Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hayley Mills Pollyanna

oh don't i like simple, funny movies..there's something adorable about now in the series of musical comedies and pretty old movies, i watched this 'Hayley Mills Pollyanna', after 'Minstrel Man ' and 'Curly Top 1935' ..all goodie-goodie movie types..other than the accent and small town setup, what else did i like about it? Well the pretty music and emotions and lifestyle of people, maybe. The fact that a group of 8-10 people could transform the entire town :D. Is really a virtual world, quite an interesting one too.The shades of people and the varied behaviors and imposed notions, does rings a bell to imposed sufferings around. Surprisingly the most intelligent person is an outsider and a kid- a girl named 'Pollyanna'. She moves everyone in town with her "be glad" game and her words with them.

 Quite predictable ending...Its really a simple adorable movie..when u just wanna relax, grab something to eat and be once in a while, in a lost simplicity ... liked it loads!! Maybe it is the end result of being complete lukkha, but u never know, try and see if u can still take simplicity in its simplest form :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

its for me, I write..

its for me, i write
its to bare my soul
to get things out of my mind
and let the peace reign, once more

else it gets too much
to hold the emotion
it gets too much to be in
and yet without
with words, it comes out
coherent, beautiful and sound

it almost gives answers
and simplifies itself
life becomes easy
preserved in beauty of words
its not everyday i write
but when i do its not for likes
its to bare my soul
of pressing thoughts
of pressing issues
of things that needs to be told
that mind can’t behold
then it all simplifies
and life becomes a merry ride
atleast the turmoil is gone
and words make it so more coherent
apt for after thought

its when thoughts dawn, i write
words and lines swirling inside,
i get them out, like cleanser
and it feels so light afterwards

its for me i write
to please me as i read and reread,
on days and years later
and smile – knowing exactly what it was
the state it depicts
i write for that smile
that pleasure of mind
later on
to make sense, out of clutter
its not for likes
they are just add-ons

Sunday, December 22, 2013


constancy is mostly good,
change is amazingly great
i wonder why then
all the time we are afraid

afraid of being left behind
afraid of great heights
afraid of falling from sky
afraid of being stuck even for a while

what do u think it is ?
a joy ride?
a scary place to somehow tread in?
what is it?

if its the same, its serene
if its change
its pious its upliftment
its superb in any case,
its adventure, its exhilaration

so why not keep moving folks
as action is the essence of being
and what's there to be afraid of
let those with you, have a merry laugh
those who leave, wish them well
but there's nothing to be afraid of

common lie back, read a novel
help out that lady and bring her a new smile
be kind and spread the elegance
or shout out loud and dance in the rain
make it big, make it loud
just make it beautiful 
if not now, then when else?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mr Singh Mrs Mehta

Randomly stumbled on this movie. What a beautiful movie, I must say. Acting is above average and overall its a consistent simple, beautifully portrayed movie.
 You love it despite that its a question mark on love itself, well to a great extent. The slow pace, the fine settings, the art, the betrayal; its an assortment of all the ingredients of finesse classical depiction of  love. And music, ohh how much can I emphasize, it lovely and adds charm to each scene.

A very nice story interwoven around issues of marriage, fidelity and trust. The entire earth comes shattering for Neera when she realizes her husband is cheating on her and coincidentally Ashwin, urf Mr Singh too realizes that its his wife he's with. The approach they show towards it differ, the sentiments, the outbursts, the silence and the questions. why would anyone cheat their partners, when they are still so good with them? Why one partner's world revolves around another, while other has no qualm of ignoring or cheating them. How can anyone lie, looking straight in the eye. Be so sweet that its hard to resist and disgusting to accept. They are cheating partner's. Isn't it betrayal? Or is it a release, release from realising it earlier than when its too late, when life has moved on and one is left so behind and yet so into a comfort and known zone, that there's no turning back and there's no way ahead.

The soothing music of the movie, makes you watch it in your own world, a new space, with music lingering in backdrop, you don't watch for story for a change, I could not forward it even once, though fully aware - its pretty slow pace. A very well directed movie, I must say.

Mrs Mehta, the weakest yet strongest character in the end, contrary to generic Indian setup, leaves Mr. Mehta in the end. She also becomes the saviour, as muse of Mr Singh's and his painting becomes world known, which leads to his wife coming back to him.Though it seems a little odd on the justice and symmetry front, not being all goody goody end. Yet it leaves you wondering on the strength and value of a person so neglected that she could reinstate herself.

No doubt Neera, urf Mrs Mehta, is the best character and the actress has done an amazing portrayal. The story begins because of Mr Mehta and Mrs Singh. Yet its Mrs Mehta who is the essence of the story and to a  great extent Mr Singh. Both having enormous character strength. Hence its Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta.