Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hayley Mills Pollyanna

oh don't i like simple, funny movies..there's something adorable about now in the series of musical comedies and pretty old movies, i watched this 'Hayley Mills Pollyanna', after 'Minstrel Man ' and 'Curly Top 1935' ..all goodie-goodie movie types..other than the accent and small town setup, what else did i like about it? Well the pretty music and emotions and lifestyle of people, maybe. The fact that a group of 8-10 people could transform the entire town :D. Is really a virtual world, quite an interesting one too.The shades of people and the varied behaviors and imposed notions, does rings a bell to imposed sufferings around. Surprisingly the most intelligent person is an outsider and a kid- a girl named 'Pollyanna'. She moves everyone in town with her "be glad" game and her words with them.

 Quite predictable ending...Its really a simple adorable movie..when u just wanna relax, grab something to eat and be once in a while, in a lost simplicity ... liked it loads!! Maybe it is the end result of being complete lukkha, but u never know, try and see if u can still take simplicity in its simplest form :)

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