Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Best Novelist ever - "Premchand" ..reality in all its flavor and forms..

Does world remains the same? is it never changing? Does only the stage, the setup , the dialect of dialogues is modified a bit, yet the theme, the structure, the ways remain intact over the span of centuries, over hundreds of years? Seemingly there has been a huge change in society due to the technological devices which have now crowded the world and have made us so dependent that existence without them seems a different reality. Yet how can the world of past, with no higher education, no Open market philosophy, no computers, Google, mail and protocols, can ever be the same as today?

I used to think this world is progressing fast, erring faster, and the path of destruction is the endless senseless exploit of natural resources which will be depleted soon and hence will come the eventual end of this age of earth. Having said that I also imagined it to be a  more advanced, more free world than any other previous ones, more tolerant and one with ample and endless opportunities . But guess what its all a myth we formulate around ourselves when the same drama is all around over all the ages , just the characters change ...

What prompted this - is Premchand's novel . After a really long time I could get enough enthu and courage to read a Novel of Premchand..Starting with "Nirmala" . No wonder he is the greatest novelist ever...Really amazed at the kind of insight in his novels. Seems like its a contemporary plot and we are as helpless to shape the chain of events as the characters in his works. Despite everyone doing the best , in their mind, the situation tends to be the worst action on your part can help.
Even those who tend to take benefit of the situations have a perfectly well defined thought chain behind it..

The thoughts behind evil deeds, the duality, the inevitability of tragedy to those keen of doing everything right.

After Nirmala's tale with its absolute inevitable tragic end, no matter what sacrifice, steps or actions she takes; Rangbhumi is a broader depiction of society and how it runs. Seems like our very own system with the same kind of arguments, emotions still being repeated in the modern context. Absolutely beautiful book. Luving reading it . The facets behind the mask of religion, the varied ways and motivation and reality of devotion. The games played to get someone do your work. It is not one nook, one city, one corner it picturises ; but it is the very portrayal of mixed world we live in..

No novelist has ever written a book ,which is so very realistic, that it seems we are witnessing a world run...with no added pepper, no extra elements to appease any captivates your attention to every single detail and page and leaves you with lot to remember. No comparison possible -- the bestest writer I have ever read..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Deja - Vu of the start..

Strange thing happened today with her, deja vu. Nothing strange in it, you may say. Still it seems strange that to everyone, every single time it happens. Same was with her today, sitting in the lab, out of instinct, chatting in vain, it all converged to the very point of start, in the impressions in mind. And only she realized what had happened. As if a coming back to the very place of start after a long battle of nothingness, of here and there, leading nowhere... So in the childhood she was driven to great hopes by the thought "people are not positive enough", that's the only trouble with India. When she will be grown up, she would have changed it forever with the brilliant magazines and newspapers vibrating with positivity and spreading the hope and joy all over, she will start. She was pretty sure this was the meaning and purpose of her existence, to spread the missing positive thought.  Every morning she used to go through page after page of newspapers and magazines in the hope she will stumble upon something to stimulate great wow element of human life. But Alas the problem lay in the thought of Indians, for they never covered good stories of ray of hope, of joy, of abundance and brilliance. They just painted a gloomy, scary, dull image of one incidence happened five days back in the farthest corner of India. She would change that by the time she is grown up, by the time she is thirty.....

 She would start the magazine that will portray the best all around. It would be all too good as it sounds. Its just the thought and presentation that needed to be changed and the society will see how very beautiful their life was and will emulate..

She was twenty six, she was lost, where did she started from, she had forgotten. Why did she exist, she couldn't answer. Did anybody cared, why does it even matter, she thought. She read no newspapers, all stories sounded the same. Though she was not distressed by what they project. She was lost , somewhere, going everywhere and no where. Society she did not think of now, for its too big, who can change that. and she had to find her place before its too late. Sadly she was in no hurry, for she was not sure where she was and why and what made her start.

