Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hayley Mills Pollyanna

oh don't i like simple, funny movies..there's something adorable about now in the series of musical comedies and pretty old movies, i watched this 'Hayley Mills Pollyanna', after 'Minstrel Man ' and 'Curly Top 1935' ..all goodie-goodie movie types..other than the accent and small town setup, what else did i like about it? Well the pretty music and emotions and lifestyle of people, maybe. The fact that a group of 8-10 people could transform the entire town :D. Is really a virtual world, quite an interesting one too.The shades of people and the varied behaviors and imposed notions, does rings a bell to imposed sufferings around. Surprisingly the most intelligent person is an outsider and a kid- a girl named 'Pollyanna'. She moves everyone in town with her "be glad" game and her words with them.

 Quite predictable ending...Its really a simple adorable movie..when u just wanna relax, grab something to eat and be once in a while, in a lost simplicity ... liked it loads!! Maybe it is the end result of being complete lukkha, but u never know, try and see if u can still take simplicity in its simplest form :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

its for me, I write..

its for me, i write
its to bare my soul
to get things out of my mind
and let the peace reign, once more

else it gets too much
to hold the emotion
it gets too much to be in
and yet without
with words, it comes out
coherent, beautiful and sound

it almost gives answers
and simplifies itself
life becomes easy
preserved in beauty of words
its not everyday i write
but when i do its not for likes
its to bare my soul
of pressing thoughts
of pressing issues
of things that needs to be told
that mind can’t behold
then it all simplifies
and life becomes a merry ride
atleast the turmoil is gone
and words make it so more coherent
apt for after thought

its when thoughts dawn, i write
words and lines swirling inside,
i get them out, like cleanser
and it feels so light afterwards

its for me i write
to please me as i read and reread,
on days and years later
and smile – knowing exactly what it was
the state it depicts
i write for that smile
that pleasure of mind
later on
to make sense, out of clutter
its not for likes
they are just add-ons

Sunday, December 22, 2013


constancy is mostly good,
change is amazingly great
i wonder why then
all the time we are afraid

afraid of being left behind
afraid of great heights
afraid of falling from sky
afraid of being stuck even for a while

what do u think it is ?
a joy ride?
a scary place to somehow tread in?
what is it?

if its the same, its serene
if its change
its pious its upliftment
its superb in any case,
its adventure, its exhilaration

so why not keep moving folks
as action is the essence of being
and what's there to be afraid of
let those with you, have a merry laugh
those who leave, wish them well
but there's nothing to be afraid of

common lie back, read a novel
help out that lady and bring her a new smile
be kind and spread the elegance
or shout out loud and dance in the rain
make it big, make it loud
just make it beautiful 
if not now, then when else?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mr Singh Mrs Mehta

Randomly stumbled on this movie. What a beautiful movie, I must say. Acting is above average and overall its a consistent simple, beautifully portrayed movie.
 You love it despite that its a question mark on love itself, well to a great extent. The slow pace, the fine settings, the art, the betrayal; its an assortment of all the ingredients of finesse classical depiction of  love. And music, ohh how much can I emphasize, it lovely and adds charm to each scene.

A very nice story interwoven around issues of marriage, fidelity and trust. The entire earth comes shattering for Neera when she realizes her husband is cheating on her and coincidentally Ashwin, urf Mr Singh too realizes that its his wife he's with. The approach they show towards it differ, the sentiments, the outbursts, the silence and the questions. why would anyone cheat their partners, when they are still so good with them? Why one partner's world revolves around another, while other has no qualm of ignoring or cheating them. How can anyone lie, looking straight in the eye. Be so sweet that its hard to resist and disgusting to accept. They are cheating partner's. Isn't it betrayal? Or is it a release, release from realising it earlier than when its too late, when life has moved on and one is left so behind and yet so into a comfort and known zone, that there's no turning back and there's no way ahead.

The soothing music of the movie, makes you watch it in your own world, a new space, with music lingering in backdrop, you don't watch for story for a change, I could not forward it even once, though fully aware - its pretty slow pace. A very well directed movie, I must say.

Mrs Mehta, the weakest yet strongest character in the end, contrary to generic Indian setup, leaves Mr. Mehta in the end. She also becomes the saviour, as muse of Mr Singh's and his painting becomes world known, which leads to his wife coming back to him.Though it seems a little odd on the justice and symmetry front, not being all goody goody end. Yet it leaves you wondering on the strength and value of a person so neglected that she could reinstate herself.

No doubt Neera, urf Mrs Mehta, is the best character and the actress has done an amazing portrayal. The story begins because of Mr Mehta and Mrs Singh. Yet its Mrs Mehta who is the essence of the story and to a  great extent Mr Singh. Both having enormous character strength. Hence its Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

La Vie en Rose

oh what a lovely movie I stumbled on..
now wonder
where was it hiding
for all these years?
such an awesome movie
a movie-must watch!!

La vie en rose
The little sparrow
larger than life..
or life of a being
frail and bold , as she was
every single time

was it music?
that enchanted the soul
kept lingering in backdrop
or was it the beautiful soul presented…
in its pompous and outspoken form
I wonder....

or was it the life itself
as a song gripped in innocence
captured in its magical charm
I lost where it ended
and when it began
Just wondered..
what a lovely movie I stumbled on..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

choose wisely

choose wisely
choose- what you wanna see
what you perceive
choose, take your time
but choose wisely
choose what to mind
choose what to subside
choose your values
choose your vice
choose, choose wisely

choose what you will stand
choose what to let go
choose your epitaph
before you die
live it by all means
choose, choose wisely

no hap-hazard trails
no bottling up of useless judgements
no importance to deceiving viewpoints
choose, your view, your objectives
your goal and your friends
choose the response of each second
choose, choose wisely

choose your beliefs
choose your limits
choose and break and reform
mend and carry ahead
don't lay back
by a setback
its not eternal presence

some things you just can't help
but you can help
what to feel
you can help
what to give importance to
you can choose to ignore
you can choose to let go
you can choose better things in life
some things are just not worth it

choose to leave it all behind
choose to tread on your blissful insight
choose to be in a pond for lotus
forget the mud, its just comes with package
choose the garden you are gonna make
choose the joy you are gonna propagate
leave beside the satanic forces
leave the trace of malign intent
choose to march ahead, irrespective

choose the music over cacophony
choose to tune the strings
choose to help, where you can
choose to mingle in the sea of beauty
accept the scars as it is
its part and parcel
maybe its the spice
of the monotonic life
but don't be bothered by it

choose the heights to pursue
accept the valleys you see
choose the helping hand to extend
accept the jerks, you witnessed
choose the melanie over scarlet
choose to be a beautiful person
choose a life, worthwhile
choose, choose wisely
over and over again

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The hype of marketing, impact and influence!!

Someone asked me, "what do you think of the new Tanishq add, on remarriage. DO you think its pioneering, ground-breaking and awesome for our society...." Well something of this note. Well I thought. Good question. So few days back. I watched it, liked its direction and it was nice. That's it.

