Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paycheck and Provoked

Paycheck and Provoked are two more movies which need a fair review,
since they happen to be the most inspiring of the lot available.

Well while paycheck can almost be labeled as a must watch for any engineering graduate, Provoked is a movie with a substance and acting- as the essence of it. Unlike all other bollywood masala movies or saga's where heroines are just name-sake entities, with really no role or part of substance - Provoked is a huge respite in the fact that its all the women issue, a real story, depicted in almost
perfect tone, u relate to the acting of Aishwarya rai for the first time after her
numerous pathetic roles. The strong human element, the fear, the haunting past, terrible turmoils yet the victory of  human values - n ofcourse the flow of events -
its captivating. Do watch to increase your span of quality cinema.

 On the other hand Paycheck is a real contrast, with ofcourse a superhuman stature infy intelligent guy- designing unprecedented technology that enthrals you to the core, fills you with pride on being an Engineer and fills your mind with  the possibilities in every arena. To the course of suspense it takes towards the end, one event relating to other and the perfect end...Loved  it, can watch
it infinite of the best movies ever :)

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  1. Other than Paycheck, I feel Ironman & Batman Begins need a fair coverage with respect to an engineers viewpoint.