Thursday, June 19, 2014

let’s rise

let’s rise,
become a better version of our self
retain our skin
not change because of a glitch

let’s rise
and grow together
chase our dreams and stars

lets rise
in companionship
shun the traps of expectations
be there for each other
in lows and in highs
rather than causing them

lets rise
in our life and live
what we perceive
our true self to be
believe and achieve
all those impossible dreams
which define us

no change is required
its you, the idea you live
which is most charming
be your own self
distinctly recognizable

lets rise
no unnecessary efforts
to be, what we are not
no pretensions
no burdens
just be, your own true self

lets rise
communicate and learn
rejoice the experiences
not get caught up in hassles

lets rise
solemn and strong
in togetherness

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a day at a time..

lets cherish the raindrops
and cool breeze
lets walk hand in hand
and relish
there's still time
there always is

its not the end
its the journey
to look at

the choice is always ours
let's create memories
let's add to it
bit by bit
and keep building

lets smile
and walk and laugh
lets add up to the way
there's no end to seek
no destiny
its here and now
in each moment
that its meant to be...

come, lets walk
and lets traverse the miles ahead
come, lets sing songs and crack jokes
merrily continue the journey
whatever may lie uphill

lets see the day
as it comes
and each day
becomes a part of the path
path not yet known or seen
path all ours to create and tread

lets live the beauty of today
lets be in heights and falls
whatever comes our way
laugh it off, in poor jokes
and it will be fine
there's no end to reach

its a continued journey
lets take the different experiences
it brings and live it
one day at a time.....

Sunday, June 15, 2014

dual or duplicities..

a devastating truth, a convenient lie
a coincidence, an insight
few minutes, a lifetime
the regular, abnormal
the normal, the wild

the indifferent truth
the mystery of solitude
the likely blunder
the kind stranger
the abusive kith

the inferior knowledge
the blinding pride
the illiterate, the compassionate being
the celebrated mediocrity
the hated originality
the question of difference
amongst species alike

the regularly irregular
the disciplined machine
the oppressed obedience
the triumphant massacre
the victory of creed

the habit of indecency

the aristocratic democrat
the socialist corporate
the widely known hidden agenda
the published junk
the hidden value of work
the art, measured by cost
the world of duplicates
the society of duplicities

the indifferent world..

a guy in the corner, a girl in the street
the smiling face, the suppressed shriek
the lady walking her dog, lost..
in contemplation, where she went wrong
the drug addict, in yearn for weed
rummaging through home, in search of some dollar green
dying to be alive, dead for life
the lady haggling for few bucks,
the abusive being,
the routine

the regulars, unknown unnoticed
every john n martha
cleaning the streets, nursing the sick
jotting down the accounts
and running the coffee machine
the existing nonexistence

the wide roads and its siren sweet
the lone smile, the eyes bright
the captivated hope, the desperate stride
the emotional upheaval
the pretentious well-being
the unencompassable/uncontainable joy
with fear of unseen

they cannot dance, they cannot sing
can just mimic,
trying to be in control
of what is yet to come
trying to find a cause, a reason
being, oh being – bounded by strings
and with limited eyes….
lost in the multitude of dimension

you watch x, what goes in y and z and time
seems so arbitrary
yet it makes sense after a while
each stride, each meaningful day
each meaningful smile
the assurance one seeks
each empathic nod and hug in need
hope shining bright
the most needed thing

the future, the past
the rent, the fees, the medical bills
the tour, the freedom, the petrichor
the valley, the heights, the untrodden terrain
the lows, the highs, the unexpected twists and tides
the flowers, the breeze, the chirp, the chimes
the poetry in words, the poetic words

the unspoken expressions and similies
the tears of joy, embrace of love
the choking throat, the judging eyes,
the hatred, the snarl
the indifferent world

knoweth it all's...

tell me how to live my life,
tell me what to do thats worthwhile
tell me how to spend money
tell me whats wrong, whats right
tell me why I won't count
tell why will I, not amount to anything
tell me all my flaws and vice
yes please, the knoweth it all's
its thy mercy, that world is alive
tell  me all you want
and yearn to lent out