Monday, January 28, 2013

Isn't it easy..

how simple is it, to make fun of any and everything. To ignore it as a small talk and let it go. While most often  its that small thing which we ignore, that happens to be the key to all our fussed up self. Well its not exactly what I am gonna prove, (on second thoughts - can it be proved ? some other time I'll try ), but this is the broader view I stumbled on by today's one such line, which was otherwise ignored by most as just an aberration in the high tech theory.

 Well so it started as a discussion in a course by Prof. Narayanan,  teaching matroid and he said  "I considered matroid to be very difficult subject", while emphasizing the fact that matroid is just different, its not tough intrinsically. Well he was telling about how, when he told few Japanese people that he learnt matroid on his own, they were surprised that it is so tough, how can you read it on your own!!.

When the fact is Japanese and Chinese people have a very strong base in matroid, he told and they write all those big big expressions which we otherwise find difficult to understand (Indians maybe he meant) . Anyways I was wondering of the contrast of approach of Indians, Japanese and Chinese --picturing it vividly the entire discussion and expressions when suddenly he seemed to be gripped by some idea.

So he faced us and said " Ok tell me, what do you mean - when you say something is difficult? "
Well someone said " its complicated or something on the lines". He said no its not what I am looking for.  I want to know what is it that you identify as difficult ? Well again someone said " its basically that you are not aware of the treatment" that's all. If you get well versed with the facts and details , would it be difficult still, was the next question? Well all seemed to agree, that it won't be difficult if we are familiar with the concepts behind the work. He further elaborated that we all have made a world for ourselves, consisting of things we know and we look at anything from that world and if unfamiliar we say its tough. While its actually not, what's required is to just go on read all literature and then see from an upper perspective what is the easiest and relevant way out. This is how any research topic should be selected and approached he said.

Then there are things which are so much vast that how to make a sense out of it, is a baffling issue. He said if something is vast, one way is to just make a nice poem or song of all its concept, as we have huge capacity to learn the songs and poems - even in childhood we remembered big big poems, this way you will have memorized everything and would have better say in the subject area. Like he said its pretty easy to learn 32 no. of places of pi (mathematical constant) by a song. based on American Pie song ...

A little googling gave this Poem as well

Now I will a rhyme construct,
By letter count, the young instruct.
Cunningly devised endeavors,
Con it and remember ever.
Widths in circle here you see,
Sketched out in strange obscurity.

 Word-length gives a place of decimal eg first line is made of words of length 3 1 4 1 5 9 so it makes it - 3.14159,  second line is 2 6 5 3 5 and so on gives the 32 places as
3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83 279

Now this is something worth checking out.. isn't it!!! Apparently a trivial idea but not if it makes you remember 32 places of Pi .... Definitely it deserves more attention and trials ..

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Republic Day..

sometimes as a child, i used to wonder why Gandhi left the day we got freedom and others were celebrating so called milestone day in the history of our country. I wondered what it feels to push for a cause all your life, only to run away when time of achievement comes. I think I understand that why now.. Well if it was not the exact reason, it will be one of the major one definitely. So today is the republic day of India, 26th Jan, and I am in no mood of celebration. Reason we haven’t given many chances to freedom yet here. While corruption has created a big hole in the nation, rising population and age old political dices of religion and caste is still played unabashedly in national politics. Its been 66 years since Independence, yet our election manifestos can still have only 3 trite promises- roti, kapda and makaan…n no one would blink an eyelid, as it is the burning problem still.

Are we the hard working country, filled with problem solvers? No, hard working is not a trait we have, we are easy going people. We shirk work till the very last moment, don’t we; cheating is not that bad for most of us. Infact many feel proud enumerating the cases of extreme cheating, they could evade. Position of women in society is horrible, just an outer nicer coat of opportunity and beneath it layers and layers of gender bias and discrimination and n kinds of abuse and zilion types of crimes. Its not good to be girl in this country, ofcourse we boast of women with hi-fi jobs etc etc. how many of them could not be at that level because of treatment meted out to them, is again not even a question. Forget about freedom, many children don’t even go to schools and college education is just for elite. Our media has other agenda and propaganda to take care of, shape public opinions of which dynastic rule we are most suited for. And who is more faithful to the rightful heirs of the country, which depends on the tears shed in the goodwill of the baba and the salami’s given to the families of the country.

 Oh no no — its not common man’s job, its for those representatives they select every 5 years to run country for their well being. But country or no country — their role is just to appease those whose name’s matter( matter to whom, I wonder? To us for casting vote?, Do we have doubt that maybe genes of Gandhi are somehow in the blood of them and they can save the country like their ancestors? Oh sorry, they are not even descendents..then what are they and what do they stand for? I donno — Maybe some legacy – which is worthy of being proud of? Not that I can recall..but history taught to us, is also distorted, so who knows – were Nehru, Indira, Rajiv — the mightiest leaders of the country which can be traced back to their name’s? Probably that’s what everyone is counting on..and then they say this is the golden era of logics.. we celebrate intellectualism and inspiring leadership.. I wonder what do they think these words mean!!!)  ..Its disgusting to see our so called “elected leaders” – indulge in such frivolous and idiotic acts…and our media as puppets in their hands, not even tries to refrain from making these outrageous acts public and hence make it a folklore of how our tryst with republic is being  dashed to dearth.

