Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Best Novelist ever - "Premchand" ..reality in all its flavor and forms..

Does world remains the same? is it never changing? Does only the stage, the setup , the dialect of dialogues is modified a bit, yet the theme, the structure, the ways remain intact over the span of centuries, over hundreds of years? Seemingly there has been a huge change in society due to the technological devices which have now crowded the world and have made us so dependent that existence without them seems a different reality. Yet how can the world of past, with no higher education, no Open market philosophy, no computers, Google, mail and protocols, can ever be the same as today?

I used to think this world is progressing fast, erring faster, and the path of destruction is the endless senseless exploit of natural resources which will be depleted soon and hence will come the eventual end of this age of earth. Having said that I also imagined it to be a  more advanced, more free world than any other previous ones, more tolerant and one with ample and endless opportunities . But guess what its all a myth we formulate around ourselves when the same drama is all around over all the ages , just the characters change ...

What prompted this - is Premchand's novel . After a really long time I could get enough enthu and courage to read a Novel of Premchand..Starting with "Nirmala" . No wonder he is the greatest novelist ever...Really amazed at the kind of insight in his novels. Seems like its a contemporary plot and we are as helpless to shape the chain of events as the characters in his works. Despite everyone doing the best , in their mind, the situation tends to be the worst action on your part can help.
Even those who tend to take benefit of the situations have a perfectly well defined thought chain behind it..

The thoughts behind evil deeds, the duality, the inevitability of tragedy to those keen of doing everything right.

After Nirmala's tale with its absolute inevitable tragic end, no matter what sacrifice, steps or actions she takes; Rangbhumi is a broader depiction of society and how it runs. Seems like our very own system with the same kind of arguments, emotions still being repeated in the modern context. Absolutely beautiful book. Luving reading it . The facets behind the mask of religion, the varied ways and motivation and reality of devotion. The games played to get someone do your work. It is not one nook, one city, one corner it picturises ; but it is the very portrayal of mixed world we live in..

No novelist has ever written a book ,which is so very realistic, that it seems we are witnessing a world run...with no added pepper, no extra elements to appease any captivates your attention to every single detail and page and leaves you with lot to remember. No comparison possible -- the bestest writer I have ever read..

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