Sunday, May 20, 2012

अद्य अहम् संस्कृत शिविरस्य व्याख्याम करोमि. आई आई टी मध्ये दश दिविसे संस्कृत सम्भाशरण शिविरम आयोजितम अस्ति . प्रथमं दिवसे शिवेरें .
मम नाम मिनाक्षी, भवतः नाम किम ? . भवत्याहा नाम किम ?. इती पठवान.
तत्त पश्यात  सः बालकः , सा बालिका इती .
प्रतिदिनस्य  वस्तु -
सुधाखान्दः, चमश: ,  दंड दीपः , प्रकोष्ठः , माला , मापिका , गूलिका, अग्निपेठिका  , अग्नि शलाका , दीन दर्शिका , छुरिका , अंकनी , द्रओनी,
करतारी , कूपी , उत्पीठिका , नाड़कम , कंकड़म, वस्त्र फैन्कम,  कंकतम , व्यजनम , वातायनं , द्वारं ,  मार्जकः , कपाटीकायाम  ....

सम्य . एषः बालकः , एषा बालिका .
तत्त उपनेत्रम, एतत उपनेत्रम.
अहम् शिक्षिका भवान छात्रः , गायकः , अभियनत: , वादकः , अभिवक्ता ,

१) भवान भवति अहम्
२) अस्ति सन्ति (सिंगुलर प्लूरल)
३) ना आम
४) अत्र तत्र सर्वत्र  अन्यत्र , कुत्र
५) महिला - महिलाया: , माला - मालाया: ,
केशः , नासिका , हस्तः , कर्णः , नेत्रं , मुखं , युतकं , पाद्त्राम ,  उपनेत्रम ,  शाटिकाम, 
देवालया , भवनः, वृक्षः , जलाशया , वाटिका , पुष्पं ,

पुस्तकस्य नाम , प्रकाशः , मूल्यं, वाक्यं , लेखः , वर्णः ,
बालकः आगछती, गछति , पश्यति , श्रुणोति , हसती , उपविशति , उत्तिषठत्ति , धावती , लिखती , पठती, खादति ,पीबती .

अहम् गच्छामि , आगच्छामि, पश्यामि , वदामि , खादामि , उपविशामी ,
एकं, द्वे , त्रीणि , चतवारी, पञ्च , शट, सप्त , अशट, नव , दश ,  एकादश , द्वादश , त्रयोदश , चतुर्दश , पंचदश , षोडश , सप्तदश , अष्टादश , नवदश, विम्शति: , त्रिम्शत , चात्वरिम्शत , पंचाशत, षष्टि: , सप्ततिः , अशीतिः , नवतिः , शतं.

कः समयः ? पंच वादनम ,सपाद पंच वादनम , सार्ध सप्त वादनम , पादोन पंच वादनम ,  पंचाधिक पञ्च वादनम, दशाधिक सप्त वादनम ,  विम्शतिराधिक सप्त वादनम, पंचविम्शतिराधिक सप्त वादनम, पंचत्रिम्शताधिक  सप्त वादनम , चात्वर्युम्शतअधिक सप्तवादनम, दशों पंच वादनम , पनचोँन वादनम .

स्युतः उत्पीठिकायाम अस्ति. लेखनी स्युते अस्ति.  कंकतः हस्ते अस्ति .पञ्च कुपानी सन्ति .
प्रकोष्टे द्वारं सन्ति. एते लेखन्यः . वयं पाठं स्रुनमः . भगिन्यः गृहे पठन्ति. अहम् एकादश काले भोजनं करोमि .
अहम् प्रातः काले सार्ध नव वादने उतिष्ठती .  अहम्  शायम  काले भ्रमरम करोमि. युवकः चुरिकाम ददाति. तरुणः चशकम ददाति.रंजनह धनस्युतम ददाति

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

talking and conversation

Well strangely I stumbled across three different movies namely- Before Sunrise, 12 Angry Men and After Sunset, all three with one commonality, all have so much conversation in them. 12 Angry men is shot in a single room- with 12 judges trying to reach a mandate for a case, its an outstanding movie. Other two are changing location walking in a city - but oh my god - so much chit-chat, chattering -even with my infinite capacity for Indori bakar, it was too much to take. Yet its kind of amazing how much of bakar can u take.blah blah blah a non chalant one............... 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pretty Woman

Back to back movie reviews- must be the holiday mood. well just that I watched this movie "Pretty woman" today. Out of curiosity by the name and as I was in mood to watch something light today. Turned out that the story indeed had a substance, it revolves around the notions we have woven as a whole in the name of righteousness and wrong, how often we tend to judge people, way out of our job or think area, people we can never understand or relate to, the hardships they bear, the brave fronts they might have kept to, how often knowingly unknowingly we take pride and joy in denigrating the reputation of others to soil just to satisfy that so called societal inculcated germ of self appreciation and deeply cultivated narcissism in us.
              Well lets stop the reminiscences for time being and focus on the movie.Well this movie is woven around "Vivian" played by the best actress ever "Julia Roberts", who can fill jaan/essence in any character she plays so to speak. She has that inherent grace and charm that captivates you. So Vivian is a hooker  seemingly carefree, outspoken, though very  much concerned and managed like any other human being on earth and so very alive, lively almost as a fresh breeze through first raindrops- way more pious and regale than any other example you have ever imagined. Yet in a character and role just the complete opposite of regalia. Mr Loius apparantly a very rich guy,  somehow bumps into Vivian and gets intrigued by Vivian and makes her a business offer to spend a week with him. Within that week the similarity in the kind of struggles all around, no matter what profession you are in, emerges.

