Thursday, September 23, 2010

HAVE ENOUGH.................

Have Dreams that no darkness can erase
Have Patience to look beyond Present alleys
Have Firmness that eternally Adorns your Face
Have Faith to last forever, never falling scarce
Have Love that Everlasts n Pervades
Have Positiveness to belittle all Pain

Have Spirits to conquer any Tide
Have Hope that forever Survives
Have Enthu that shines through your eyes
Have Wit to make even stones Smile
Have Vision to Culminate new Heights
Have Goal to keep you Riveted & Upright

Have a Presence that People can look upto you
Have Enough Courage to pull all through
Have Dare to Dream Big & make it come true
Have Insight to cherish the Bounties n Beautiful
Have Enough Fancies to keep you Blissful
Have Life , that Life too Salutes you

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

writing of faith , may the good sense prevail.................

Well all you young enthusiasts must have come across these words ( accompanied by a sad , tragic, conscientious yet warm ,faithful n affirmative, deep Sigh ) ....."MAY THE Good Sense Prevail" ; indicating the strong desires to attain the good sense as referred ,yet accounting for the cluelessness of knowhow, of how to achieve the same of the speaker.

So did I heard it uttered, revised again and again, spoken in common discussions of people of all ages, many a times in my life. But never did I came to know what purpose it serves. What is the true appeal of it to those who say so, its reach to those who nod their heads in affirmation and the actual meaning of it, as understood by all.

Well now after trying for aeons to find out the way out of the mess, finally it dawned on me one fine day - that just uttering these words , makes you unburdened ,the serenity finds its existence and expression, a strange quietude dawns in and you feel uplifted in a state of tranquility, to move on in life, with at-least your good senses in place!!!
The myths of world and its trappings, can never touch your true self , you can always utter these golden words & feel out of whatever you don't wanna be a part of .

Moreover its not just a escape route , its much more serene and positive . Its not a Vedic Gyan, its not a prime Mantra of enlightenment ; yet somehow somewhere it serves the purpose of craving for peace within - its a plea more to one's own self - than to any mighty lord reigning and looking over this grim, gloomy proceedings of giant absurd World .

To all those who have lost their senses ,Somewhere, Somehow ( or majority of you who have lost your way back to the beautiful self, you were when you knew you are alive), this may be a remedy you were seeking to your predicament . Your golden time wasted in disgust to the hassles of world, can't be brought back , but yes your lost joviality & deep conviction ; can indeed be restored...

I will live in peace as far as i can utter it again and again , with full awareness of its power and impact ...
" Let The Good Sense Prevail..........."