Saturday, November 9, 2013

La Vie en Rose

oh what a lovely movie I stumbled on..
now wonder
where was it hiding
for all these years?
such an awesome movie
a movie-must watch!!

La vie en rose
The little sparrow
larger than life..
or life of a being
frail and bold , as she was
every single time

was it music?
that enchanted the soul
kept lingering in backdrop
or was it the beautiful soul presented…
in its pompous and outspoken form
I wonder....

or was it the life itself
as a song gripped in innocence
captured in its magical charm
I lost where it ended
and when it began
Just wondered..
what a lovely movie I stumbled on..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

choose wisely

choose wisely
choose- what you wanna see
what you perceive
choose, take your time
but choose wisely
choose what to mind
choose what to subside
choose your values
choose your vice
choose, choose wisely

choose what you will stand
choose what to let go
choose your epitaph
before you die
live it by all means
choose, choose wisely

no hap-hazard trails
no bottling up of useless judgements
no importance to deceiving viewpoints
choose, your view, your objectives
your goal and your friends
choose the response of each second
choose, choose wisely

choose your beliefs
choose your limits
choose and break and reform
mend and carry ahead
don't lay back
by a setback
its not eternal presence

some things you just can't help
but you can help
what to feel
you can help
what to give importance to
you can choose to ignore
you can choose to let go
you can choose better things in life
some things are just not worth it

choose to leave it all behind
choose to tread on your blissful insight
choose to be in a pond for lotus
forget the mud, its just comes with package
choose the garden you are gonna make
choose the joy you are gonna propagate
leave beside the satanic forces
leave the trace of malign intent
choose to march ahead, irrespective

choose the music over cacophony
choose to tune the strings
choose to help, where you can
choose to mingle in the sea of beauty
accept the scars as it is
its part and parcel
maybe its the spice
of the monotonic life
but don't be bothered by it

choose the heights to pursue
accept the valleys you see
choose the helping hand to extend
accept the jerks, you witnessed
choose the melanie over scarlet
choose to be a beautiful person
choose a life, worthwhile
choose, choose wisely
over and over again