Tuesday, September 25, 2012

enough joy to savor the little around,
enough courage to stand amidst raging crowd..
enough belief to stand the rising tide ,
enough patience to witness the day dawn...

is it not the way life should be...
is it not whats in built in our being
then why do we create havoc
on tiniest grounds
n y do we fail to smile n dance
on greatest treasures abound
what prevents our deepest expressions of love
what makes us stand n be lame
to be part of the crowd
who created this two existence
whose ideas is that we try to abide?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Le Fabuleux Destin d Amelie Poulain ...

Whatever you say about Amelie it is less. Yes its a movie most dramatic yet most real of all...You feel like laughing out loud and  you smile all the time  to yourself thinking on how close it is to your own secret melodramatic portrayals...
As Amelie leaves it to test of time. if it leads to good she will help humanity else "too bad""..same is the story for u so many times...the deadly elongated portrayals of probable causes of things not on time as she planned and expected is outright funny

From the portrayals of childish Amelie trying to pass time by various amusing things, strawberry eating game esp. , to  the terror of her eyes with the notion that she is the reason behind numerous tragic happening's then her revenge with the one who deceived her in believing that,  to the grown up Amelie  with the shine of her eyes when she discovers all people smiling at the dark in movie theater and to  getting her way to all things  .

It all seems like a sweet game n you become a co-conspirator in her various mischief's and the good doer in her pursuits...you find a share of glory in all her little success and you pray for the things to get the right way... At last you feel the hesitance on her behalf and your success when all goes well
.. Loved the movie ...its pretty amazing movie and indeed a must watch!!!

11th Oct 13  - Rewatched this movie. This time what strikes out is the painter, the innovative ways of Amelie to get people do things, and an amazing imagination interwoven with reality. Time stands still, the world changes, the regularity is no-where close, which job, which promotion, which life, what turmoil, there's nothing left of it...its as if to fill the moments of your linear life, with bubble wraps, or the photo's - of the mystery man, who after all - isn't a dead-man after remembrance, but a mystery man, its the ghost of scary houses, who is after all a human, with touch and contact that can only convey love. There's nothing to be scared of. the demons of people and their nefarious acts - do almost come like a dragon towards the end, but yet wonderfully so - the imagination rules, though in form of cat - only to be ascertained moments later, its all your imagination, make it as beautiful, as you can...In love with this movie. It speaks some other language.. Sign language? Who is the protagonist here, the dwarf traveling the world, the retirement - not well taken? The bullied servant,
obsessed with lady Di's or the frustration of painter with the glass palace, only to be mesmerized at the end, that its a lovely fine emotion after all and nothing can take it away  from her, she can stand life. and more so, built it as per imagination.

No, no though it feels like, I should stop here, put it to rest, but I need to mention the dialogue where there are only two explanations of his being absent/10 minutes late then the set time of 4O'clk - its either he never got the message, the sweeper swept it off or he did got the message - an the long narration traversing worlds , only to reaffirm "she can't be upset because of a guy- who eats ... and " . This particular dialogue is just so awesome!!!

Since I am on it, also this time what strikes out, is the mention of stars - in different context, most prominently the rich people shooting of there ashes to the newly discovered stars - in aim to shine forever. Now this was absolute delight!! Couldn't help but smile at the bewildering thoughts..

The part where Amelie doubts and watches the end she meets, well its the one which gets the story forward. Also the discovery that changes her life forever. The one news, the one cap drops and the one brick to golden times and the devotion for a cause. Wow, simply awesome :)  !!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is the image of Complex?

When I think of complex, something which just goes over my head, its some multidimensional space that fits perfectly in theories satisfies formulae and equations and blocks my head with all its complexity and take some to far away world. Some faculty mentions six dimensional space and Orthogonality of vectors therein with emphasis on what happens when Vector rotates; all I can visualize is a lone little vector  trying to rotate around a point. BY six dimension I see the three sides of room getting round and round to somehow give six perpendicular directions .. Oh God !! then lecturer says periodic trajectories are easy but Orthogonal is complicated  but yes in the neighborhood u can always study the properties easily. Its then when my mind wanders on the view of all natural objects I forget of vectors, equilibrium and rotation of non linear dynamical or linear - all seems so senseless . Why the heck - few theorems which are supposedly the greatest truths in mathematical formulations helping to decipher the real world..but to me it is just a round round rotating word and its all over making no sense..I give up with something which can never be understood -- its just something to struggle with till the last exam . Why don't you get a PC and show the vectors you want me to visualize , why just talk show its properties graphically -- its such a waste .. Non linear Space -- hope somebody understands you well to explain in the best way..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Million Dollar Baby...

There are some stories which come to an end, and some which don't. After a long time I watched a real good movie.."A Million Dollar Baby" . The fight/boxing based plot with various perspectives..a third eye view of why people love violence and  the quote that with heart you loose and to win you need to be undecipherable, you need to take a step back to hit the enemy when he least expects it and finally reiteration that always protect yourself.