Taking a remarriage idea, breaking the barriers of remarrying is a nice thing to make adds on. But in no way do I see it to be pioneer in Indian advertisement. Sorry about that, in the Indian mentality obsessed with fair skin brides, a little less white, but nevertheless -slim trim beautiful bride as protege/protagonist,  this advt. never felt, to be a beat off than the image of perfect girl to marry. So its no message on that front, fairness creams won't suffer a bit because of this, I am sure, nor would it boost the confidence of off-white skin coloured girls overnight. Mind you there are so many pretty, absolutely pretty girls rather, of all colors in India. Amazingly beautiful, yet the marriage business is still stuck on this mark. "Need a fair, slim, beautiful bride for so and so....." Which is something to marvel at. 

The advertisement itself is great, maybe they are the harbingers or something, as said. If so, I wish they could do something about caste based marriages and honor issue so intertwined with love marriages as well. Something significant, which will permeate the length and breadth of the country and make it a sane place to live in. And choose who you are gonna live your life with, becomes a norm, an accepted reality and logical thing to do to people. And while we are at this - why not advertisements with messages to "treat women folk equally or maybe humanly. To not promote, think and measure them on the criteria of 'something to improve the aesthetics of the place' and that's it. "No Brain, logic entities ..blah blah..", fill in your perceptions here. Please just somehow address it, or "to stop people judging them with whom they marry and assumed career goals 5 or 10 years down the line "rearing kids". Help people having "self-promoted and propagated ideas about the IQ level of them", when conveniently they "ignore the hundred girls, who consistently were better at maths, algebra, geometry and IQ and GK or anything else all around them, all their life". Sweeping it away saying, "they are maggu, they just remember it by heart, they don't know it- you see- Low IQ and stuff"!! Please advertisement on that, I would make sure to share it with every person I know on earth.  

You can also try to miraculously make Indians swell with pride overnight and march in the glory of awesome clean, green life. Help the litter habits, as its totally uncool and disgusting to say the least. Oh wait- there was such add, some 10 years back or earlier. I still sing few lines of it, every now and then "What will you do, if someone, makes Bhelpuri - of you...will you. <do smthg> or will do < this thing>... " Remember the music, pretty splendid it is. Have been trying to search it on youtube, no success yet. But you got the idea, right. But see 10 years and no one remembers it or no one seems to have improved because of that add, maybe I will start asking around - just in case, it opened someone's eyes. I do hope though, if it works, instead of NGO's, I'll work for advertisement industry (awesome payments there, would be a plus-won't it). 

I have no doubt on power of media, ofcourse, specifically advertising business. For ofcourse they are the heftiest paycheck people. Also people promoting all kinds of fads and defining what is the trend, right, wrong, cool, not-cool, look for, shun, poke into, march in, say and dialogues to use - for the masses- rich, not rich, leader, down-trodden - wherever whenever. Don't you remember - "hum centre fresh kyon khate hain"-Dubara mat poochna, add" I have been controlling my wish to ask it, really really ask it, ever since (Still don't eat it so much). Or "kyonki badti umra ko chahiye, kuch extra"!! (ofcourse they need, its called -nutrituous diet ). Seriously ? But yes, sometimes, it works!! You know any home - where horlicks/bornvita etc is not given on a regular basis? Though I doubt how helpful it is, but never mind.

 All this khichdi - ultimately is about selling something. Now out of the glossy, glamour soap advertisements and sporty and down-trodden automobile and health-drinks advertisement. Where will the jewellery sell? Ofcourse marriages, noone wears gold jewellery anywhere else these days. Funky trendy stuff is in demand (I know, its awesome-try some beads too). So what in marriages. Its so loaden out there. This is something which captures the audience. 9 out of 10 for that. But impact on society and doing something so revolutionary. Well I am not so sure. Lets not take all the credits from all the NGO's, and say see-" the solution was four minutes of advertisements". Wait and analyse before you start giving this idea, to people around. If its, an iota, as effective, as made out to be, lets start solving all our problems by these advertisements. I would love to see our society improving by these amazing ways.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ship of Theseus

2 pious simple stories, depicting the life, engaging, interesting, thought-provoking at the same time(haven't seen the 3rd story yet). Sounds not quite right? Welcome to the world of "Ship of theseus". No elaborate depictions, no over-bearing songs, nothing to hinder the central element of the story, life as it is, as it could be, projected on screen. I am amazed, sitting here, with all these deadlines on my head, all the numerous ideas I have for awesome amazing life, all the grudges I indulge in every now and then, insecurities eating me up at times, and phases that rather the life
itself makes no sense. Yet here it is, in my front- something which can justify and pacify, for once and for all,  the consistent struggle between ideals and reality, what happens and what could be.

I am in fixation, what to believe, what to leave out. Certainly its not a movie, you can take in- in one go. Will purchase a high quality Dvd and watch it many times for that. But here is just a first hand experience. The classical background music touch later does makes it too deep. Sounds, yes that's the beauty and ingenuity of this movie. If a movie can have a soul then it is in its sounds for this movie, the fight amongst people, splashes of waves of sea, turning of paper, drum beats, na-aham janami, chants, each stick on ground, buzzing of mosquitoes. Marvelous, I am already noticing the sound of key strikes and imagining in my head, the sounds I'll encounter while walking back to hostel.

The beauty of normal response, humble self, humor and sarcasm comes forth as most impactful part.
The guy in monk story who raises all kinds of doubts, which are so clearly illustrating our thoughts, and the responses of them, wow. The karma and consequences.  The search for meaning of existence, the purpose which we so find missing and want to decipher at various stages.  

The walk amidst the windmills with all people in white , felt like, it was walk to death, with windmills rotating. It felt like a never ending cycle, it was a wait to end, to die, and to come back maybe
. But no difference, none, whatsoever. What remains is the passage and what you could/choose to do while there. A deep long eternal sleep, is what we all await. Just when you thought how better can it get? This amazing sentence came- "We all agree with reason, now what is left is disposition". Wow. No words!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happiness redefined

today I am delighted, inherently happy
For here I have - charming little things
adorning my balcony
Who says happiness is big
its little little things, oft unnoticed

these little fellas
swaying in bliss
happy if you sing to them
flowing with the wind
affirming the positivity around
and smiling all along
all they need is water and they exist
yet what they give you daily
is immeasurable bliss
wanna stand beside them, all day long
glance a fond glance, every now and then

oh hey see, a butterfly fluttering by
yellow and bright-flying all around
marvelous impeccable beauty
embodiment of grandiose and so vivid

Isn't it what life is
as it almost effortlessly exists
like it is what its nature is
absolute beauty
and the infinite happiness its filled with

Saturday, September 28, 2013

emotions up the sleeve

She had emotions on the top of her sleeves,
she woke up with starry dreams
she slept with miracle in mind
oh she was so out of her mind

her eyes shining with twinkle bright
her laughter, a bird in flight
her presence, freedom alive
ahh she was such a girl
beside that, an absolute delight

her chirpy talks made sense
her attempt to tease was all in vain
ahh she was just a dream
she never existed

she was a kid, till date
how long she survived intact
its really strange
out there in an unknown world
she had the exquisite taste

unconventional in all ways
all too eager, all too prompt
to difficult to be cajoled
so easily interpreted in vague

she lived amidst tears and smile
content and one with life’s grace
envy of others, and tinge of regret
wonder of some,
for such profound existence

like no one can catch the light
no one can know what's in line
always up with a new surprise
such was she, the unique case

beauty of her lighted up face
rhythm of her each step
world was such a great place
life so abundant  grace

royalty was the trademark
ah she was the perfection
she was a girl you said?
ah she never really existed!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today I saw this movie called “Lunch -Box” A superb movie, undoubtedly. The most striking scene of it was, when the lead protagonist Neela’s – father, who is long suffering from cancer, dies and she is trying to comfort her mom. Her mom starts blabbering mundane stuff–very true, spoken from heart, partly you feel anything can happen now, you cry your heart out, on the irony of the situation. You wonder – is it all the love, is this end we all will meet and see while living. Is it just a way to suppress the pool of emotions,we live inside, yet goes unexpressed all our life.