It was today that she suddenly recognised what had been her start point. Deja vu in a strange manner. But nothing is strange.  Its never a straight way, its a loop, a sequence which goes on and merges somewhere. The path is never the same, never different, not entirely round, but a mixture. It doesn't leads to goal, or realization or discoveries. It leads to nowhere, yet eveywhere, with few deja Vu's from time to time as if the path got merged to the trajectory of past. Deja Vu very normal, not at all strange. So it had been for her, today. What she recognized as her point of start. Deja Vu again..  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nature, Alcoholics and Education

Today we went for cleaning lakeside, under the initiative of Nature's Club IITB. Initially we cleared the weeds from butterfly garden which were grown all over and so taller that they were hiding the main plants beneath them. I wondered of nature and its unique ways of balance. Then we moved to boathouse to clean the bottles and plastics thrown all over. For those who are unaware, boathouse is the most beautiful place in campus with most enthralling view of lakeside, hiranandani, Renaissance and hostels nearby and the main road at a distance across the lake, litted by lights of vehicles m oving in a line, one after another. It is all so very magical and uplifting. Its there that I have spent some of the most amazing moments chatting with friends..

But this time my eyes opened to a different reality. All over plastic bottles lay in worst condition, plastic wrappers of eatables not just that glass bottles of alcohol,  broken in thousands of small pieces were also there, all over, in places were they can  easily hurt anyone. One look at the surroundings and I was filled with disgust for those who caused that havoc with the place..Just beside this huge accumulated garbage was a big dustbin, but guess what apparently breaking glasses and throwing plastic wrappers was more fun to these people.

Anyways so we started cleaning the place, a small patch took almost ten to fifteen minutes to clean. With gloves as well, twice I felt glass pieces biting into my fingers. That was a very angry moment for me. How much these kids, who are so called most brilliant lot of India, deserving the best institute and facilities, bright and intelligent, who entail such high esteem in society, can be so ridiculously insensitive to basic civic sense.
Wrappers of chwinggums lay in count of thousands  all over. You launch General Championships on energy conservation, you proclaim huge slogans on how concerned you are for the future of the country and this is what you end up doing at your leisure time??

You have numerous competitions, debates and endless talks for improving Indian society yet here you are,
ruining your very own campus, don't you care? You yourself are ruining it don't you see what you do? Next time you come to boathouse to relax just take note of what contribution you have in ruining the area.

I used to wonder why most of the tourist spots in India are so pathetic to visit since they are always overflowing with garbage. Blaming it on the Government and civic bodies that they don't do their job right. But Alas!!! if the most brilliant lot of India is like this-  nothing can help it!!! I have no words for anyone else...

If you enjoy drinking at beautiful places, go ahead, but why you need to break and shatter bottles, what kind of destructive, sadistic tendencies you need to satisfy to feel happy, and alive by dirting up the very place.

  Even if you, for some unknown reason, find it irresistible, why don't you try wrapping up what you  do once. Pick the pieces of bottles you have thrown across. Still if you feel like breaking it next time or every time, go ahead . But who gave you the right to spoilt this beautiful place. Why the rest all should bear with this infinite stupid rampage on your part..?

Comeon - No Gandhi is coming to save you this time. You are liable for your actions, clean your own mess
Nobody will create the world you want to live in. Its you who have to build it, work for it.  You want a clean beautiful India, stop these kind of acts ..

You say India is pathetic, you want to move abroad and settle? I say you are pathetic when you are here , so it is what you get. When you will be abroad you will mend your ways for sure, wherever you may go. Try doing the same on your land and it will treat you way better than what any foreign land can ever......    

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is reality stranger than fiction or fiction stranger then reality .....

Is reality stranger than imagination or imagination stranger then reality .....!!
This is one question I really can't decide to be on which side. On one hand we have sci-fi movies which boasts of unimaginable creatures and planets with weird life etc.. n on other in real world such a strange coincidence game is in play..that one thing leads to another to be at some point when you reflect back...was it a destiny? Was it already written somewhere.....

         We marvel at the unique play of circumstances that make the beautiful mmuch is at stake..n so much comes together for one moment ... the real world..wonder who creates this and who drives is it so simple for that being to connect billions of life and interwine in unique unparallel ways........If it isn't divine then what is it...........

Monday, October 1, 2012

crisis is what makes you....

its the crisis which determines who you are...running away from it is not gonna help you in any manner..
face it, recognise it ...see what is it that you are afraid of..and then when you come most calmly out of it..u know your new infinite have no have no limits..its your own self made depiction that bothers you..step out..n be your life..savor the world...things fall in place eventually..they always do..they happen for a reason..don't regret ever,  learn and grow rich with each the positivity you want in world, be the elegance you expect to get......

you have many things to be grateful for ...recollect the times when you were cared for, when it was least expected..may God bestow the right sense...

Nindak neare rakhiye...isn't rahiman was gr8..a jogi..the concept itself is so appealing...turn to the truth with right approach ..n sing along the melody of life....