Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Murthy Story....

Today I want to talk about Narayan Murthy, wait - Narayan Murthy with greatest achievement in the world which he offers to people free of cost, curing cancers and leukemia and n diseases. Ofcourse not the Infosys chairman but the Vaidya from Karnataka whose tale remains unheard even in his own city since he owns no big company's like his namesake does, not because he can't but because he is the follower of great Indian values of contentment and following the best .
Well its injustice to compare the two biggies..who have made India proud by their incomparable feats. So lets just proceed to discuss the Vaidya Narayan Murthy here. Well my first reaction while watching the movie "Ayurveda -The art of living" was the ignorant question why does other's not take this knowledge and practice it widely across India, ample curiosity's first shallow thought..
     Well then I realized its not a cakewalk that u take this timber and that bark and yes live happily ever after disease-less and healthy.
Each of this Vaidya's have been practicing from years 50 -60 or 70 under the aegis of learned forefather's, and practicing guru's who are no more
and the creed is dwindled in count to few tens now. Who will come to devout their lifetime trying to learn , practice and master this art with the same reverence and ungreedy attitude of service to fellow beings as the master's of today? It was indeed a problem, no matter how lofty the idea seems of leaving all and going to karnataka to learn and preserve this pious sacred knowledge I won't leave my life - for first I am no doctor but why don't the big clan of Ayurvedic doctors - some genuine some fake - go and learn the art ? Is what I cant fathom. Maybe cause I cant understand the viewpoint of other's and their perspective of life. But I wish that it spreads to great glory in the right people and right minds to regain the greatness of Indian ancient civilization which is so very relevant today . With more and more cancer's and tumers and heart ailments why don't prepare the Vaidya's who can help in the most natural and cost effective manner . 

Like the first drop of rain that lends a ray of hope to the entire earth, the Ayurveda is the art which can be the hope of today.....n its how the movie ends.....:)

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  1. I would like to know about his whereabouts, meet him, help people around me to cure cancer.