Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Centre of the Universe

So you think you are the centre of the Universe? Like the time Earth was the centre with the sun and stars revolving around it. Earth had the alter, a pedestal, a position so elite, so high-up that no-one questioned the role assigned to the Mother earth by the great Creator, to be of utmost importance and have unquestionable authority. The messengers of this dictum were elite class, the protagonists and interpreters of magic of the celestial beings and the saviours, the next-to man of Gods. All went well till all did the task assigned to them and never questioned the sayings and notions. But sadly one commoner, began questioning it. He was looking for facts, trying to check and confirm the reality from the dictum. Alas he found all evidence to be contrary.

Earth was a just a minute part of a big vast world. Not worth mentioning, no high priority role, no glory from the Creator, no pedestal. It was part a system called solar-system, revolving around Sun- the brightest star. It was one of the 7 others such bodies, and several other innumerable rocks. Almost an existence with no meaning or grandeur. It was neither the smallest nor biggest, neither nearest nor farthest, neither most beautiful nor most contrasting. Almost unremarkable, resembling in some parameters to few others in almost everything.
He tried to tell people that, look what I found. There’s another story, which is the truth. Lets explore the reality of the world and become the great explorers, the truth seekers, the first to know all the truth. To inculcate scientific curiosity and correct thinking in the masses. Lets hold hands and go on this exploration together, shall we? There is a world of possibilities and discovery ahead. We will be the first to do so. How awesome is that. But the people high up, on pedestals, the next to Gods, did not like the idea. Too happy with the status and mass followings. They saw the man as a threat. But he was right, they feared. He can make them unimportant overnight. They feared the consequence. They executed him, in false charges, they killed the source that threaten their identity and sanctity and their words. Words they had used to rule. The truth is their’s to create, in words, and everyone should take them as axiom and create their beliefs. No one can question the reality of those words or try measuring it in ground reality, or actually set out to see. It was the way and what they said and made rules, shall rule the world. Amen!
Except, it was 500 years ago, and slowly many rose against the dictatorship and single hold of these lying Zealots. They rose en masse and changed the world.
Now we are the advanced world. Segregated in smaller centres of earth. Smaller segments, with each thinking themselves to be of prime importance, decisive piece in the fate and tale being set by some master and his grand plan. The most crucial and precious one’s. Be it countries or people, group or society. We have a version of the self-proclaimed centres, who shall not be questioned. They are to rule, the men of that group, and those who question shall be executed. It is the norm, the way things always are done. Except this time, we won’t let there be a mass, to rise against us, we will eliminate each single piece the moment it raises its head. We shall rule by our words, our creation of nonexistent reality. You don’t believe us, you want to question us on some specifics, you  know your fate. So better shut up and believe or just let others be.
You think the earth is dependent on you? You think the solar system will stop if you want. or the universe will come revolving to you? Well a single stray rock can wipe you out of existence any moment. But till you live, lets all propagate the myth. We are the best, repeat after me. We are the best, the centre of everything. We matter so much. That it should not be questioned. Take my word and shut up.
Serve me, be my followers and never question thy faith. Don’t go looking for evidence. You shall be executed. As has happened from centuries. You can be wiped out, but till then, you are the world, the centre of universe.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I have a purpose its staring at me everywhere,
while walking down the street
while on the wheels...
in unknown faces..
in pain in sufferings..

I have a meaning..
its intangible..
just there I perceive..
can't put words to describe it
yet it is with me
as faith
as smile of a stranger's face
as someone's assurance..
I exist I believe and it means something ..

and though I won't exist someday..
but it would have meant something to have hanged on here for all those years...
I exist meaningfully
and with a purpose
that is served
each second unaware....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

let’s rise

let’s rise,
become a better version of our self
retain our skin
not change because of a glitch

let’s rise
and grow together
chase our dreams and stars

lets rise
in companionship
shun the traps of expectations
be there for each other
in lows and in highs
rather than causing them

lets rise
in our life and live
what we perceive
our true self to be
believe and achieve
all those impossible dreams
which define us

no change is required
its you, the idea you live
which is most charming
be your own self
distinctly recognizable

lets rise
no unnecessary efforts
to be, what we are not
no pretensions
no burdens
just be, your own true self

lets rise
communicate and learn
rejoice the experiences
not get caught up in hassles

lets rise
solemn and strong
in togetherness

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a day at a time..

