Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I don wanna miss on chaos and be a monk
for its what we have nothing of, we keep on chasing
I don wanna leave science behind
it will be like breaking up with grandiose
I don wanna be stranger to art-forms
it will be like willingly shunning the enlightenment
the grass on other side attracts us the most, occupies our mind
peace is then too hard to find
I am told, at the end, we need to choose one
one role to play, one path to tread life-long
we are not supposed to wander
run around the bushes, here and there
for we have a purpose to achieve magnificence
as if, anyone ever attained that
but nevertheless, you make and stick to the plan
don't become sour grapes amidst the green farm
but then being such a crazy being
even if I sit for a while, succumbing to dictated norms
it won't be long,that I am gone
in the mountains and melodious beats
what worst but death can I meet
but it is not worst, it is a fact for all
So I sit and laugh, fancy stupid things
keep your coveted job, praises and lords
keep your luxuries, fashion and trends
lemme just sit and wither away
counting the stars, painting its reflection on sand
oh I am such a nuisance, moron
maybe I'll try being someone else
hide behind the curtain of pretensions
show-off vague arrogance, high-handedness
live in denial for basic questions
yeah that's what it is, so be it
the trials and tribulations of humans
before the great salvation
But no, I'm not gonna choose when no need
aimless traveller is what I will be
see it sounds nice already
a pretending, awesome being
I'll make my huts and woods
carve its beautiful walls
make a flute and play it day long
eat the herbs, dine in the wilderness
smile with the flowers and chant with the birds
thee complex human existence,
adieu, time for farewell

Friday, February 7, 2014

lost or found..

I am so lost
that can’t find myself
something strange
keeps turning in me
is it for good I ask?
but then, never answer
for again, I am lost
hours, minutes, seconds
dunno what it was
the stillness or the incessant waves
or a trance
or when i was back again
never knew,
what was it that I thought
so lost, so lost
yet again, for better, for worse
incessant smile, caught my eye
what was it, again?
maybe it was reflection
for it was just a mirror
real world or virtual
the difference keeps fading
just the moments seem gone
don’t ask where
its beautiful out there
the world of calm
no running, no worries
joy that permeates expressions
existence, so complete in itself..