The story most beautifully woven and aesthetically portrayed coudn't be portrayed more convincingly.
But till the last moment the hopeful spirit within me wanted her to survive..for some miracle and her to rise..Same way as we want to fight her last battle and tell the blue lady what she deserves!!
The moment of her 31st B'Day when she lashes out that okk I am 31 and only hopeful moment to me is when I am in boxing and you suggest I can't be champion unless I am 37 . Well is the calculated age and timeframe is the criterion..? Don't pity me, I just need a trainer...!!
? Then learn and listen to what you want, and I am fighter by instinct not by training..
To make enemies touch ground in first round, was her speciality.

Pretty amazing movie with no comeback..yet its perfect in every way..!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Fav Movie list

Ok so its long time now, here comes the list of my favorite movies
  1.  Life is Beautiful/ 
  2.  Paycheck 
  3.  Man from earth
  4.  Pink Panther 1
  5.  Provoked 
  6.  Just Like heaven
  7.  Serendipity
  8.  The Net
  9.  Ice Age 1 to 4
  10.  Kung fu panda
  11.  Despicable me
  12.  Smurfs
  13. Pretty Women
  14. Black Swan
  15. Back to future
  16. Princess Sara
  17. Midnight in Paris
  18. The Gift
  19. The Core
  20. Lake House
  21. Confessions of a shopaholic
  22. Musics and lyrics
  23. High school musical
  24. Erin Brockovich
  25. The Proposal
  26. Antitrust
  27. Beautiful Life
  28. Princess Diaries
  29. Da Vinci Code
  30. 21
  31. Illusionist
  32. Sleepless in Seattle
  33. Toy Story
  34. Walle-E
  35. up
  36. How to train your dragon 
  37. Ocean series
  38. Italian Job
  39. Madagascar
  40.  The Polar Express
  41. Cars       
  42. Nanny McPhee
  43. You have got a mail
  44. How to loose a guy in 10 days
  45. Angels and Demons
  46. The Prestige
  47. Ratatouille
  48. 12 ANGRY MEN
  49. Mr. and Mrs Smith
  50. Tomb Raider
  51. Salt
  52. NottingHill
  53. StepMom
  54. Source Code
  55. Megamind
  56. Limitless
  57. Harry Potter (all)
  58. Finding Nemo
  59. Its a wonderful life
  60. Home Alone
  61. Matrix
  62. Schindler's List
  63. The Notebook
  64. A Walk to remember
  65. Letters to Juliet
  66. Runaway Bride
  67. Titanic
  68. 51 first Dates
  69. 27 Dresses
  70. What happens in Vegas
  71. Armageddon
  72. Scent of a Woman
  73. The Holiday
  74. Sweet November
  75. If Only
  76. Pearl Harbour
  77. Made of Honor
  78. Enchanted
  79. Amadeus
  80. The Diving Bell and the butterfly
  81. Le Fabuleux Destin d Amelie Poulain
  82. Catch me if you can
  83. The Great Debators
  84. Chronicles of Narnia
  85. Around the world in 80 days
  86. Princess Sara
  87. Gone with the wind
  88. Gladiator
  89. My Fair Lady
  90. Terminal
  91. Wednesday
  92. 16 December
  93. Fight Club
  94. Rocky 1
  95. To Sir with love
  96. Karate Kid
  97. To kill a mockingbird
  98. Pursuit of Happiness
  99. Troy
  100. The shawshank redemption
  101. Fermat's room
  102. The great Dictator
  103. No Man's Land
  104. Two weeks later
  105. The Girl who lept through Time
  106. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  107. Dead Poet's Society
  108. My sassy Girl
  109. My little bride
  110. Bee 
  111. 16-Love
  112. Mr Singh Mrs Mehta  
  113. Stuck in Love
  114. 10 Things I hate about you 
  115. Minstrel Man 
  116. Curly Top 1935 
  117. Inception 
  118. The Japanese Wife 
  119. A million dollar baby

And when u have infinite time at your disposal that anything will do -- watch these stupid movies in absence of anything else -
1) Bed of roses
2) Republic of love
3) Girl, Interrupted
4) Passport to love
5) Before sunrise
6) Before sunset
 7) The Perks of being a wallflower

Monday, September 3, 2012

Maturity... is it?

I will never understand this term called maturity. No I mean how mean, how cunning , how heartless you need to be to be mature...or wait lemme correct myself..how down to earth, how least expectant and how most giving and forgiving leads you to maturity...either way the truth resides..but maturity evades me. But as an observer I have seen myself failing on various fronts and wishing if only I was more mature..while the action of instant/instinct guides the way still. I have seen few real gentlemen/elegant ladies in my life.. they all inspired me to be great..to be mature..to be of the kind.. they are the real difference makers...they don't live to earn, earn to buy, buy to please, please to
exist. But they have something in them.. a substance which needs no fancy things, no 8 digit salaries.. its in their being.. their existence is priceless...
If maturity is being of the type.. I wish to be mature... !!!