Friday, May 15, 2009


Yes I'm a poet looking for applause
I need a crowd and an ovation filled response
Or I stand out and spill out tears to fill few buckets
But sorry no other option is existent

As a poet am I ..meant to write a novel
To pass all the plethora of time god allotted
Oh whatever it is , I have no intention to be a mere mortal
to just gobble , drink ,dance and die some day

But I need to stand apart , get noticed and move on
As to be in the crowd is not my piece of cake
No! give me any heightened sense of loss and pain
Or lend me an out-worldliness to watch and witness

But no don't ever expect me to be normal
And for that matter to be with you , or be jovial
As either I'm exuberant or gloomy
But for me normalcy was never meant to be

As just a poet am I
Meant to wither , meant to suffer
Meant to exaggerate every event
Yet relish the flow of the string of emotions
to dwell in the depths unknown

Yet see it in the unexpressed , unexplored
Voluble , torturous , unconcerned
Whatever you may feel or call me
Yet I remain the same, mystery clad

A poet- meant to be different and stand apart
Now don't be picking some tangible blows
Or for that matter some sharp remarks
As I'm unhurt, absent minded and still

I'll see the glory amongst the make of a tool
And a contrast in  words and action
As a poet am I , meant to be flop
But no don't ever start calling me that

As its again a matter of time, as it moves ahead
After a generation gap , I may be revered and praised
You may think of think of taking an autograph just in case
But no! don ever take me more than lightly

As a poet am I, to refresh your moods
Pick you up, put out all of your gloom
To make you smile and display your broken teeth
As just a poet am I and a poet I'll be............

1 comment:

  1. this was too good....
    i can not ever write so much of poetry
    i liked the emotions involved with it n how beautifully u thought each n every point related to it (being poet) n jot it down so implicitly....