breeze .........

a dreamer of hopes n passion
as if meant to be one - for centuries
a dreamer that I am
a dreamer of happy dreams....
n that's the place where I most fit in.........

Monday, February 13, 2012

A long wait.....

I thought of u n  more of u
but u never came ........
just leaving behind - memories
blurred , with zillion questions
I waited , patiently for ur call
hearing the unsaid conversations
I wandered in the dreamy land
with hand in hand....
yet walking down the street I felt
- u must be nearby, just a little walk....
n when I laughed amused by ur words
dint stopped at the stares nearby
did u realised how captivated was I
in the world thats woven around urs
what will u say , what will u do
how will u laugh , what will amuse u
yet sitting here -Thinking of u
 I donno what u feel - right now
do u think of me ?? I hope.....!!
do u keep ur hands on the phone
n keep away - to sound natural
I will wait - for u to come
till then lemme just savor the days
n the chaos
of the assurance for u for sure
that I'll wait for u to come
I could fight the time
I will bear the distance
to hear ur voice , to hear u laugh
to laugh non-stop on ur silly pranks
to fight with u , to argue
only to be cajoled as a small child
I will wait for whatever it takes
u know , I know , yet this wait
n ur views enravelling new world
n ur voice ringing in my head
yet the distance seems strange
just an unbridled faith

call of hope ......!!

while u are far away , with no promises
all in freedom, to go wherever u may .
I still look forward to ur surprise visits
when u will smile the most beautiful smile to me
when u'll pull away the ribbon from my hair
n tap on my head - calling me pagli
haha - when we 'll stroll in the garden
will pull each others leg
yet tell stupid childish stories non-chalant
will roam n roam -as if the world had stopped
n will be notorious to tease n run
I wait -for thats what i await
your return n the same old days
n its not a lonely chase
with no words, of silence
its more of a strange conviction,
a strong faith that u'll return 

Day u will come........

Day u will come
in the magnificense I forsee
only more brighter more lively
profusing the abundance beyond measure
U will come -in ur glory

Thriled am I , on that prospect
when u will come
like a hope eternal
like a belief , holy faith
like an enthusiasm never to pervade/fail
beauty of infinite dimension
singing of the coming autumn, shining rain,rosy gardens
praising the glory of love/nature
what thee bring to me
i cant fathom
its more than a mere reassurance
its more than a support to cling to
its the delight, its the melody of voice,
the charm of the words n the slowed world
its the moment u impart to each second
its the notion of perfectness

while I write n write
the more majestic it seems to be
beyond accurate portrayal
like a bold Red card around the corner
goldish hue surrondings -laced to be open
as a surprise beyond measure...........
n as it glitters I imagine the reflection of thy eyes
all over - its u n me
I in my mad - voluble self
u as the eternal charm - essence of the beautiful world
a unique one ,amazingly different n lively
calm as sea , bright as sky
beyond objective evaluation
n as the answer to unknown questions'
beyond bounds, observation or analysis
God like ?? ya almost
as the uplifting sight
I call it love - in absence of perfect word
except its unconditional - with no terms
n decisions  - its the presence ,
(vogue) of a new life
I know no parallel of grandoise
perfect balance n blend
n its the only way I have ever seen u
when my path lead me to thee

The taste of perfection....!!

Isn't it awesome.....Today learning Bharatnatyam - I realized - the thing not just do it somehow , but how to do it perfectly ; Each posture , each pose likewise each Aalap each note; likewise each equation , each calculation - how n why ; its understand the Adavas ..understand what u r doing ; what u r learning n do it perfectly that counts - somehow it was enlightening .Doing is nothing ; for confidence - bring perfection to it ........:)Photogenic memory , Perfect attention n discipline of mind n body ......all of it counts very much......its a self -perfection - which require efforts on ur own part ..........

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To the dearest.......!!

oh my dear, my damsel, my darling
u know I just wanna convey to you
the abundance, the beauty and the perfection around
Donno why words dont come
you are a perfection in yourself
I wanna u to be happiest , cutest bird
I cant see tears, I cant see u in pain
seeker of abundance I have seen million treasures
I donno how to depict though
donno how to make you get the same
Pray I can, n so i'll
for your enlightening spirit and joy
may u be a part of eternal calm being
spreading the fragrance of ur smile all over
like sunrays needed for earth to thrive
your profusing , overflowing flowery joy and
eternal smile is the need of mine
I cant sleep in peace, I need u to be near
Cant convey what it means to me
to have been cared and being with thee
my teacher, my pal, my ideal , my all
you know how much people revere thee?
TO me God exists in your form
n I'll worship thee all my life
Just know around the corner
someone is in total gratitude
for all n for everything
thanku Darling , n loads of love

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FUllMoon Satsang........

THe word-play that it is - like upset is nothing but everything is set up ,
a word-web meaning nothing -void unless we associate a feeling and a meaning with it -when it starts paining
and giving all the reactions.........u wanna be enlightened - declare that you are already and feel it rising within
you for minute second or for eons -declare , feel and sustain - that's all it takes . No wait involved, no preparation to be ready
as learning happens in a split second - take yours - as u declare - whatever it maybe - rejoice the inner peace and find fun
in the conflicts external .

Its all nothing but a silly word-paly . You believe , u recieve, u think , u imagine and its implemented .
As simple as that - like the beautiful paintings in the one hour duration I see, like the cool charming wind I feel ....
its just a simplicity of the world out of halo -that leads to make u -u the part of joy , the part of whole ...........

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1st Feb.........

SLowly its going to be like diary entries.....its ok for its handy n ease :D
So today I am prompted by "the Mahaul in the hostel" - to write down the memoir.
Lemme start the reminiscence by how the day started and went.
We were greeted by loads of banners - with name of person and designation -she/he was
fighting for - n ofcourse Vote for preceding each one of them.
Every prime location and nook and corner @entry in hostel and mess was taken by one such bannered name.
So the discussions all around rounded around them, with multitudes of opinions and comments :) . I too had a fair share of them .Then post class -the entire discussion shifted to PGCult - n its events- deciding on the songs to sing or events to venture in . timing n discussions......
Well today was less hectic day - 1 class - and lab ; yet everywhere was the discussions of PGCUlt or Elections.

Yet none of this was inspiring enough to take on the new state of typing . The inertia to sit and listen songs instead was too high -that even thought of any typing and writing was far fetched.
But al always skipping dinner, I went to canteen to get the delicious mixed Paratha
and pamper my taste buds a bit :) n while waiting for getting the paratha made ; I heard most melodious voice from the 3rd room from the canteen - the music room .
Pulled by the gravity of the voice -I wandered around the periphery of music room , lots of chappals outside meant - either they were deciding on songs for PAF or for PGCult. No other eventless day can pull so many sleepers outside music room ; its unprecedented. So coming back I saw group of almost ten girls sitting across Mess table with pads and pen - ofcourse they were scripting for PAF .......
DOnno why but I felt the life - in its action, in what it is supposed to be and in what it should always have been...........

Donno how happy I am witnessing freedom of doing what you want ,enjoying ur hobbies and studies equally ...........far away from stupid jungle of so called "Corporate world" -which is just a polished name for dull n dumb system of lifeless people - who remember the wishes of childhood during one fancied weekend and are happy to have lived to dream those dreams...........

Nyways its almost enlightening .......I cant express how much it is...........!!!