Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life and its forms...

life is fresh, life is alive,
it shines, its bright
the shores out there
n the birds flying nearby
the new freshness
filled with new charm and grace

Was nature always so blissful
or was it feared
by the areas affected
washed away by rivers,
ravaged by volcanoes and storms 
wiping away in a single stroke
the entire regions n civilisations

Is it just the word and the connotation
is it just the poetry and the portrayal?

If not,
then what is love, calm and peace?
what are the rivers, mountains and streams
lakes and ponds and sea
flowers, gardens and bees
sky, galaxies and stars
nature in numerous forms
loved, revered and cherished
we stand to witness the grandoise
what is so much for these
lively forms
we watch each time, unfazed
In wonderment, hypnotised and amazed

what is so charismatic about this life
that we cling too so hard

life in numerous forms
like droplets on the leaves in rain
like the waves trembling on surface of lakes
like the melody in the chirp of birds
like fragrant wind in spring nights
like paths studded with petals n flowers
like the cool blue hue in clear sky
beauty around in numerous forms

what is it of life, that charms
whats more to it, than lifeforms?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful people.....

there are people, beautiful people
who are never down
lot many than u ever found
people, beautiful as a being

no triffle ever engages them
n they create beauty somehow
which adds to the bliss of existence
I love those people truly
and long to be one of that creed

yet somehow the pessimist
surfaces from within, recurring
every now n then
irritating, agitating
wasting days and more
n then I look up
to the lot of beautiful people
and wonder aloud,
do they ever get worried

how they carry along
the way with so much calm
with undeterred faith shining in eyes
its that faith I find missing
in the rest of the lot

lend me some faith, oh my Lord
give me its dose so large
that no trivia can ever deter again
faith in the paradise
in fancies, fairies and days bright
believe and freedom of a child
abundance, beauty and poise

no philosophical sense of righteousness
no societal sarcasm and quest
I need no reassurance
but just a dosage of faith
to last me for years
to carry me through the lifetime

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Songs without boundaries..........

In this post I will post some foreign language songs, which seem just fantastic by the way they sound and will try to gather their translation. A little collection as long as this stint with foreign languages lasts........

1) Budapescht (Budapest) Yiddish song by Karsten Troyke


Ich bin a Bucher jîng în frailech, ich fil sech gît,
es bengt sech mir nuch Libe,
es bengt sech mir nuch Glik.
Ich vill gain in alle Gassn în vill schrain: Gewalt!
A Maidale git mir bald!

Wail ich bin a Bucher jîng în frisch,
´ch gai sech ous mamesz far a Kîsch,
tref iech mir a Lodze Ponienka,
sie red poilisch în ich mîss stenkn:
Ja sze kocham a ty ´spysz!

Schpiel, Zigainer of dain Fidl,
schpiel mir up a Liebesliedl,
wail ich hob gelosst main Harts in Budapescht
in die Nacht ven die Levune hot geschaint.

Ich hob gevolt mit ihr bouen a Nest
în sie hot fîn mir sech ousgelacht
Ich hob gemaint, sie liebt mech ainem!
Sie libt nor mech în mehr nischt kainem!
Ich hob gemaint, ich kon fartrouen -
falsch is sie vie alle Frouen.

Bai die Rogatke `ch hob sie gelosst schtain!

English Translation

I'm a lad, young and happy,
I feel well
I've spirit for love, I aspire to be lucky
I'll go along all streets and
Shout: People, listen!
Give me a girl then.

Because I'm a young lad
I aspire to a kiss
I meet a girl from Lodz
She spoke polish and I had to listen:
'Ja sze kocham a ty ´spysz!' (I love you, but you...) (I love you, but you sleep)

Play a lovesong with me:
I've lost my heart in Budapest
In the night in moonlight
I wanted to build a nest with her,
But she laughted about it
I thought, she should love me
Just me, and any other
I thought, I can't trust her,
She is false as all the womans!

In the corner, I'd let her go.

Thanks to Coursera -- Got to know the history of evolution of music world over...
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