         I could never think of hooker's life, in any other context than deep pain and torment and childhood abuses till a few hours before but now it seems to me to be altogether a different perspective. How very related are all the parallel lifeforms, I wonder who can depict such a sensitive issue in such a subtle and beautiful manner that it really creates a mark. I donno about the fairy tale, or end it meets but ya somehow we all listen to fairytales in the childhood, imagining all the wonderful things happening to us. Then as we grow up, the process itself demands us to shun any such "stupid" notion and come to accept realities, what exactly reality is - I can't figure out till date. But lets not dwell in that. I doubt somehow we have made a vicious loop of this said cruel harsh realities of unforgiving world, we pump it into young minds as a deep contrast to anything beautiful , live our life trying to understand the contrast and finding/imagining it everywhere and savagely pump this notion in coming generations to save them from this unknown monstar as if that way they will be better prepared to face something which is just a figment of our imagination. It seems to be a collective stupidity nothing else. Well in the movie when vivian says "Somehow its pretty easier to believe the wrong remarks than appreciations" about us, it seems the trap we are lingering on forever. We build ourself according to what people think of us to be, more often than not.

        Well this is a real good movie, definitely a must watch and ofcourse
one which leaves you with something to ponder on and smile simultaneously.
Maybe fairy tales are not real but why are they there at the first place then....donno since, no matter what, they are always so beautiful and captivating that listening to them is single greatest joy and meaning of life.........

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Black Swan....

I wonder whoever put this movie in the top 10 must watch list - was ever contrasted by any even a single being out there in the entire world!! U can love the movie, u can be captured, enamored and captivated by it or it can stir some unknown questions within or u can be lost in its plot and theme for days - but u can't be indifferent, u can't criticize it, u can't shun or forget it.

    Black Swan so to speak lives upto its glory in every single perspective. The director "Thomas" portrayed by Cassel lends a substance to the plot by his presence, the lead role girl "Nina" whose life is depicted in the plot, seemed too lost a character to me initially but  towards the end, the transition was remarkable along with the reasons of her being that way.
                The story progresses with the intense quest of Nina to be the queen swan - which needs two facets, the fragile, beautiful white swan and the sensuous, passionate black swan. Nina a very controlled and perfectionist dancer- is perfect for white swan but can't loosen her up for portraying black swan's role. Towards the end she discovers the perfection when she actually kills herself when the script demanded the black swan to die. Tragic end yet it leaves the viewer spellbound both on-screen and off-screen
when they are gripped with numerous questions of meaning, identity and existence of life.......

All in all a brilliant thought provoking movie, mesmerizing dances
and intriguing storyline......!!

The Murthy Story....

Today I want to talk about Narayan Murthy, wait - Narayan Murthy with greatest achievement in the world which he offers to people free of cost, curing cancers and leukemia and n diseases. Ofcourse not the Infosys chairman but the Vaidya from Karnataka whose tale remains unheard even in his own city since he owns no big company's like his namesake does, not because he can't but because he is the follower of great Indian values of contentment and following the best .
Well its injustice to compare the two biggies..who have made India proud by their incomparable feats. So lets just proceed to discuss the Vaidya Narayan Murthy here. Well my first reaction while watching the movie "Ayurveda -The art of living" was the ignorant question why does other's not take this knowledge and practice it widely across India, ample curiosity's first shallow thought..
     Well then I realized its not a cakewalk that u take this timber and that bark and yes live happily ever after disease-less and healthy.
Each of this Vaidya's have been practicing from years 50 -60 or 70 under the aegis of learned forefather's, and practicing guru's who are no more
and the creed is dwindled in count to few tens now. Who will come to devout their lifetime trying to learn , practice and master this art with the same reverence and ungreedy attitude of service to fellow beings as the master's of today? It was indeed a problem, no matter how lofty the idea seems of leaving all and going to karnataka to learn and preserve this pious sacred knowledge I won't leave my life - for first I am no doctor but why don't the big clan of Ayurvedic doctors - some genuine some fake - go and learn the art ? Is what I cant fathom. Maybe cause I cant understand the viewpoint of other's and their perspective of life. But I wish that it spreads to great glory in the right people and right minds to regain the greatness of Indian ancient civilization which is so very relevant today . With more and more cancer's and tumers and heart ailments why don't prepare the Vaidya's who can help in the most natural and cost effective manner . 

Like the first drop of rain that lends a ray of hope to the entire earth, the Ayurveda is the art which can be the hope of today.....n its how the movie ends.....:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One missed and continues.......