What is it that's so captivating about it? Is it her own life, she is speaking about, or is it every single woman’s tale including Neela’s . You wonder of Neela in that scene and her mothers.. Its one of the best scene’s ever.

 Well after the movie was over, my craving for her story was not. I sat there, staring at this powerful media – which left us to create the story/the world for ourselves, as we may please. But I was not interested. I just kept seeing that scene in my head, over and over again, and every time tears spilled on their  own, and I was lost in the depths of uncertainties.

never too much…not as seen..

Its never as big, as you imagine it to be. Often when you look back and try to relive that, it turns out to be insignificant-almost like a minor errand or glitch. i wonder, what amplifies the notions in our minds, when the real happening is pretty small..with all the care you took to document, later it always seems very uneventful, like citing the obvious or something. So maybe we are barricaded and strangled by the magnified images we perceive, rather than any actual happening. Happening- something to chew on ……

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Techonology and Expressing emotions...

People want to express and then they don't. In this vague battle - the meaningless boards - get all the words-just the gist pasted as status and no words of explanation. Some people make fun of it,and that's almost the purpose it serves. But it takes away a bit though veiled and maybe its a relief - of having bothways. Is it technology which has made us this hideous? Or is it just us?Why don't anyone wanna share anything which is not good anymore? Is it a fear of being labelled a bore? What the hell - is happiness the entire summary of life? If you are feeling irritated, go call and tell all about it? Why you have to suppress and show just a little  bit by some status? Why is tete-a-tete so less prevalent now? I would love to be of help in your bad times, I have many of mine as well, you are not alone, everyone has them. Why a stupid hide and seek game then? Ahh I'll never understand this..

Then there are some posers, who will pretend they are too good for this world, or maybe life. Nothing can deter them, when they are actually all mess inside. Man-whom you wanna make fool of? Anyone can see right through and know things as they are, but its not right to poke you where it hurts, so we keep our mum. But seriously why- why is it wrong to  have a low time? It doesn't change your image, your integrity matters, I know strong people fight with the wind and tornadoes and all that bullshit. But you are not supposed to behave like a hopeless freak, do whatever to help yourself. But why you have to hide behind a encrypted status and project you are a superhuman and all the while you are burning inside. Common- this is ridiculous.

Just lent out once, forget all about it and go work to address it. But live it with zest...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The menace of consumerism or the fundu Marketing guys??

Well I am gonna crib in this post. No, I will herald a new thinking of healthy living..Blah..lets just say whatever it is and get over any projected sense of over importance in this world and my role as visionary to make it the best place it can be and exercise high intellect to transform the way it functions, which sadly still needs to see some light of the day. Anyway

Since childhood we have seen ads of Suffola and n such healthy cooking oils- you see how deeply it is mingling with our food and hence our health and our existence. A young and very smart guy is on the verge of heart-attack or is cholesterol ridden and could not play with kids as he is always busy. Later they added a nice tint of depicting nasty kids- who yell that "you never play with us, then why at all you exist" or something of the sort. When I used to see anyone cooking in oil like sarson ka oil- I used to shun that internally so harshly that they are playing with the health of people and ensured I don't touch a bit of it. Well seems like I am a victim of what I was avoiding for like forever. The most unhealthiest cooking oil - is what marketed to be otherwise.  Will provide the reference soon.

Okay lets go to beauty, why, what else comes to your mind on mention of consumerism and beauty products. It is amazing that marketing guys could cut right through the bias of society and sell the shitty products to both vain men and women(maybe all women- vain or not) as lets accept it-taking care of your one and only body is like a sacred thing, right? Wrong!! Though however easy it might be to wake up and dab your skin with cleansers and put on layers of moisteners and skin whitening creams and shinning products -- seems like they make your skin addicted and in long run prone to 1000s of bad effects - and ofcourse burn a huge whole in your pocket every month and then treatment of  aftereffects is also to be managed, its almost like a web. Well we have believed the beautiful fairy ladies of tv ads telling us what to purchase and why and 1 entire shelf is filled with 3 different types of oils, 3 different face-wash, moisturizer and creams, as per occasion things- of which most just get wasted away as on occasions we are (atleast I am) just too lazy to try them on. Now I don't see any future use of them, than to throw them away asap. Refer -

I believe the marketing guys can sell you anything, just by bringing together - very smart family, dog, car, green lawn and kids- some interplay and dialogues between them and here -the product is unopposed king of the world. Be it useless junk products like coco-cola, chips, fast-foods or be it things you will never need but has to be purchased to be in the league. Amazing guys you know which chord rings a bell with people. You can paint the future they aspire, for them, and then they will regret if they cannot get that. Amazing isn't it.. :) Well you have to earn, don't you. So yeah, it might be in long time, but you can shape  the thinking of people.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Coincidence, Maths and Beauty..

Everything falls in line, doesn't it? You are unaware of something for decades- then suddenly one day you get to hear about it, marvel at its beauty and think its something unusual and awesome. lo and behold- coming 1 month  - you see it everywhere, see how many people have invested all there waking moments - working and spreading it and they deem it to be the nature's own creation, a secret mystic presence in all objects which can explain the secret design. Well all this blabbering as I saw this movie or rather TV series "Da vinci demons" where he is replicating the nature's designs and coming up with engineering marvels..too ahead of his time and thought process of the era. Now I saw, marveled that how beautiful it would be to study fruits like he does and understand and experiment and here  I am within a week stumbling on 'n' links of divine proportion, maths behind nature and people working on it are actually giving the probable applications and approach on platter -to whomsoever is interested to use these beautiful designs, domain-wise. Now this is heights of coincidence, is it divine design to let me know of existence of such a beautiful concept and maybe believe in him, after so many years of doubt or denial. Well maybe, else why would these happenings become so linear, out of a sudden and so simultaneous. Whats the odd, we say? right !! Whatever it is- Nature/God/Almighty/Maths - its heights of beauty, very apt to be labelled as heaven!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Something like impossible dreams...

I dream a few impossible dreams...
the thought struck me from nowhere
and rest hour i spent
weaving the meaning it portrays
unsure if it asserts or negates

did it mean
the dreaming i indulge in
happens to be impossible?
or it proclaims
oh ya well,..
whats the fun dreaming,
if its not certain,
seemingly impossible

It felt so interesting
though out of nowhere..
still couldn't decide
which side I'll lie
in case of a debate..

Dream is what,
if not, something that has never happen
no previous instance of certainity
but some inane or intrinsic faith
all in mind, its what i want

almost like a metaphor
like reaching for the stars
when you perfectly know
not gonna happen in this lifetime

or is it worth boasting
that i dream of things impossible
like I am out of league
that so many managers- pretend
people go out of way and insist
that's what they are
or atleast the projected selves :P
though I have observed
we all converge to be almost same
on many different ways
yet at the end - varied expressions
of same thoughts

one of a kind, different
its just superficial polish
of the industrial age
which gives you some benefits
maybe in short term
anyways, not drifting apart

Still dreaming big and not hiding it
risking a crazy label and aloof glance
we all know
no-one's gonna care, till you achieve
that silly/big/impossible dream
then why care at all
to put it in words

Well the choice fails me
Both seems plausible reasons
so I keep this thought from nowhere
and wonder on its simplistic beauty
and complexity, yet with some positive stand
I dream few impossible dreams, after all !!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Learning - all summed up?

