Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travel resources..

1) http://www.nomadicmatt.com//
2) http://www.crossingworldborders.com/
3) http://www.bootsnall.com/
4) https://www.wanderingearl.com/
5) http://onestep4ward.com/

Friday, March 21, 2014

who can tell

whats more imp
the poetry you wrote
the code that ran
the smile contagious
the flower's fragrance
the chirp of  brids
the murmur of cascade
the lair of forest
song of the rain
one can never tell

new day, past shadows..

there u stand
with shadows fraught
the glimpses of past
drowning with the setting sun
as the birds chirp
flying away to nest
reiterating, a new day
is soon to start...........

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bheja Fry

i am so much into me
all the time chattering
of things i am concerned with
but not today,
today would be your day
so tel-me
what's going on with u?
you know what you need
a good makeover!!
remember when I got one, last time
it was so amazing
people kept asking me zillion questions
broke all monotony for long

maybe i should also get a new hairstyle,
or new shades or something
whats this fragrance?
wow, its mine, which perfume i wore, i wonder
not today, maybe last time i wore it
its really nice
if everyone smelled nice
it would be so good

anyways you know, i was watching this episode
and everyone was so damn funny in it!!
made me laugh for hours
but now i feel so low
why i am bothering u with it?
do u think i need to be little silent
i talk so much!!
well see again...
its again all of me
no, won't let it happen this time
smartyy, how do you shrug away
but today is your day!!

so you need to tell me things
like what are you upto these days?
what is right/not right
common, you can share with me
i won't tell anyone
i am a good secret keeper
you  know- so many people told me so many things
and best part is - I forgot all those secrets :)
only when they remind me, i recollect
how awesome is that!!

lemme guess- you want to go for an outing?
don't you? haha- see got you
well its a generic thing
all want to get out of whatever
they are doing
but its never a solution, is it?
sometimes I wonder
why so much complexity
in such a short life
what if we could have been like monkeys
going on a rampage to eat
and else just hanging here and there
running, following, roaming around
what's the use of science, studies, work
life is so compartmentalized
you keep on doing something
just to hang on
to pass another day

kill your aspirations and desires
hopes and dreams - to guarantee a secure future
and what is this security, we are chasing?
there is no security in the world
no matter what you do
things will get messed up
why not live it the way you want
but then its so difficult
or atleast it seems like that

often I find myself so confused
what to do, what not to do
and then I want to ditch it all
and run away, live like a gypsy
if only i was a guy, i could have
just left it all...
but then even they are not so free
isn't it?
there are bad people, mafia and dons
they can hurt any normal person

uhh we all seek aloofness
yet we cannot have it, as then your 
existence is endangered
so much is wrong in this world
that i dunno
how it can ever be helped

anyways i am not feeling good
why did i started on this
no heavy stuff please
lets just talk of something vain
have you seen heard funny joke lately?
tv series, movie, novel?
i just want to laugh
forget everything
maybe throw pebbles in the lake
and watch it for hours on
you must be bored to death no
then why don't you say anything
today i said, I'll just listen
but you, are you
you just want people to entertain you
not gonna happen
today is your day!!!

PS- Some people are just impossible, aren't they :P
Disclaimer- inspired by 1 random event and its purely fictional, it has nothing to do with any person or
real happening.