Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Control lab..not some dreary lab!!!

He was a teacher , beloved of all.each one of his pupil , loved him -for he was not just a teacher -teaching a set, set of formulas n chapters n concepts n notions.-which had nothing to do with either the teacher or the students. He was a teacher to whom existence was learning n learning the essence of life– learning for the sake of it – for the joy it imparts , not cause it helps u solve some problems . When he was in class – all worries , troubles, undecipherable , uncomprehendable formulas were gone , those very same drub things surprisingly became fun , a ha[ppenign evetn , a norm – a way of life , as if its most natural, almost like a breathe ....then he'll give the most beneficial gyan of life – almost in the middle of n in relation to the complex equation being solved.he will mock the book writer for being so rigid with the way n pattern of solving – n let students create there own ways instead to send him back to correct n replace n he focused on not just one subject but a set of ideas to read . N it was fascinating. Nobody cared to look here or their , on time it was , on page they trying to read n figure out. But all were engrossed in a dialogue – with themselves to create whatever was being said.

His large years of experience, never was evident when he stood for hours n presented his words in such a lively n expressive manner. N he will be patient untill each n everyone had their theory set right n have learnt atleast four five alternative aspects of whatever be the subject of discussion.
No doubt it was just the way teaching was meant to be, before being unnecessarily made glim by the so called torch bearers of educational setup of society.

N he was the lone example of how it was meant to be in its basis n its form. Smile was meant for any flawed reasoning with clues to what logical justifications u flawed at and a step further succeded every new perspective presented by anyone. A step further always- thats the way always – never u reach saturation , never is their a limit , never their existed a cap on thoughts – a step at a time n a step ahead , so it was n so it is supposed to be.

It was in one such class -that eva sat , just after a big meal – which could never have let her keep awake , had it been any other class- but here she sat – with her mind wide open , unprecedented these days , n her imagination running all over. She justified the methodology – with analogies of her approach , reproachfully pitied the writer when it felt almost stupid to present the solution in the manner he did, she made her own ways to get the task accomplished n she sat deeply contended n at work – really for the first time in what seemed like aeons.

Her mind racing faster then speed of light , her thoughts all in unison n a clarity of approaching things thats unimaginable otherwise. Then n there she realised what she wanted to do in life. It was to make learning universal n fun – almost as the gr8 teacher in front did it effortlessly n most uniquely .

N then as u thought that its the mundane stuff being glorified – its when u r at fault . It was history in make , my dear , as the future will present. The scientists are not born by their own or by gods grace – discoveries are not done -just like dat , they all need is -the right question , corresponding thought process n the curiousity n motivation to reach where it leads untill u reach a comprehendable justification or fact . N thats what was being done with each of the human being , then n there that would change the facet of the country in the world map .for every great achievement in any field – needs a joy of doing , a joy of discovering and a joy of thoughts .

For in future when the time would demand – u could not manufacture scients n engineers – but u have to nurture them -when time is apt . N it would be then that the huge contribution of this simple lone teacher will be seen n sought all over .

It would be then that nobody will be able to stand but the country of this man.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One in the string of realization

its just the beauty of that smile
the unhindered self mesmerised in itself
its just that mysterious look in eyes
its that truth that they behold
its in the unsaid words
that i tend to capture the eternity
its that unfathomed , unsuppressed hearty self
that expresses it out of silly mundane
its that jest it imparts for all conquests
i seek that beautiful being
thats hidden beneath every face
layers n layers of slith cant evade its presence
its in those unguarded moments that i know truth resides
unhidered n untouched by the projected details

Seeking Clarity

the coolness is in attitude , in conduct, in mannerism or in the being
the satisfaction is in wat we do , wat we hav or wat we believe
existence is in future , in past or in present
d questions dat haunt -r dose we face , v live or we cudnt solve from long
wat is exactly the clue - to the universal truth
to the one thing dat settles all cloudy doubts
the clutter is wat we r into , we went through or wat we are creating
the beauty is wat we see , wat we perceive , or wats d soal aim of creation
wat is it - dat settles for once n for all -
all the myths , all illusions , all futile brainless , senseless wandering
n unwarranted zillion plights........
we talk of science n of progress
we talk of learning n advancement
when wat all my heart yearns for is nature's perfection
yet we cant seek a way back to nature ,,,,,,
cause dats ghastly - unimaginble , completely defeatistic , holistic approach
wat exists is the best -den wherein came the question of moving on
natural selection n survival of the fittest
no - no - not at all ..........
there's a missing link dat we refuse to hold on
yet amidst all - i don understand - all dat just purvades dis unlearned docile self
is strange conviction , strange in the name of faith
that it is just one thread n varied forms
its the creator n his creations
its something we are part of .......
yet in daily life - its useless , timeless , bugging n frights
wat it is - dat gives multitude sleepless nights
yearning for something dats out of our control
an exaggerated sense of supremacy , dats unfounded
or just a stupidity -n volubility -making it worse
dis clarity has evaded me for so long.......
caught in the web , i get messed up -
till i tear all n come alive
den i am a spectator - no more a part of woving cloud ..an changing clowns
den i am unaware of wat went by -n i just passively stand
then too its no use - for i get onto the same basics i learnt long ago
n yet i know i am gonna tread to the web dat i will b interwoven into ,
again to break all - n make a new start -
but it seems to lead no where - serve no good n make no sense

if its clarity -a simplicity dat i miss- am all open to seek it
search it , unlearn all cogging details - n open up to all possibilities
but God ! if dere's u nywhere or everywhere - gimme d missing lead
gimme smthg dat serves as d basics.....amidst boundless quotes
i hav forgotten all - n i am not sure of nything at all.........
if purpose is wat all matters
den wat is this element called "wish"
if sharing is the ultimate "bliss"
y dese endless clashes to grab all by a single being
if smile is the fondest expression - y its a mark of foolishness
if simple is everything - y life seems just undecipherable
demeanour was never my cup of tea
neither control n maturity
yet i need to seek this clarity
for the sake of being.....!!!!!!!!