Well refer this - Seems like the best source of doing away all the problems, one faces while studying, I read the word 'active learning' sometime back, its almost procedure form of the same. Interesting that its not very viral piece of information shared in every university or class, since if it can help - as almost all need it in some form. Then make it visible to the students and teachers. The problem is - its too big, so I read the starting, will read n summarize maybe later ( this is procrastination, they supposedly will give solutions for, as well). Now isn't it worth a read? Do try.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

God's Delays are not God's denial

This is the source of the title of the post. Rahul Dravid's Speech at BITS Goa on its Golden Jubilee Convocation. Reading it somehow presents a picture of humility and appreciation and fascination in eyes at, 'how a genuine person can inspire millions for life'. Its one such statement which I and all others who might have heard/read it took from it "God's delays are not God's denial".

What does it makes you think of? Quick- ya the time you felt God is not just, the time which tested you to the extent that "you declared - I don't believe on existence of God" or maybe that 'God is testing me'. You remember the days? I do, though somehow its the best and most humbling experience I ever remember having. These instances are what makes you so much better person eventually, mature if you wanna say it that way, which you realize way later in life. The more I read that speech the more what 'being human' means, reflected in front of me.

Yes he is a legend. And He is a human, a very genuine and true one. I hope everyone gets to read it once and inspire people for being a better self, with simply being one's own self. And persistence of course. No fake concepts of timeline, deadline, Goals... 'do or die' .. just a recognition of what you love and the perseverance to do better at it and the patience to let things happen at there own pace. Later when you look back in life, you should feel amazing to have led the life doing what ' you always loved' . Wow.. truly inspiring speech indeed!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Once upon a time there was a place -real big, giant and modern , with huge long walls , tastefully furnished sitting rooms and a balcony overlooking a garden across the room along the corridor on right.
There were many shrubs , flowers planted in flower pots hanging from the balcony . In that big house lived Mr. Sharma with his wife, mother and three little kids. A nice happy family, one could say.

The three kids parth, shivu and vishnu were of age 9, 7 and 5 respectively. The kid aged seven was very curious by nature.

One day when he was about to sleep a weird four legged dog like animal came nearby his bed and kept lingering

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How do you explain Sanskriti or Culture?

Well I sat around kids of 7th standard, typical kids of this internet era-who know all about computers, laptops, mobiles, wi-fi, gaming but sadly nothing/very little about any other art-form (since it wont give a good livelihood in this modern world-of Secured IT jobs) . Well there I sat, trying to teach them something by means of a story. There I stumbled on the word "culture and arts". I told them "Culture means Sanskriti" and asked them "what is the meaning of "Bhartiya Sanskriti". One kid, next to me, said - oh I know, I know, lemme think - ya "its a name of a book".

 OK!! ya that might be true..but what else? Its not just that..what exactly do people mean when they say "we are from Bhartiya Sanskriti". Ofcourse it was of no help- to get answers out of them.

So I embarked on the effort to describe it to them, what it means by Culture. I told them - that I am an Indian- what does that means? It means I like certain kind of food, dressing, music, danceforms, Paintings, have certain beliefs and values - which together define this term "Indian Culture". Likewise there is "Western culture", "Roman culture" "Greek Culture". Quite satisfied on the - overview of the idea of culture I gave them, I looked around to see if it rings a bell to them. No, it seemed very confusing to them. Hmm I tried again but whatever example and description I could give - seemed like running around the bush. So I stopped there, reiterated the first example - asked them about warli painting, classical and folk songs, Kathak and bharatnatyam dance and so on. Then I said - to go back and research on Culture on net or better ask your parents.. Feeling satisfied by my efforts and having made a point that its something very interesting to look up further, I proceeded with the reading.

But still I am not sure how exactly can one make "kids" understand the meaning of culture.
Values and it being an identity we are defined by.. Seemed so very amazing to me, when I read of different cultures in my history textbook as a kid, I wonder how would their teacher teach them? Will she/he take efforts to make the kids inspired and in awe of the great representation - culture depicts. Hope they will.. else why would they want to be teacher at all. Right?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Conversation

This can wait no-more, else I'll forget everything but just a glimpse of the grandiose reality would be. what will be left. Ok so whats with all these high-flowing words.. Well no its not a very big deal, actually, if you go by words. Maybe you already know- what you'll read now, but still somehow, sometimes, when we revisit an idea - in some specific time, it makes so much sense, as if the key of the whole cryptic jumble, we kept hearing - is right here, in this moment. Well ya ya its the " know thy self" stuff kind of or maybe " how to be successful in your life" stuff or maybe not even that but "meaning of life". Ok so much so for the initiation.

Ok this is where I'll tell one mess-table conversation I had with a person and it was so very apt, that I couldn't resist jotting it here, for time eternal. Just that its 2 days since then and I already have forgotten a major chunk, a vague outlines and few sentences is what I have. But even those seems worthy of words.. So this girl/lady - was telling me about- how she is taking Japanese class, after not getting the opportunity in 1st list, since it was first come first serve basis but then got it as many people dint joined. She is kind of "self made girl" , just that its not just "made"  - its "self learned" as well.
Ya kind of like Eklavya- though the span is less and dramatic skills achieved by Eklavya is pretty more. So leaving the level of expertise, I'll focus on the perspective change it brought to her.

So I told her, I am postponning learning swimming entirely, as I am scared of going in depth.
Then she narrated how she learnt all kinds of swimming styles and techniques and perspectives of how to survive in deep waters, from shallow region to depths, to 2 hours per day, 1 km per hour to 12 hours 11km one day non-stop endeavor in "Swimmathon" 6 months later. One of the very few in the campus, who could  do that, when campus is full of regular swimmers, inter-iit and swimming champions. So I guess in the end, its all "perseverance". I knew about her swimmathon effort and was really intrigued and impressed, since it was a very big deal - since she was also not an athlete or one with high stamina. So it seemed a magic to me.

The journey of this "was not in the end- result of swimmathon", but it was in her eyes when she told me and encouraged me to just go, try and try it on my own. Instead of waiting for the day to come or someone to teach- with a magic-wand one day. She said "learning it I felt, "if I can do this, I can definitely do my PhD" and trust me - if only I could reproduce her eyes and expression that time- you would feel the true joy, the exalting joy, the bliss of the best of world.

That day I wondered, wow, it must be amazing - to learn it on your own. In this era of coaching classes and hype of how you turn out to be the sum total of which school you attended, what was its world rating, who was your teacher, what was his world ranking, how much money you invested...
Somehow - this whole system of education couldn't make me feel - one such moment of pure pleasure of learning, in my 18 years of being a part of academic environment. What was so elegant and mesmerizing about it - was its simplicity. Do it - just go try and retry, if you can do that, you would know the feeling I can do anything on this earth.. with no such notions of how much would I need before even trying.

