Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Million Dollar Baby...

There are some stories which come to an end, and some which don't. After a long time I watched a real good movie.."A Million Dollar Baby" . The fight/boxing based plot with various perspectives..a third eye view of why people love violence and  the quote that with heart you loose and to win you need to be undecipherable, you need to take a step back to hit the enemy when he least expects it and finally reiteration that always protect yourself.

The story most beautifully woven and aesthetically portrayed coudn't be portrayed more convincingly.
But till the last moment the hopeful spirit within me wanted her to survive..for some miracle and her to rise..Same way as we want to fight her last battle and tell the blue lady what she deserves!!
The moment of her 31st B'Day when she lashes out that okk I am 31 and only hopeful moment to me is when I am in boxing and you suggest I can't be champion unless I am 37 . Well is the calculated age and timeframe is the criterion..? Don't pity me, I just need a trainer...!!
? Then learn and listen to what you want, and I am fighter by instinct not by training..
To make enemies touch ground in first round, was her speciality.

Pretty amazing movie with no comeback..yet its perfect in every way..!!

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