Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boost Morale............

what is the one sentence to tell anybody
to boost there morals , no matter what
the one thing that can sustain the spirits,
infuse the enthu n drive to action
blow over any lingering doubt ....

is it the fairy n angels tale
the almost right in the wrong world
is it the notion that ur the best one of a kind
is it u r Gods child.......
or u can be an inspiration- to look upto
u can enligten multiple lives

what is it - to make them smile
shine with hope n rise up in there eyes
whats to say to forget to cry
its not bland n blunt like -life moves on
its not - shit happens or u never know

gimme words of freedom of profusing sounds
of glittering hopes n rising devotion
its the faith within that proclaims out loud
its the thing "y u wanna live"
its y u feel - life's a bliss

what is it- identify ur call
n heed to it- rest all comes in line
suddenly ur path becomes a delight
u know what u wanna do
make ur priorities -absolutely right
n stick to ur inner voice

there's ample ways to do the things u want
there's no rush for need of exotic resources
its just in the thought u inculcate
are immersed in n engrossed with
its a dreamland of created opportunities
inculcate the trust to be urself
n succeed to live upto ur own imagined self n wish......!!!!.