This made more sense, as it made me recollect " how desperate I felt- when I could not go to 'kota' for the coaching for IIT-JEE just after 10th, it made me feel I won't get selected, I am useless - without that kota-brand and somehow I lost my sense of joy of learning. Even though I went to Kota after 12th - but it was the most horrible time I have ever seen, though I have seen very less - I am sure, being a fairly protected being.

Given a magic wand - I'll teach each and every child and person in this country - that "its what you think it to be" . You make your own castles and jails.. and you break them .. its all the mental image .
You can do "what you think you can" . Now I have heard/read/used this almost zillion times to the extent that now I want to shun and throw the book in the face of author - if he dare mention it again,
as I am fed-up of this being said again and again - as if such a "secret" is being told. Which will be your fairy and create your magical world for you.

But even that time, listening it from her, one who actually tried and learnt it  - I felt, I never knew its meaning before. My own "mental block and labels of " I am not this, I can't do this, I am so horrible at this, I am gonna screw this up' I am pathetic at this.. all such instances and barriers and limits - I had set for myself danced before my eyes.. I felt like a stupid scared child, fearing an unknown monster and hiding in a nook in the barred castle of her own mind. wondering all the while how did I end up here and why is it so messed up.......

This was liberating. Not that I went just that moment and started learning the long- postponed deep water swimming exercise..but still every time I am thoughtless, workless - that castle springs up in mind and I try to break - one bar and imagine all the bars to break and flying to  a complete freedom.. and this feeling is something I want to go back again and again and live it the longest possible. Hope reading this post - will remind me " what exactly I mean" again after few months - when I would certainly have gone back to same uncertain, unknown self and caught in the web - seemingly so complex. Hope I did justice to the thought. "You are sum of what you believe and imagine yourself to be" I think I read it somewhere(so can't share the source).. but this is what it is to take and incorporate, at the end ..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

why can't it be easily fathomable for a novice..!!

While the convex, may resemble the word complex, it will indeed be so very complex to understand, to visualize was not my thought when I took this course. But today sitting in class, I knew all the definitions in form of matrices and x's. But sitting there, with all those definitions on paper- I couldn't visualize a bit, and kept on wondering -what the heck! can't this thing be made more comprehensible, instead of a notation jargon it is today. If I'll teach that course - I would hate to put so many definitions n built castles on the play of words.. Hopefully while I give it a proper read. It would be more clear and comprehensible - and would definitely write here to explain to any being caught up like me.. But it will be sometime .. Just a reminder it needs to be done!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Divinity within

Heard this interesting idea today, that there is a place nearby where people gather for a Satsang ( a group of people meet and recite hymns and chants of divinity and goodness and propagate the essence of beautiful life. They try to attain peace of mind and purpose of life by meditation and goodwill..). Now I love Satsangs, especially when the divine songs are very musical and interesting to sing in groups and ambiance is amazing. I have been to few of the full moon sat sangs and simply loved them.

 But this one seemed different, a group of people from all class strata gathering nearby a slum,  discussing the presence of divine element in each and everyone of us. Now that's a core ideology of Hinduism that "divinity resides within us", nothing new there. But these people they bent before each and everyone in salutation and respect to that divinity within each other. They take resolves to work very nicely in whatever capacity they can for others, as "serving others" is the true meaning and purpose of life. Infact Serving is the mark of life, others are again a reflection of you at varied stages, some would say, I dunno- haven't interpreted any Vedic gyan yet.

Well somehow I felt bending to others in faith that I am acknowledging the goodness, the piousness and the holy in you - was refreshing to hear and maybe even a good massage to let go, of the haughty self image we cling to. Yet I found it to entertain the devil within more than the divine. Isn't divine supposed to be modest, with no intentions of being overtly prayed just of help and of bliss - with no strings attached or expectations.. Well there I was confused - if we are divine and we are devil, and they are one form of the same supreme.. then why you need to bent at all.. it should be self-evident . But Guess some things just seem so fine to do, maybe they make you realize something deeply at crisis and times you would otherwise won't. Will be good to attend sometime - will see.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Poverty..absolute wretchedness and life..

Today I sat thinking why being poor is so bad, after all? I read Jane Eyre a few days back, in which she leaves everything and finds herself devoid of a place to sleep, a meal to eat and even a penny for any damn thing. She is very well educated person, so she thinks she can get a job, any job. Three days of asking each and everyone for any job, some job and she couldn't get anything, her hopes dashed and people looking at her with suspicion, she couldn't even sell her handkerchief and things to afford a meal. She eats the meal thrown out for animals.. very stale and poisoned one could think of in wildest dreams..

But something seemed at odds there. Its not the story of a century back. It seemed like a day to day tale. Why poverty brings with it - the hatred, distrust and ill-treatment by people. I mean anyone can land up in a tragedy - you maybe a millionaire - you can find yourself stranded on some place with nothing and if you are to be treated like that, what will happen to your so long lectures of humanity.
And she was not even begging - she was asking for a trade or a job..a menial job.  Why all want to cling to their accumulated paper - notes and let a being die on road and not even leave him alone. But show in extreme's your hatred and inhumane condition of him and treat him worser than a stray dog.
God bless our soul, if we can't see our own being - in need and part with a meal atleast or share it.

Well not that I am a saint. It made me recollect an incident of my childhood. We were living in mountainside, which was very unsafe area- being forest reserve centre, dangerous animals roamed around freely at night and people always were in the safety of their home after 7PM, no matter what. Leopards were sighted walking on the road and what not. Now my Papa is a unique being, as I guess we all might be, but he is the one very true to himself and his values and notion of honesty. Noone stands if he has acknowledged the virtue of some task.

Well he was very late one day, we all were very scared and were waiting for him. It was in winter - when snowfall happens and people dangerously slip all the time while walking, though I don't think it was snowfilled yet- anyways it was too cold out to roam at night also). He came back around 8PM I guess, but not alone.  He had a very drunk man, not well kept, seemed like a habitual drunkard to me, I was 9yrs or something. He kept uttering something and doing weird things, he was not even stable enough to walk. He was unable to tell where his home was or any contact number ( only landlines were prevalent at that time, no police station was nearby I think). Papa held him and took him inside the house and asked Mom to bring food for him. Now we were kids at that time, my Mom was very skeptical of the guy. She gave the food but she was concerned how to get rid of him. We were 5 little kids in house and we 4 being girls, she was really at her wits end - to allow any unknown entity encroach on house in this terrible senseless state. Now it was a dilemma - Papa insisted let him stay for now, will make him go to his place next day as early as possible.

I don't remember exactly what happened, I think  - he stayed at the spare room nearby kitchen but I don't recall anything. Yet that day I was against him being at our home and very much surprised how can Papa even think of bringing him home. I am still not sure whether I'll be happy to entertain anyone myself, under similar circumstances. But that makes me wonder - how the hell we are so concerned about the safety - that we can't trust anyone, genuine. How fraudulent people have tempered our humanity - to make us stones to the sufferings of genuine people. I dunno..

Just that these two images - somehow seem so intertwined and disturbing to me, that I had to write it and let it out of my nerves..

Maybe someday - it won't be like this..

