Friday, May 30, 2014

when it all ends, i’ll look back

when euphoria fades
when dust settles
when i stop being enamored
I will see the things being done

when its past primetime
when its the usual chore
when the tabloids
are full of all half truths
I will see where it goes

when cascade ends
when avalanche starts
when lime-light sucks all in
when I dwell in things past
and look back on the proceedings
I’ll see, what happened

Rest in peace, human rights
rest in your solitary cell
Who’s the breed called activist
its my way or highway, my friends

when soil settles, post stampede
when royal cavalcade of exaggerations end
when things shade towards truth
when the time is apt
and the cards are right
I’ll marvel on existence
and the term called facts

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