Friday, April 1, 2011

The vivid picture of your perception......

Is the picture really is - what we tend to see
Is the truth is what we PERCEIVE
who's gonna decide who's wrong , who's right
there's always a second interpretation
to even the most obvious choice

I am true to you and that I am always
yet unfailingly you lament it on me
whenever it goes wrong
uncaring of what I have to say
not bothered of what I feel
and you still doubt on who's betrayed...
is it u , for whom I am always there
how can it be me , when I seem always pleased
oh yes!! how can you read,
the sensitive hurted face behind
how can you know that its a fake smile
a vain effort to put up a brave front
a desperate attempt to search for a ray of hope
how can you to understand if I don yell it out
no things are precious to me then your presence
yet I am supposed to prove it time n again
yet you feel -its unreal, its just not true
you believe the third opinion that its a show-off
easily believing on others ,asking me not even once
why do I need to prove my love to you
why do I have to fall apart to show its just you !!!

I won't prove my love to you again
I won't stand the trails you inflict on me again n again

The Decision will be yours

Do not seek others help
Though need be felt, of assistance
But everything is a myth, an escape root
From the answer which you know

The right questions may not be clear
Propped up, by others, for you
But the thing most certain n for sure
Is the answer is with you

You doubt ,you feel trapped ,like a wall erect
Long, strong, with no escape route
you run away from reality amid varied diversions
To evade the unknown truth?

Oh!stop , listen to me ,I'm your heart
You are avoiding me for chaos n for so long
The fact is its bright morning with beautiful roses
You have to just do away with the barrier, you cling to

Make the questions you ask absolutely correct
Then the right answer will prop up to you
Don't believe as there's no need , take what you really wanna to
Go ahead, relish the explorations , as I bring it for you

I know what you seek, equally as you do
I know your search's flavor
That you consistently doubt being scared
Common, my very own, realize, you are free……………..

Except the truth of made opportunity
the scope looms large in front of you
Identify the fancy you wanna create
the heaven you seek in each choice
you make in every turn you come to

the impact may be an exaggerated illusion
But the control , the power is with you
Don't be damp in front of evil
As it's a creation gone wrong
Need to be corrected to a beauty
By the sheer ability to see the untold

Never take the bait, hear your truth
Principles of life let be straight and well tuned
the power and bargain decide the fate
Of every moment of every stake
So possess both and look for loopholes
In any flawed scene you are made to see
It is this ability to make you in your way
As everywhere you'll be tried to mold as others view
But you are here , for only you , for your sake

Despondent I tread on the life’s lane
Stare around to allay the pain
Harboring the heavens taste
Amidst the niceties of life
A mansion to live
Seek a clarity ,vivid portrait
Exalting Beauty and perfection
Sweet lullaby and a precious dream
Bequeath a world of hopes
Trammeled by the vicious world

Everything Happens the way you really want them to be....

Though you may doubt their certainty
Its how deep within you wanna things to be
Whether its the turmoil of each beat
Or the indistinct instants you hold to
You search for an escape route indirectly
It is slammed on you momentarily
You cry out at the spontaneity
At the expression of required with such manner
Oh! Common dear its the best way it can ever happen……….
Just what you need and is true………..
Just as it should be , to look to
Yes this is the edges of your planned scenery
Though it may sound absurd and silly
Sometimes abrupt cleaves do help
Instead of large curves and bank
So you may shed the precious gems continuously
and feel like you are the most cheated one in entire humanity
But hold on "things are exactly the way they were meant to be"
By your decisions and priorities, by your conduct and thinking
So dear, come to senses, except the truth
Be bold to create sharp strokes and enjoy there effect
else it's a staggering monotonicity of clinching
for fear of discarding just a single link
You mess up the multitude spoil the eternity
Oh! common are you gone insane???
Yes you reflect, things are how you want them to be……..
So enjoy the scene and think what actually you wanna create……..
A barren dry-land or a flowery beach…
or a forest or some shallowly pond
As picture is always yours to paint……………
Without exception though it may not seem at present
Its actually your own creativity……..
Go ..enjoy your freedom of trying all the different beats……………
Forget to thank the almighty for the right stroke at blockades
But still you'll be offered the same whenever you wish though
you willingly run from it consistently, fearing a bad encounter
When the thing is its your reaction which associates it to bitter roots
The world is of co-existence of all the different varieties……
So you can always enjoy and marvel at each event
Its just you come above your fears or favors
and see through the eyes of a creator
Instead of immobilizing (internalizing) you as a puppet

Indeed the thought is to blame
For all remorse and all regrets
the positive encoding was all fake
Superimposed stuff of a lost game
Reality was nothing but wrong stroke
Painted by you at its heart
With your biases and dramatic implants
Out of the heavenic tour of world so large
You created black clouds so strong
Ya the beauty was thought as pain
the flight was taken as a shame
You wondered who is the creator of this game???
Oh ! its you , the blinded theatrical one, you are the one to blame

You know what it means by blessings & strokes
A child is born accompanying tons of hopes
Happy faces, everyone's life's new rose
Thorns do come in course of time , beyond doubt to object
But the main role is of the pious smile
its just like a little flower to behold
Even if someone plucks it, its by fancy , to adore
Out of your own, for your uniqueness to hold
Its not that it is discarded from the lot
Its not to consider it is outclassed
Its just it can see a new world
as a proud possession of some creature
Marveling at its excellence all the way
Its that flower who made to forget all
Yet you regret , mourn at that own precious self
See through the scenes, understand the hidden plot
the nuances are spellbinding, hard to catch
You'll  have to indulge, fall apart, regroup & collect
still you'll find the missing link
making it a perfect plot
of a perfect being , in a perfect scene..
you just grab its one out of multitudes of forms...................
and believe me, its the heaven!!!!!!

and it was of you.. ....

You said look, pointing at dust,
I saw the beautiful sand-form in front
you said oh, to hell with the heat!!
I rejoiced the cutest chubbies running for shelter
You said I am tired by the long walk,
I was rejoicing the liveliness & grandeur of life
You said I wonder when this will be over,
I said I wish I could live this forever
You said nobody's there in my troubles,
I said lemme see how well I can handle
You feared the new plac,
I said, wow its a wonderful change
You said I don't wanna jump,
I said, lemme raise myself for better impact
You said, I fear death,
I said, lemme live big this day ,
You say I hate the crowd & jungle,
I feel bliss in togetherness
You felt hesitant, wayless
I vowed to die in my quest zestfully
in some ways you were more dead then grave
in many ways you, were the fullstop
u were running away
I was the brimming river ……….

My faith was with you unconditionally , untillyou choose to play with it .........
My regards were always with thee , until you choose to ignore them grantedly