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Piazza Tales...Herman Melville

After Jane Eyre, its time for 'The piazza tales' ..seems like a pretty big book.. Hope to finish it by the weekend. Looking forward to it..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jane Eyre

Reading Jane-Eyre for the 3rd time, and can't stop marveling how much I associate to this kid, this passionate kid, suppressing and suffering and letting out words in full force. Now its not the story that is of interest but the depiction.. Should read classics more often. One time is just waste for the interest is on the story and how it ends.......But after that everytime you read it, it seems anew, emerging with a new light, a new insight a new beauty and marvel of the great art work. Besides what a lovely and sincere dialogue delivery, how can anyone depict all the thoughts in such a way to stir you to the core, as if you were there, witnessing it and you smile and laugh and cry and shout with the kid.. in her lonely sojourn and fight.

What it is to be a Slave..

Today I got to feel a little of what it would mean to be a slave. Slave not as a person, but as a nation, ruled by some beings of other nation, dictating terms to us and treating us lower. Well it was nothing just a chat, where I heard a foreign official restricting access to our own place and saying, "you will be kicked out if you don't adhere to the timings laid down." Though it was not addressed to me, I felt a rage.. that who the hell are you to tell me, what I can or should do in my own place. At that time it struck me, being a full time person of an enslaved country, with no voice, no rights and exploited in every way, I would definitely fight for freedom, lay down my life to achieve that end.

Though I won't go for non-violence, for giving the other face for them to hit, won't be my idea .. I wonder how difficult it would be to persuade people to do that. Gandhi must be a wizard, I donno.. but if someone mistreats you, I think I believe in reciprocating or if not match, than discarding all contacts altogether, but to be there, showering yourself as sacrifice for more torture, with the hope it will ignite the humanity in the enemies heart. Well I don't understand it..Maybe some day, Like today I can understand slavery.. I may end up understanding non-violence as a means, maybe ultimate means, to end it..

Monday, July 22, 2013

Abbey Prevost - Manon Lescaut

I read this book yesterday, quite an indulging book. It defines, explores and depicts the threads of so called love and relations which bind us together. The thing which struck me most, is how our life turns and all our convictions take an unprecedented change, which is unfathomable to those with whom we have spent so much time in our life, that they feel that they know us through and through. But how much do we know ourselves, to have a claim of what we would do in any scenario!

Well in this novel, a guy perfect in all sense of societal status, conduct and family upbringing, lands up in most abhorrent scenarios and scams, becomes a part of malice with full knowledge of what is he meddling with, yet with pure heart and intentions of pure love. Rather than dwelling in the impact he is causing around, he is contended chasing "the love", he is so sure -'is heavenly' and justifies each cruel deed in the name of "symbolic love" which can't be found in any other being.

Fathoming such a state of someone which makes them turn a blind eye to the destitute position and dearths that relation was leading them into, is glaring. Not just this, the resorting to cheating and manipulation and maligned social conduct with so much ease, construe truth in a manner to befit your own agenda, make use of people intentionally and analyze words to make a better impact on the sense and sensibilities of respected lot, it all seemed a vice personified in all its religious and social sense. Yet there I was unable to define the life, he lead and the choices he made, whether there was, if any, better alternative.. a more peaceful end, wasn't the experiences he had- made him the best man living, a survivor in all scenarios...though the word he used was "wretched"  over and over again. Yet somehow it seemed like a beam of know-how and practical conduct often in the background.

As for the heroine of the plot, she is shown to be maligning, manipulative, misrepresenting, devoid of any notion of fidelity in front of money and affluence. Yet she is tender and very humane, not a beast. She plots for fraud after fraud, being caught in a insurmountable abyss for it, yet couldn't deter from trying it again, in the flimsy cover of revenge. Revenge for what? Your own deceit. Yet towards the end, she indeed seems like a fine lady, leaded by debauchery throughout her life, yet filled with human values and conduct - betrayed by her impressionist beauty which leads her to a wretched end. I couldn't fathom - how can anyone crave for material things to the extent of bearing harshest punishment, yet not abandoning the behavior. Is behavior an ingrained part of ourselves? Or is it the experiences which shape them - as we live on  and accumulate years of existence?   

Not just love of lovers, but it gives a new dimension to the bond of Parents and child, and of Friends..
Unknown person going to their own ruin to facilitate another person, in extremely wrong manner, yet without flinching as theirs is supposedly a true love. Its a motivation enough, to justify and indulge in playing the role of rescuer. No other thought of righteousness of sacrificing their own security of four walls and high family, for someone unknown. What about the values they have been given, somehow they take a back-seat, when what governs the actions - is pure passion and the notion of being of help, for someone's true love. ..

Father, depicted in more earthly, real cruel, calculative and material being, yet pardoning the child to the extent possible, not as indulgent of their poor choices, as the young lot, yet ready to pardon all the done deeds, if only they move ahead......

Childhood friend deceived again and again, maybe taken for granted, yet trying till the end, to help the friend come out of, so perceived dearth, and unflinching in loyalty no matter what may come.

An amazing book representing human actions and relations - in a new light. An in depth depiction of the layers and layers of so called values and vice or right and wrong. Somehow you would stand beside the hero at the last, also with the heroine in her end, though they lived a blunder in all its sense, yet it seems deeper  - a complex threads of existence, rather than malice personified or their fault. Redefining the notion of relative good or bad conduct and reinforcing our sense that nothing is absolute or forever in life...

Must read book, nevertheless.

Friday, July 12, 2013

fiasco's matter what u intended!!!

You imagine a perfect plan and execute it to the details.. and yet here you are faced with unwarranted glitches, unfathomable stupid turns and even before you can blink..its only one word which fits...its a huge FIASCO!!. The thing with us is we perceive , what we see. The How's and Why's are immaterial. Anyways here I am amidst a fiasco, can't be sure how could I helped it. Maybe  next time before even imagining something, I'll precheck all probable glitches and then raise my arms--- This is with it!!! But for now, its here, unseen..

Monday, May 27, 2013

Home solutions

I have been reading about this from past few days. Here is the list I have till date -

1) To Heal wounds faster - apply Aloe vera juice from plant on any wound. (Also good for face in general).  Drink warm milk with a teaspoon haldi/turmeric powder (add little sugar if you can't drink only haldi and milk)  if you got hurt or fell from somewhere, it heals quickly. Apply honey.

2)Cold - Drink Ginger tea, chew ginger and tulsi/basil leaves. Chewing clove or black pepper also helps.

3) For increasing concentration - leave 7-8 badam/Almond in water overnight, peel of the skin in morning and eat it with a glass of milk.

4) Vomiting - eat pudina/Mint, also helps in indigestion, upset stomach, nausea etc. Mint can also be used as face wash, put some leaves in cold water  for an hour and use.

5)   Loose motions -a) eat 2 Banana's b) add few drops of lemon in a glass of warm water and  add a pinch of salt- drink it c) eat curd.

6)To reduce fat/get leaner -  Drink one glass lukewarm water with 1 spoon honey first thing in morning .

7) Swimmer's ear -
a) eat 1/4 cup of salt, pour on clean piece of cloth
place it near the ear opening for 2-3 min, repeat it 3 to 4 times daily
b) put 1-2 drops of Garlic oil in your ear.

8) Headache -  paste of tulsi leaves and sandalwood applied on head helps.

9) Natural body Soap substitute - Paste of Besan/gram flour, pinch of haldi/turmeric power and some raw milk.

10) Mouth ulcer - apply Salt and turmeric mix, put on ulcer for 10-15 min and wash your mouth. Repeat it couple of times a day, till it heals. Clean the area  with cotton tip, then sterilise it with salt or baking soda then put a layer of Olive oil,  Vaseline or Coconut oil .