lets cherish the raindrops
and cool breeze
lets walk hand in hand
and relish
there's still time
there always is

its not the end
its the journey
to look at

the choice is always ours
let's create memories
let's add to it
bit by bit
and keep building

lets smile
and walk and laugh
lets add up to the way
there's no end to seek
no destiny
its here and now
in each moment
that its meant to be...

come, lets walk
and lets traverse the miles ahead
come, lets sing songs and crack jokes
merrily continue the journey
whatever may lie uphill

lets see the day
as it comes
and each day
becomes a part of the path
path not yet known or seen
path all ours to create and tread

lets live the beauty of today
lets be in heights and falls
whatever comes our way
laugh it off, in poor jokes
and it will be fine
there's no end to reach

its a continued journey
lets take the different experiences
it brings and live it
one day at a time.....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

dual or duplicities..

a devastating truth, a convenient lie
a coincidence, an insight
few minutes, a lifetime
the regular, abnormal
the normal, the wild

the indifferent truth
the mystery of solitude
the likely blunder
the kind stranger
the abusive kith

the inferior knowledge
the blinding pride
the illiterate, the compassionate being
the celebrated mediocrity
the hated originality
the question of difference
amongst species alike

the regularly irregular
the disciplined machine
the oppressed obedience
the triumphant massacre
the victory of creed

the habit of indecency

the aristocratic democrat
the socialist corporate
the widely known hidden agenda
the published junk
the hidden value of work
the art, measured by cost
the world of duplicates
the society of duplicities

the indifferent world..

a guy in the corner, a girl in the street
the smiling face, the suppressed shriek
the lady walking her dog, lost..
in contemplation, where she went wrong
the drug addict, in yearn for weed
rummaging through home, in search of some dollar green
dying to be alive, dead for life
the lady haggling for few bucks,
the abusive being,
the routine

the regulars, unknown unnoticed
every john n martha
cleaning the streets, nursing the sick
jotting down the accounts
and running the coffee machine
the existing nonexistence

the wide roads and its siren sweet
the lone smile, the eyes bright
the captivated hope, the desperate stride
the emotional upheaval
the pretentious well-being
the unencompassable/uncontainable joy
with fear of unseen

they cannot dance, they cannot sing
can just mimic,
trying to be in control
of what is yet to come
trying to find a cause, a reason
being, oh being – bounded by strings
and with limited eyes….
lost in the multitude of dimension

you watch x, what goes in y and z and time
seems so arbitrary
yet it makes sense after a while
each stride, each meaningful day
each meaningful smile
the assurance one seeks
each empathic nod and hug in need
hope shining bright
the most needed thing

the future, the past
the rent, the fees, the medical bills
the tour, the freedom, the petrichor
the valley, the heights, the untrodden terrain
the lows, the highs, the unexpected twists and tides
the flowers, the breeze, the chirp, the chimes
the poetry in words, the poetic words

the unspoken expressions and similies
the tears of joy, embrace of love
the choking throat, the judging eyes,
the hatred, the snarl
the indifferent world

knoweth it all's...

tell me how to live my life,
tell me what to do thats worthwhile
tell me how to spend money
tell me whats wrong, whats right
tell me why I won't count
tell why will I, not amount to anything
tell me all my flaws and vice
yes please, the knoweth it all's
its thy mercy, that world is alive
tell  me all you want
and yearn to lent out

Friday, May 30, 2014

when it all ends, i’ll look back

when euphoria fades
when dust settles
when i stop being enamored
I will see the things being done

when its past primetime
when its the usual chore
when the tabloids
are full of all half truths
I will see where it goes

when cascade ends
when avalanche starts
when lime-light sucks all in
when I dwell in things past
and look back on the proceedings
I’ll see, what happened

Rest in peace, human rights
rest in your solitary cell
Who’s the breed called activist
its my way or highway, my friends

when soil settles, post stampede
when royal cavalcade of exaggerations end
when things shade towards truth
when the time is apt
and the cards are right
I’ll marvel on existence
and the term called facts

