Sunday, November 22, 2009

FIRST DAY@NSN............

Well this one was due for long - first day @NSN .
hehe.though it’s a week n half by now but still lemme try to grab the essence of that first sight(lol……..) .
well our welcome at NSN was with DELL lappy n NOKIA mobile( thanks to short of time I dint brought nythng……) then was 3 days of sheer high figh people flowing down from Singapore, dubai or wat not just to address this lot of 200 odd people like me…….(IMAGINE!!!). On 5th went to 5 star was a GRAND party @ GRAND…
As if time stands still the days later on went like aeons….3 days n a test ah…I don remember how dy went n why they made me realize eternity..:) Jokes apart we ( our frnd grp of 14 people) were roaming all the time, playing games, chattiyaing….hehe . time was gud. Today I even tried my hands on TT n billiards. Thanks to Shirish n his patience,..i can now hold stick very nicely.
Donno what the coming days will have in store….but yups “ these are really some of the best days of ma life…….”(play the song……..:)