Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paycheck and Provoked

Paycheck and Provoked are two more movies which need a fair review,
since they happen to be the most inspiring of the lot available.

Well while paycheck can almost be labeled as a must watch for any engineering graduate, Provoked is a movie with a substance and acting- as the essence of it. Unlike all other bollywood masala movies or saga's where heroines are just name-sake entities, with really no role or part of substance - Provoked is a huge respite in the fact that its all the women issue, a real story, depicted in almost
perfect tone, u relate to the acting of Aishwarya rai for the first time after her
numerous pathetic roles. The strong human element, the fear, the haunting past, terrible turmoils yet the victory of  human values - n ofcourse the flow of events -
its captivating. Do watch to increase your span of quality cinema.

 On the other hand Paycheck is a real contrast, with ofcourse a superhuman stature infy intelligent guy- designing unprecedented technology that enthrals you to the core, fills you with pride on being an Engineer and fills your mind with  the possibilities in every arena. To the course of suspense it takes towards the end, one event relating to other and the perfect end...Loved  it, can watch
it infinite of the best movies ever :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ring -numerous forms!!

isn't it marvelous how many numerous form a ring can take - dint even remembered that there are rings almost everywhere -arts, maths, sciences -
---data structure, field theory, music , arts.........whoa !!! what a significance in all of them of the same word !! From a beautiful ornament, to geometric construct, to the most scary horror movie, to a structure of chemistry, to a data structure in computer science, to gymnastics to now finally the mathematical tool that has almost swept every domain of knowledge here in controls n computing - I wonder do all the forms have such a huge significance, everywhere its employed...!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its not just a Day

Its in everyday that the story unfolds
its not just one fine day that fairy appears
n the princess coincidentally roaming in the garden nearby
catches the glance, n is blessed manifolds
to a life of happiness ever after
its all but true, when in real-the story persists
as a continuos struggle, almost like a dream
n when we turn back it seems impossible that few years back
we rushed away from the idea of this passage
today too-though settled in question,
as many other issues linger overhead
day to day eat  n chat n roam n conform
of god -who knows from where such complexity comes
so many people, so many events ,
so many opinions n then confusion
ahaa - I laugh at the fuss around
I linger a bit longer on doubts
yet it never ceases to surprise
how life, turns, upturns,surprises n evolves
when in a day -its nothing at all
just a little one out of stream of variations
Like a futile idea - gripping you for hours,
like a vague thought plaguing your conscience
Ahaa futile bakar n murmur -eating away the time
yet when I turn back -life is not the same
even in this month or one before- has invariably evolved
with a new dimension ......n I love n marvel at the present form
who knows what change next few days will bring
this hour too is so silly n random
mostly its nothingness -what r u upto ?
nothing.wassup - oh man told ya nothing!!!
what do you expect ?? huuh ...........
yet the little giggle at random , hours n days back-
 gives me a fond smile ..........
I wanna dream, wanna act , wanna run wanna play
ah u life n ur happenings.........
as if I not even need to do anything
it just happens, its all happenings ..........
not exactly by divine intervention
or divine design - yet somehow
as a random event in accordance with some trajectory called life

Human Inhumane??

I was awake when I heard the sound
the cry of helplessness aloud
when human meets inhumane strides
and a brutal end it met
yet the devil left no stains behind

what in the name of humanity?
which emotion n core, u think of?
its not a savage madness
it was planned execution
knew not what the way it came from
mingling in the noises manifolds near n far
The butcher had took the savage form
man forgotten himself, in a killing rage
scared uncertain,I witnessed
what turned out to be a scandal of national form
police had come,reporters upturned
hungry for live coverage of crime scene
nobody saw the fear of eyes
nobody saw the red bloody eyes
sitting n affirming in drama untold
she was the princess of my life
n I a witness of duplicity of human form
my conscience was pleading me to get the person
yet where his conscience died , I never came to find
what was it? a false pride, an ego misplaced
a brutal disguise ,whom was i  looking at
the form of evil or devil's incarnation

Friday, April 6, 2012

Over concentration leads to shutdown mode ........

"Over concentration leads to shutdown mode " this was a statement referring to the fact that when we try to concentrate overtly on some thing, we tend to sleep somehow(esp. studying). Now that somehow felt like a fact unexplored to me, it
needs further analysis .....