11) Hair Conditioner/ to help all kinds of hair problems - Egg and curd as hair conditioners and for hair care - use Coconut/Olive oil + Hena.
Use shikakai as shampoo and apply henna once a month for faster hair growth and for beautiful hair.
Natural Shampoo - a) add 2 tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of hot water, wet your hair in shower, massage this mix on your hair, leave for 2 min and wash with water.
b) grind one lemon and 1 peeled cucumber- mix them; massage on scalp and leave for 5 min and rinse thoroughly with water.

12) For any kind of skin infection - Put Neem leaves in bathing water, eating neem leaves also helps. Drink a glass of Karela/bitter melon or  Lauki/bottle gourd juice daily .

13) Anemia - a) make concoction of a teaspoon of Honey, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. b) Eating green leafy vegetables like Methi/Fenugreek and spinach helps as well.

14) To remove dark circle - put raw milk in freezer and then dip cotton pads in it and put it under eyes.

15) Air cleanser plants -  Aloe vera, Bamboo palm, Snake plant, Areca plant, Peace lily, Gerbera daisy, Spider plant,Bosten Fern, English Ivy, Golden pathos, Marginata, weeping fig, rubber plant, chines evergreen

16) Bring down temperature in fever- drink juice of tulsi leaves

17) Face pack - Multani mitti/fuller's earth, make a thick paste in water, apply and leave for 10 min and wash your face with tap water.
Face scrub - sugar + honey+few drops of lemon

18) Indigestion - Ajwain seeds  and 1 lemon in lukewarm water is good. Black pepper  and Clove also helps.

19) Lemon tea uses- helps in keeping you fit (its a good cleansing agent), digestion and prevents cold.  Good to replace first morning tea with lemon tea.

20)Crack heal -a)  apply Olive oil or glycerin and rosewater mix or petroleum jelly before sleeping.b)  Apply over-ripe banana for 15 min and wash.
c) Prepare a paste of Paraffin wax , turmeric and coconut oil-apply it before sleeping.

21) Lower cholesterol levels - Tomato (also reduces heart diseases and acts as natural sunscreen) and Amla/Gooseberry(helps high cholesterol, cold, improves eyesight, reduces joint pain as well).

22) Soothing eyes and prevents sunburn - Use Cucumber .

23) Arthritis -a)  eat 6-8 cherries per day,b)  eat ginger, c) eat fresh young dandelion leaves in salad, d) take crude blackstrap molasses dissolved in water.

24) Minor Burn - run cold water and later apply butter, or rub a potato slice, or apply Aloe vera gel

25) Body lotion - use Olive oil, though don't use it before going out in sun.

26) Insomnia - a) drink a glass of milk and a teaspoon honey,b)  add one teaspoon of aniseed to half  liter water and heat for 15 min- strain the mixture and drink it with milk and honey,c)  drink one glass water with a teaspoon honey,
d) take hot water bath before going to bed.

27) Pimples -Make a paste by mixing honey, lemon juice, olive oil, and cinnamon powder; keep it on pimples for 2 min and wash with warm water.
Acne scar -a)  apply aloe vera gel; b) 1 tablespoon honey and lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 2 tablespoon of plain milk - mix and apply.

28) Asthma - a) add 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds to 1 liter of water, put it on simmer for 30 min and strain the liquid, take 2 tbsp of ginger paste - place it on sieve- extract its juice, add 1 spoon honey - drink 1 glass of this mixture every morning; b) take 2 tsp of amla powder/gooseberry paste, add 1 tsp honey - take this mixture once every morning , keep honey in bowl and inhale

29) High blood pressure - a) put 2 tsp of crushed gooseberry place on seive- extract juice, add a tsp honey - mix and drink it every morning b) 1 tsp of dried watermelon seeds in water, add 1 tsp of cuscus, grind together - have this mixture once in morning and evening;c) chew 2-3 raw garlic cloves, d) eat flax seeds

30) Weak Immune system - a)  take 1 glass lukewarm milk and add 1 tbsp of Ashwagandha powder - mix and drink once everyday;b) take 1 glass warm water and add 1 tsp of giloy powder or indian asparagus- mix and drink once everyday

31) Fever - a) boil half cup water, add half tsp saffron/kesar, allow to simmer for 2-3 min, transfer the liquid in a cup, sip this while its hot. 
b) Take 1 tsp of freshly crushed tulsi/basil leaves, place on sieve, add1 tsp of freshly cut ginger-extract juice , add 1tsp honey to the juice- mix and drink 4-5
times a day.
c) Soak 5 tsp of resin/kismis in 1/2 cup water(for 3 hrs) grind in same water and 1 tsp of lemon juice- mix and drink for quick relief.

32)Cataract -
a) 1 glass lukewarm water, add 7-8 finely chopped almonds, add 1 tsp of black pepper powder/kali mirch, add 1tsp honey- mix and drink once a day.
b) Take 500g boiled and finely chopped Spinach leaves, place on sieve, extract juice - drink 3 times a day for a month.
c) take 2 tsp of aniseed powder/sauf and 2 tsp of
coriander/dhaniya powder and 1 tsp of brown sugar - mix and have it twice a day.

33) Conjunctivitis -
a) take 2 cups of hot water, add 3 tsp of honey, cool it down and wash your eyes with this liquid, twice a day
b)Take handful of coriander leaves, add it to 250 ml water - make a decoction by boiling it for 20 min . Cool it and strain the liquid - use it as eye wash
c)Place potato slice on strained eye to reduce pain.

34) Ear infection-
1) take 1 tbsp of garlic paste, add a pinch of salt - mix  and place this mix on clean piece of muslin cloth.
2)Take few basil leaves paste - extract the juice  and pour 2-3 drops in infected ear.

35) Insect Bites -
1) add 2 tbsp of haldi/turmeric powder  to 2 tbsp of crushed basil leaves -
mix and apply
2) Bee sting- get a slice of onion and place it on the bee sting - hold it or put a tape, and keep it for an hour.
 Make a paste of baking soda and water - apply on bee sting
3) neem oil or mustard oil - natural mosquito repellant

36) Measles-
1) Take 2 tbsp of crushed basil leaves- extract its juice,  add 1 tbsp of haldi/turmeric powder -- mix and consume it twice a day.
2) Soak 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds in 1 cup of water - leave it for 3 hrs, take 3tbsp of this water every 30 min.

37) Goiter -
1) 2 Tbsp of crushed flax seeds, add equal amount of  water - mix it well and apply on throat and leave for 20-25 min. Wash it with water and dry with clean
2) take a handful of crushed sorrel/ambari leaves, add 2tsp of olive oil, mix and apply on swelling while lying down. Leave for 15 min and wash irt off
3) apply paste of dandelion leaves and clarified butter/ghee.  
4) eat pineapple, garlic, onion, cucumber, carrot, oats, whole rice, lettuce, strawberries, tomato, guava.