Well maybe I am behaving like a moron, if there ever was a person who believed “I can change the world” he was instrumental in making the change sought. Maybe its never late to mend and recreate, maybe hope and efforts go a long way with the apt wish and dream. That reminds me of India 2020. Whats happening to it? Only years are added to the calender as of now.. n ofcourse the big scams with it.. Long way to go India..Republic Day celebration seems like a burden, even as a symbolism of celebration of what once all our ancestors stood for and sacrificed everything for its sake, it reminds of the huge dishonor we have done to those to had faith in us, who left a message “hum laye hain tufaan se kashti sambhaal se,  is desh ko rakhna, mere bachhon sambhal ke…”

n we are helpless to help it, or are we? I donno. Maybe we are just lazy. Maybe we want others to do the corrections for us, while we sit and shed tears of helplessness or maybe raise hue and cry which again is useless. Where to begin the change? At your own level? By voting for the right and backing the right candidate. By demanding civic conditions in the place we live? By lending a helping hand in building the country, by doing our tid-bit in every instance and waking moment…Maybe ..

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is it exactly?? Can anyone know for sure..

y do i do that?? is this question - haunts u every time, u feel, now its different?

Today in a nice, but out of the blue, discussion of believe - be it atheist or nature believer or on a holy being,  very nice perspectives turned up. Question was whether u believe in some supreme power or something and how to look at world from that frame of believe. For one- an element of divinity - be of gods or of nature introduces an all together different dimension and place which is otherwise very difficult to explain. While those who consider in evolution, as in human action and reaction and a continuous impact of the collective driving the world to whatever course, well this philo definitely has many unexplained things to worry about. While I know as the physics progress's we get to know more and more about the nature of each matter.
But at the end of the day, we are still very far from explaining and understanding whole lot going on, on earth. For one, I don't want to explain...maybe because it won't be as fanciful and beautiful as i associate it to be.  And two- its so big and messed up to find a pattern and deduce logics..that i don't even wanna try..

But whenever i wonder of why how and who -- this supreme power, seems to be guiding me through an inner voice, through an ever strong presence and notion that its just a existence to live the voice's call..I call it existence at 2 planes..physical and spiritual -- am sure it must be in many religious texts..but its something i did not learnt from a text book and choose to follow..but its something i grew to believe the process of my life and undergoing each and every fall and rise and many others inexplicable mood swings and span of pain or depressions..when how of the world and why of the world seemed to be your own burden...

Well still I dictate what transpires in my seems like a nice faith, to believe in..walk everyday
with the notion your acts are somehow bringing all the good and bad in this world.though deriving it is almost impossible yet anything is possible, doable -- if only we all, as collective believe in it and go for it..Yet walking down the road, with the head held never brought a complete faith in anything, in me, whatever that me be, the body, its acts or the soul...or the group a whole..

But the creation is the work of one supreme creator and the work of creation is not random, at the whim of the moment but evolutionary - as n when he wishes he inserts a new trait and breed and improvises and mixes ...Though he is not sitting with each string in his hands, pulling it whenever he wishes and not all is predecided and set. But he does intervenes at times, guiding the course and leading and attaining an equilibrium from all the different sources. When things go out of hands, drastic steps too are not far fetched.

So one day if a  mafia decides to dictate terms and make all walk their way..for a evolutionary being, it would lead a chaos in world.. but to those with a play of divinity -" the hope would survive, any upheaval, to guide and rise in the time of need..

What is created, needs to be destroyed as well..hence the chains of birth and death. Without one, other can't exit and go on has to come together. Yet it seems cruelty sometimes, misfortunes or nature's wrath. Whatever it is..its not collective human conscience thinking of putting a collective end for sure..

Then what is the nature of this world? Is it this complex? Difficult? No if only u can belive in there's other perspectives I don't know, other reference and plane, where notion of good and bad -- is way different and broader..that you can't understand it in your framework..maybe its a catalogue of how each is gonna spent its life on earth, but in the end its just an event beyond human intellect... atleast as of now..beyond any studies domain as well..u can praise it, sing u, glorify but can't deny or ignore it...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Change is the rule, like the Brooke...

No words can describe me
For I'll change
Not like a chameleon 
But as a Brooke
Unbound in its Spirit
frequently changing its course
Just for the sake of change
disperse energy and exuberance
you can't confine me in few phrase
for they will change, so will I
what I do or don't, can't be true
for its always increasing in its scope
what you see, is not the entirety
for there's layers beneath
what is tuned is the result
of endless cacophonous instances
yet when I reflect in myself
I'll know the process I went through
when I will stand and take the honor
I will know the glory of the route
for result will change as per my perception
but what I seek is the method
effort put in and courage I could muster
to bring the beauty of my fancy in real..........
I love the dreams more than anything in this world
for they have ambitions - not dark , nor naked
but of charm and beauty , of faith and positivity
I love them forever and live in them
I understand their language
they lend the meaning to life
that's missing otherwise
dream and do the best,
let rest all take its course
while dreams incorporate the corrections