Another intriguing thing was - is success a misnomer or happiness is or both are two sides of same story - or both lead to misleading- i donno - both play a tussle n leave u in topsy turvy..........ok i'll save the ruminesce for another day



Give ur 100% to everything -as a way of life..
EAT,breathe, n live the task

How u do each little task is what greatness lies in.....
Eat as per ur need (fold ur hands -that much- 3 times a day )
Its a good idea to implement a good idea........
Do important things when they are not urgent instead of struggling always with imp/urgent things............
4 things are source of energy -food(little n 3 times),sleep(as a child),
Peace of mind(do things on time) and breathe(do yoga regularly)...................
Tasks - 5 acts of kindness, ecological footprint .......3 acquaintences.......
12 times suryanamaskarr- 6 rounds
3 stage exercises and bhastrika ......
This is about the first class of Art of living I took today .Well

1) Listen whats said not whats convenient to you
2)Past is inevident, future is unknown - life is in present.
3) breath is the way to control your mind and energy
4) Mind has a tendency to oscillate between wishes and bothering - try checking u doing it back and forth ........n reflect that life's is in NOW........THIS INSTANT!!!
->3 vajraaasan mein ujjainswas exercises -8 times each
->then normal saas and soaham up and down 20 times 3 rounds
->say Om......n identify ur energy - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - A....U....Mmm.....
-> hear sounds around, hear ur breathe, focus
-> I am joy and peace......reflect on it

Day 3 Art of living

Today it started with dance and warm up to 12 surya namaskaar -then sit on mat, then 3 stage aasan then bhastrika and 3 OM chants n then discussion of homework- lead me to find out -what keeps me from living the life i wanna live-

1) procastination (postponing things to do.......)
2)Thought- its a disease; just do it!!! No thinking n planning n meeting please.......
3)Not giving proper importance- think as if someone's life depends on it - n then do it
4) Don't feel like doing- its a lame excuse that keeps u from giving 100% -boost urself up n love th

there are three driving factors for work - LOVE, FEAR AND GREED ; Only those motivated by Love lead to peace, rest lead to misery

Bask into the Glory of "AND" then in the misery of "OR" - If i'll do this I'll be happy types statements ........

give ur 100%
Pain is inevitable but brooding n prolonging it is in ur hands


Then was sudarshan n end...........:)

Learning can happen anywhere

Learning can happen anywhere , if ur ready to learn . 
So is one phrase - "when the student is ready the teacher appears " .
But here I am talking of LT Camp, Sir there is just awesum -he says - "be friends with ball and all is done" know its speed and position where it will come and how to put racket to face it -that's all whats LT is about . No one can teach u how to play - they can just facilitate the learning.

I enjoyed it, just do it, ball is not gonna hit u back -so face it and place the bat correctly - know the nature of ball - and make it behave nicely -its not gonna behave on its own :D

most of all "enjoy the freedom to play " which u get on the ground . Relish the freedom of life there - be a free Bird..........I luved the notion n will be a free bird on court for sure ......:D

Yesterday I learnt playing LT in dream.........:)

Indeed  Learning can happen anywhere!!!

long time , my wishlist was kept in a cupboard - lemme resurrect it -

1) solve all the puzzles - shakunlatadevi books
2) make pen holder - origami
3) try out anagrams - some interesting ones.........

Obsession of Dreams...........

it was all dreams - to think n to feel
the implementation will follow
u just hang on , hold on the dream
beautiful dreams
but can u ?? whats this "doable"
"possibility" n "feasibility" u cling too ??
just know thats its for benefit of all
it fits in the perfect state of affairs
what else matters ??
for ur here to live a dream
to dream a dream
to be beautiful
n spread aesthetics all around
its just positivity
its all about love n glory
its all of beauty n joy
its all of living the dream

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Words for thee........


happy that u have been given the flight of freedom
atlast I wont say, cause i want it to stay
n after years of chain, years of pain
its most unreal , yet somehow satisfying , uplifting
that indeed there's wait, but there's not darkness up there!!!
Lord I donno whom to thank for what
yet U r the Master
n we the puppets
dancing on your tunes
with such fervor n emotions at times
that its hard to accept
its your pull n n influence
behind each n every action
maybe, maybe not
maybe, your the jury
enticing n retesting
each with unique mysterious ways
their drive,their outlook , their action
donno maybe everything if crystal clear in eyes
all can be justified
but to me -I am the novice
I donno how to feel
donno how to react
I just know to blurt out my frustration
at ,all, not being in the kingdom of heaven
at all the beautiful beings
given the trial of years
the pain unsurmountable
the tragedy unbearable
it hurts, n then I forget
n again I remember
yet go on........
whats this leading upto unaware
just that this flight is of immense faith
cause of history it has
happy for u my dearest
may u get the best
your an angel
n only u can take the sufferings out there
but u will be victorious in the end
cause your such an exuberance
the hardest test -u have been given
but u r the strongest
just put up your self
n u know there are people
always grateful to u
for everything your presence means to them

Teachings from AOL ..Spurt of moment


Oh thee Mind with thy oscillations from past to future
with Guilt of days bygone n anxiety n fear of those to come
wherein silence reigns is the present ......
just the buzz of humming birds
n the flow of fragrant breeze
mesmerising climactic changeovers......
that's where u are meant to be........