Mira was not an abnormal child
nor was she psychotic brainless lot
she just was far too excited
for the normal things of the daily life
somehow she never learnt to overcome her curiosity
the same tree arose in her childish joy

but who would have thought
its not up to the mark
in the society she's gonna live-in
who would have known
she's gonna be like that ,
even when its almost absurd

she would wonder each morning
wow its a new bright charming day
as if its never gonna change
and that she would rejoice
captivating the stars in her eyes
wonder and praise it each n every night

to those bored lot on earth
who seek newness every now and then ,
she was a beautiful change to watch and witness
yet somehow nobody got to know -
the how and what of what she's like
for world just knows how to move on
neither stands and waits for the delayed lot
nor stands for long and praise the victorious hero’s
for her it was all to do with her
the little little details was too great...!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a nobody, roaming here and there
when the earth is dried by the scorching sunbeams
when the stars are up in the air
or when the raindrops shower on the humanity

I am in a sojourn that's pretty endless
seeking a destiny I am not even aware of 
a mere mortal, actor of a divine game
with what role I play too mingling in the crowd
Constituting the 'crowd' I am one of those

its not a quest of tangible goals
expressible end results or pristine glory
its just a routine tale like of millions
or maybe trillions, count I am not sure
yet I know from the faces I see
from the footsteps that match mine
there are too many ....
Like me, in a consistent endless chain
in a vicious trap of joy and pain

but its not a solace to the lost soul
neither a confidence that I am not alone
its just nothingness that prevails
and its emptiness that bothers me all along

as if it won't matter, even if I don't walk any day
it won't be of any consequence the distance I traverse
Barefoot, hungry, tired, in down trodden ways
with the unknown lanes, I can never know when to stop

Breaking the secure shell was never my aptitude
in the small instances I have let the moments go
with the only know-how its gonna last
till the time I can manage to hold on

and when I am gone, it will be a nobody
with no void anywhere, no marks to trace its presence
with no effect in the huge vast meaningful place
The life will go on with the same hues, tunes and notes.......
who cares for the tale of a nobody!!!
[but for those who live it daily.....]

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Journey it is....again I start

I Cant wait, oh passing tide
I Cant wait to see you subside
When I'll lay on shore witnessing thee
Going away to destiny
I'll Throw pebbles on departing tides
n that will be my gudbyes

I Wont long to catch u in my eyes
I wont sit n reconcile
u were just a fact of my life
n as u go - n i can be just a witness
of how u came n how u went
with bitter sweet memories
with boggling experience
but bygone are u...
just a few days more
n i'll be a free being again.
in no chains .........
i wont ever be part of any race

hidden somewhere beneath the irony of dese tides
lies the gr8ness of dis human life
how the two correlate - i am nomore interested to find
lemme just be a witness of each event
lemme tread my own way
n face come what may
don ask me my experience
for unexpected it was
n i long dropped the word expected.....
cause dictionary now revolves around freedom
for no moment is more precious then the one gone
now that i am much more mature
now that i know 4 sure
i am no meaningless soul
wandering n going away just like dat
lemme try my best n witness each event unfolding
enjoy the real challenges n little little wins
lemme be a pure soul ,
witness profusing joy n abundance all over

Zarine wont laugh - for there's no pure Gold......!!!

Zarine wont laugh ever again
for there's just not enough plot
just not enough pain :P
for the connoiseurs of wine n twilight
it doesnt suits to be betrayed
n there's none a thing called perfection
there never lived a being -called perfect
yet somewhere somewhow - we seek a soul divine
n in it we wanna see - what we perceive as unearthly
but be no more in doubt
Zarine was a thought - which is not yet existant
n she was a being of a collective sense
bid my adieu to the beautiful being
for i too got enchanted in her fairy tales
let the routine wrap u again
let the pen stop till u be inspired again
n then Zarine will laugh on all the islands
she will be portrayed in more vived tales
n I'll be there to listen of her make
so this is a reminder to the creator of fairy tales :D :P
cause Gold is never short lived
with many a new forms it lives n valued
so let the name be expressed in times of uttermost joy n celebrations
let it be a dawn of sheer human art

what is it...........

What will you give to the world
When you are gone
What will you be like
When you are no-more

Does it really matters
How many days you are alive
Or is it worthwhile to make all smile
What is the search that keeps you occupied

a clarity that's missing of this jumbled life
Isn't it funny you don't recognize
When the things are here,
In present, like a bliss unfelt
Yet you long for it desperately when its gone

What is it, my dear, that's haunting your life
You laugh, you smile, you live, you rejoice
Yet a meaning, a purpose, you can't find
You hide, you scream, you mess up in turmoil
Yet no conviction comes and grabs your arms

What is it, my true self , that you want
Have you ever thought of the mind that drives
of the heart that feels, of the joy that exalts
Have you ever appreciated what the life bestowed
Its way or waylessness of the path you chose