Well I missed one class of Sound n Music tech. in which seemingly I could have learnt  to identify the Raga formation logic -the structure and form, its usage in Bollywood and other such aspects...........sad!!!

         anyways continuing on 5th class - we were shown the audio of "The boy who drew cats "  and it was such a captivating story telling by Javed Jaffery that I am sure to gift the audio cd to my niece, the 1st thing I visit my sis place....:) . Got to know about pentatonic notes which are based only on 5 svaras, out of 7 -Gamak so to say- which involves oscillation of svar between two consecutive notes -which is possible in Santoor, the Indian classical music accompaniment. Then  the aspects of Indian and Western classical music was discussed. With
"London Philharmonic Orchestra - Tchaikovsky Symphony No 1 " we got to know that in the orchestra each instrument is on some other note simultaneously and the task of performing in group with the wide variety of instruments to get the form it gets -with each note just rightly placed , is pretty amazing. Then we discussed the solo performance scenario of India, the elements used to make it more and more rich and so on. As if both Indian and
western classical being the two eyes, which you need to see the world. Absence of understanding of either is like "blind in one eye". Then we listened to "Bahut shukriya, badi meharbani" which again was superb in its music, melody, instruments and shooting......Then we learnt if the song carries on with only single "SA" not changing its frequency anywhere its said to Monotonic in nature.

Well the class ended with a sound recording session, supposedly we were to
learn the software and hands on to handling recording. But we found it
more interesting to perform and let the expert handle the recording. So we splitted in three groups n mine was the stud group of singer and performer- Aditya and Aniket. So I took the chorus part and was happy to go in actual recording surroundings. It sounded quite good, so I guess it was a good end.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Music and Sound

A week of complete laziness post exams, time to get back on to write that "which must be written" n told about atlast!!!
well its the " Music and Sound Technology" course running under the banner of summer school. Its Instructor, Prof. C.P. Narayan of IDC, is acclaimed for songs of khoobsurat, Jajantaram Mamantaram, Kiss me Cadbury add etc. The course enlisted some interesting things that made me curious enough to enroll in it, such as -Defining music in sound, Concept of Anhad, Naad, Shadj, scale system and the Raga, Time and Space theory in music, Music for the visual medium, elements of a Recording studio and Recording Softwares.

Well its 3 days since the class started and trust me -its a mixed image. Though I dint expected of so much bakar in between, yet its the norm like don't teach like technical subjects but more like a conversation, to convey an idea, a very abstract one, and highlight of past three days is nothing but the class. First day we were shown videos of "The Kid- by Charlie Chaplin", "Sindhi Bhairavi- by Ustad Salamat Ali and Nazakat Ali" and "Michael Jackson - Will You Be There" . By these the mood was set- for 3 long hours I kept looking at my watch when would the class end, quite unexpecting it to last so long!! The concepts and ideals of Nataya and Rasina was explained with its subtlities. Next day the topics of Naad, Aaghat and Unhaad was discussed with the practice to identify the Sadja of various songs. With Harmonica performance and singing on tanpura app on mobile- it was fun. Then the 3rd day -we continued with identifying sadja first, with a overview of Raga framework, not the details but the idea behind it.

Surprisingly many latest Indian Bollywood songs are based on raga.

like these songs of raga shivranjani-
1) Tauba tera jalwa, tauba tera pyar
2) Bahaaron phool barsaon
3) Tere mere bich mein
4) Jaaney Kahaan
5) Mere naina savan bhado
6) Dilke jharokhemen tujhko bithakar
7) Tumse milkar, na jane kyun
8) Mujhe Kuch Kahna Hai

Songs based on Raga Yaman -
1) Chandan sa badan
2) Oh Lal meri
3) Kajra re
4) Jab deep jaley aana
5) Inhi logone le lina dupatta mera
6) Biti na bitai raina 
7) Aaye ho meri jindagi mein
8) Ghar se nikaltey hi

Raga Desh
1) Aji ruthkar ab kahan jaeyga
2)Kyun Naye Lag Rahe hai ye dharti gagan
3)Vande Mataram

Raga Ahir Bhairav
1) Puchho na kaise maine rain bitai
2) Albela sajan aayo re

Raga Bilawal
1) National Anthem
2) Sare ke sare ga ma ko lekar

Raga Bhairavi
1) Jiya jale jaan jale
2) Hame tumse pyar kitana
3) Mile sur tera hamara
4) Nache man mora magan dhik dha dhigi dhigi
5) Ramiya vasta vaiya
6) Mera juta hai japan
7) Dost dost na raha
8) Jab dil hi tut gaya

Raga Bhimpalash
1) Ae Ajnabi Tu Bhii Kahiin Aawaz De Kahiin Se
2)  Tum mile dil khile

Raga Bhopali
1) Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu
2) Sayonara, sayonara
3) Pankh hote to ud ati re
4) Jyoti kalash chhalake 
 5) Dil hun hun kare
6) In ankhonki mastike mastane hazaron hai
7) Panchhi banu udti firun mast gagan
8) Ham tum se na kuch kah paye

Looking forward to further classes.