why would you listen when you are sure?
but's and if's and listen to me's come in between
for here u impose your viewpoint ,
in all your valor,
your perspective to disinterested ears of others
just when your in confusion u heed to voices out there
rest all the while busy amusing your own self
Shouting at top of voice to make all listen
u all important, all pervading being
this isn't the definition of foolish then what is it?
Calm down, take the note of the moment
u r thinking?? stop now ,immediately take a deep breathe in
n be aware of noises outside n silence within
listen to thoughtlessness of brain
realise what it means to be at peace

Opposites the complementary
Acceptance to People n situations
as they come
no regret to what it should have been
but acceptance to what they are
driven by your infectious zest
not the opinion of others
not a football being driven from one leg to another
There is no motive, why sun shines daily
there is no motive, why planets revolve
n there is no motive to what people do
don't waste time n energy in finding whats inexistent
don't label motive to others action
don't live in dream of future
don die from screams of past -
Present is where the life is...
Live in the present
where are you now?
Click the fingers - Now !!
here are u in Present -
here is where the life is - in Present.......

Dabbling ......

Hands on.......

When Mr Samar was on verge of disintegration......


He carried the idea of "not being good enough , smart enough, intelligent enough - " haunted his days ....Wherever he went - he was ashamed of being himself , Mr xyz - for decades had lived that fear of inadequacy , that
feeling of lowness, of shame , of sadness - it developed a web into his whole life eating it up - he couldn't take the best job he always coveted - he staggered in the interviews despite being the best one available , he couldn't be socially connected- he ruined every relation with apologies n
fears - his comments n his insecurities . Never he objected to being called sub standard , never he doubted he was always and will always be like this - he tried hiding it all , yet there he lay - all day long fearing , discouraged n in deep pain of shame of being what -he did not wish to be - n failure to be he who he thought he should be - the insufficient being among the mass- to be shadowed , to be ruined , to suffer , to be in pain.................
each little instance was gigantic in impact on his sub conscious , each little fall - was a valley of end -

n that day he was strolling around when the glance fell on the most gifted face he had ever seen . A face beyond - expectations and stabs of pain ,  a
face of bliss, the god's mirror image reflecting in his eyes .

Breakdown or spiritual awakening can be the only two options

a persistent struggle b/w shame, fear
.Vulnerable , struggle for worthiness- a birthplace of belonging, joy, of compassion, creativity , of love . Beyond help.......need some strategies.
it is what it is - neither good nor bad. Choices we make - with the vulnerability , how it impacts the choices I make.

When we are waiting for a call ,when we got hurt by some comment five days before in a casual conversation.
The world around , not fixed , ready to stab back any moment .
Addiction to offer a short relief , but problem persists. We cant numb a notion , just a few hours on unknown chats n bottle of bears - to numb all
feelings - n feel vulnerable n its a vicious chain.Make everything uncertain to certain . I am right , ur wrong shut up.
The more afraid , the more vulnerable - more of it is .....blame n increase .
blame is way to discharge pain n discomfort .

U are worthy of love and compassion, don't pretend theirs no vulnerabilities
or no struggle - its all their .Yet accept it and move on .....
be real , be sorry , be sane .Don't try to shut away the emotions.
belief , passion , love nurture us , try to nurture them as much as you can .
I am enough , stop screaming n stop listening - connect to people around you .

When I am on the verge of bliss - I picture the worst thing happening - on my promotion , I picture plane crash . Loosing tolerance for vulnerability .We  can't accept weakness, Joy becomes foreboding .Disappointment as a lifestyle , Getting side tracked that nobody will invite us to play , perfection is a shield, culture of scarcity , we are good enough , certain enough , extraordinary , or meaning less life. 

vulnerabilities -faith = extremism.

constantly collecting images of scarcity, to care about something passionately is vulnerability - stop and think what we have practice gratitude.know what you have , honor that - its truly extra-ordinary  - family , friends, nature , community -be grateful and honor that.


like a fly sticks to nectar , i stick to words
they just have the most beautiful world in them
its all about the expression
excellence , intellect , improvisation and inculcation
appreciation of the beautiful
and amazed or awe-struck

Bird of Night.......!!!


u cum to life as moon comes on
ur smile encompassing the shy girl
ur caring voice soothing all souls
n ur charming presence
delight to all

oh dear bird, with discipline to the core
doing what is to be done
inspiring,lively n epitome of spirit
studying with unyielding zest n enthu
carrying along the little indulgence
of friends episodes n jerrys shows
n few brush strokes to paint few rose now n then

oh bird of night, with most beatific smile
as u keep awake , till the early dawn
before puting aside the search of knowledge
to go into the lap of sleep Godess
n the cozy joy of slumber
yet when u talk in morning
its like the cutest child
self pampered n rejoicing
amazed of the wonders of world
only to return to the long hours
of disciplined being
n that is the source of empowering zeal
Lively friend ,n the Nocturnal being
This one for you , Cheers to the beautiful being

Love u loads