Friday, May 23, 2014

a little at a time

I don't wanna breach mountains in one go
I don't wanna slay the demon
with singular lame wound
I'll walk a little day after day
I won't burn your kingdom and run away
for superhuman I am not

I won't be deterred by monkey's
having the mischief on way
clinging and shunning
as per convenience
I won't be wasted
in indulging with them
with aim set, with head high
I will tread amidst the turmoil
that's what I am told
brings the difference

not giving it all up
on one dark day

I am told if you walk enough
you might reach there some day
but if you give up
there's definitely no other way
here I am, a living martyr
bearing stones and slabs
hopefully the future will see
the struggle it had been
and appreciate that their was someone
strong enough, to try it till the end

I'll tread, these insignificant little steps
I won't paint the moon on glassy surface
as its not a dreamland
there are no fairies
no-one has a wand to rescue the dearth
no-one even knows how low it has sunk
yet they bear it, every single day
thinking its just a day

i can't take on this giant
its not my responsibility
but you
burden is on you
for you have seen
for you have courage
for you have been persistent
no cake walk, is a huge detterent
in this fast age, we need a button
sadly no one has one
not even you
so your end, seems hollow statements
but you won't mind them
i believe

if you will
ofcourse i will understand
for giving up on life
for someone not even aware
is not I would be willing to do
maybe if I gain infinite patience
maybe, some day, if I am strong enough...

you have withstood the test of time
you have shaped dreams,
you have created vision
generated hope in deep darkness
you sir, will be there
till the time permits
i might not join you yet
i am a coward
i don't like being pelted
maybe when i am enlightened enough

but you sir, must walk
little by little
there are few of us
still not blinded
by forged lights
few who know
what is needed

you sir little by little
must walk
the path must be treaded on
destiny might be visible
it might never be reached
but you will instill
the much sought hope
the all powerful hope
but yes, something can be done!!
no matter how deep it may seem
no matter how very challenging
even a person
can be the difference!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

rise, above the blinded eyes...

hide behind the vocabulary of abuse
hide in snide remarks
lament of a hidden agenda
shout all you can
for once he goes,
there will be no-one
and you will be back
cursing all-mighty
for the state we are in

never before, a person stood tall
amongst all odds
never before i witnessed a hero
you say, Indira was one
who gave us one and only blot
on democracy
you say Rajiv  was
ofcourse the epicenter
of corruptions
yes, i said it
the keyword
which prompted all

no common, shout abuse, be a retard
call all names you can
but where were you all this while
when the country was bleeding
ailing under the so called awesome rulers
or for that matter oppositions
you say Modi wave,
the stable government
ofcourse I would love it
if he would have fielded
deserving candidates
you feel empowered
slapping Kejriwal
sharing funny posts of that
try this with Modi
wait, you can't

haha, funny isn't it
some people are more equal than others
and those who are not
who are amongst us
lets show them, they are no better
than us,
the best way is to be silent
and adjust,
afterall we thrive on jugaad

lets just shout all we can
we are a country of believers
a little too much
of aristocracy, of family names
of rules illogical, wild, insane
so called traditions

we perpetrate humanity
in the name of culture
yes, you, go ahead
elect all the criminals
you can,
and when your constituency
reaches its heights
accept my congratulations
for job well done
for in history of last 60 years
it has never happened
it was too deep shit
to be helped

yes, the concerned considerate beings
may you be blessed
as long as you choose your well
just don't burn my home or my friends
for silly votes of divide and break
else i don't seek any other mess
don't incite my friends, against me
for your power hungry politics
don't eat up our national reserves
built by taxing us, counting on our labour
don't fill up your pockets with shares
and drag development projects to decades
and then get it made with sub-standard products

for when that bridge breaks
its us who pay by our life
we pay, for your greediness
and for being blind in faith
when you create all havoc
none of you die
its us, our friends
the common people
caught in the mess
created by your efforts

Modi, Kejriwal, Nitish, Shivraj
whoever works
do elect them
but criminals
please have zero tolerance
its high time
we think of the nation
each person counts
each constituency deserves the best
one man never rules
at the end, whom you elect
is your leader
have a competent one
refuse to accept less
whoever may take up the shrine
your place too deserves the best
we are a democracy, after all