38)Wrinkles -
1) massage egg white on your face, leave it on for 20 min. and wash with lukewarm water
2) add 2 tbsp of fresh cream, 2 tbsp of flax seeds and 1 tbsp of honey in a paste of 1/2 avocado. Apply and leave for atleast1hour. Use regularly.
3) Make a moisturizer by blending a small piece of papaya and banana - apply and leave for 20 min.
4) Have a balanced diet and drink 8-10 glasses of water  daily

39)Alzheimer's disease-
1)Soak 7-8 almonds in water overnight, peel off the  skin in morning and eat. 
2)Add little peppermint oil or lemon juice to bowl of hot water and inhale the fumes
3) Take 3 drops of seasame oil in dropper and put in each nostril twice a day
4) Solve crossword and puzzles. Add turmeric in your diet.
5) Have sweet potato's and consume carrots.

1) take 1 tsp of honey, place in bowl of hot water- add pinch of cinnamon powder in lukewarm honey, mix and eat twice a day.
 2)mash 1 onion in a bowl, extract juice, add 1 tsp of honey - mix and eat 1 tsp of the mixture 3 times a day
3) put 4 tsp of fenugreek powder in 1glass hot water, add 4 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp ginger paste. boil for 15 min and drink .

41) Malaria -
a) add 1 tsp of cinnamon powder/daalchini in a glass of hot water, add 1/2 tsp of black pepper powder, add 1 tsp of honey, mix well. Allow it to stay for 5 min
and then sip it while its hot
b)add 4 tbsp of lemon juice in a glass of hot water- mix and drink it 3 times a day
c)take handful of crushed basil leaves, extract its juice, add 1/2 tsp of black pepper powder, drink it 3 times daily
d) add 2 tbsp of chirata(ayurvedic herb) in 250 ml hot water, add 2-3 cloves, 1tsp of cinnamon powder, allow to simmer for 2-3 min, strain the liquid, drink 3 tbsp of the mixture multiple times a day.

42) appendicitis -
a)add 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds to 1 L water, simmer for 30 min. Strain the liquid - drink 1 glass of this mixture, once every morning
b)Consume 3-4 glasses of buttermilk everyday

43)Dysentry -
a)take paste of coriander leaves, add little water heat this mixture, allow it to simmer for 2-3 min, strain the mix, drink it once lukewarm
b)add 2 tsp of fenugreek powder in 1 bowl of yogurt mix and eat it 2-3 times a day
c)extract juice of few curry leaves paste , add 1 tsp of honey  - mix and take the mix twice a day
d) Drink 8-10 glasses of water.

44) Chicken pox-
1) take 200g of green peas,boil it in water, drain water and make paste. Apply the paste and leave for an hour.
2) take a bowl of water, add 3 tbsp of Baking soda -mix and use sponge to apply it on skin. Keep it till it dries
3)100g chopped carrot, 60g of coriander leaves, boil it in 500ml of water, till the water level reduces to half. Have this soup once in a day. Add salt or pepper for taste.

45) Mumps-
a) thick paste of ginger and water, apply on swollen area.
b) take aloe vera gel and apply
c) take 3tsp of asparagus/shatavri powder, add
3 tsp of fenugreek powder and add a little water,mix and make thick paste, apply it on swollen area.

a) take 250ml of water, add 2 tbsp of sesame/til seeds, add 1 tbsp of flax seeds, add pinch of common salt and 2 tbsp of honey. mix and take 2 times a day
b) take 1 cup black tea, add 3 tsp of fenugreek powder- mix and drink once everyday, add sugar if needed
c) increase intake of ginger and garlic
d) consume mix of 100ml of cucumber and 100ml carrot juice.

47)Lose weight
a) To a glass of lukewarm water add1tsp of black pepper powder, 4 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of  honey - mix and drink daily for 3-4 months.
b) To a glass of hot water, add 4 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey - drink every morning on empty stomach
c) Substitute1 meal as bowl full of chopped cabbage

48)Low blood pressure
a) Crush few basil/tulsi leaves -extract juice, add 1tsp honey - mix well and drink it twice a day
b)Soak 15-20 resins in water overnight, eat on empty stomach in morning, followed by a glass of water. Don't eat or drink anything for 1 hr after having this
c) Drink 1 cup of raw beetroot juice twice daily
d) Consuming a glass of water with 1/2 tsp salt, till pressure gets normal.
e) If you feel pressure dropping, drink a cup of strong black tea - caffeine helps increase the blood pressure.

49) Weak memory
a) To 1/2 tsp of black jeera/cummin powder, add little honey, have this mixture twice a day.
b) Take handful of oats, add 1 cup milk, add 3 chopped dates, 3 chopped almonds, 1 spoon honey mix and eat this for breakfast, followed by 1 unpeeled
c) Soak 7 almonds at night, have with a glass of lukewarm milk next morning
d) Take 1 tbsp of honey, add a pinch of cinnamon powder/daalchini, mix and have before going to sleep.

50) Snoring
a) Put 2 drops of lukewarm ghee/clarified butter in each nostril, once in morning and once before going to sleep. You can use brahmi oil as well.
b) Take1 glass warm water, add 1/2 teaspoon of cardamom powder/ilaichi - mix and consume daily at bed-time
c)Take a cup of warm milk, add 2 tsp of haldi/turmeric powder, consume at bedtime.

Ref: Homeveda - Home Remedies For You and few other sites

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


have faith for its all you have
have courage to bear the darkness
have faith that its not as bad as it seems
have faith that its just a bad phase
have faith that its immaterial
have faith that its still beautiful
have faith, for its all you have

Have faith, its all you have,
hold onto traces of goodness
as long as you can,
debate against yourself,
but cling to faith,
as otherwise its not worth it,
it needs to be shunned !!!

faith will be with you till the end
so pull yourself together
and hang on with the remnants of faith
it will not last forever
it will be gone, just have patience
till it lasts
faith will serve you well
treat it with care, with respect
n be with it at all times

Monday, May 13, 2013

problem with always minding your own business

why do u care? Is it your attitude in life? Well it is mine many a times, but then I blame myself for hours..I donno how rest all live with it. I know its a huge unnecessary extravagant time waste to indulge in pursuits which are not so much of your business and waste time, but hello you are the one who needs to run society in a manner it should. If you won’t stand today for others, who will stand for you tomorrow? We all will become stupid society of mean people, minding their own business.. Or maybe that way would be best, isn’t it.. I donno ..unless ur home is on fire u don’t expect anything from others..Anyways whatever u think is right.. then forget it if people choose to leave u and spoil all efforts to satisfy their whims.. after all its so called right way for them..God help us all.. I guess he already does Sorry God, not bothering u again.. mind ur business of running the world..this weird weird world..

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Complexity of Songs

Reading about Donald_Knuth, stumbled on his paper, " The Complexity of Songs", seems like an interesting read.. Will post its contents overview once I am done. Have read one book of his "Art of programming series", which shows that writing can be fun and so can be learning. Who better to illustrate it than this great man in varied ways same as his varied domains of expertise.. Hoping to read more of his works in coming few days..

Monday, April 29, 2013


words choke down my throat
some emotions become overpowering
but lenting words to them
seems total waste
as no-one will understand
agony of wailing heart

all want to have a hearty laugh
just plain laugh, at any cost
rest seems all too lame
noone wants to sort out the emotions
noone wants a deep portrayal
noone wants even remote analysis

its world of superficiality
age of coffee and fake confidence
where you just laugh
at any random thing
you don’t mean anything you say
you just wanna be gay

what a hedonistic society
no philosophy as it bores
no poetry as its cliche
no love, no emotions
they are too overt things
just too complex to indulge in
lemme be a merry being
living on the surface
don’t scratch even a layer
its all unattended mess