Friday, May 23, 2014

a little at a time

I don't wanna breach mountains in one go
I don't wanna slay the demon
with singular lame wound
I'll walk a little day after day
I won't burn your kingdom and run away
for superhuman I am not

I won't be deterred by monkey's
having the mischief on way
clinging and shunning
as per convenience
I won't be wasted
in indulging with them
with aim set, with head high
I will tread amidst the turmoil
that's what I am told
brings the difference

not giving it all up
on one dark day

I am told if you walk enough
you might reach there some day
but if you give up
there's definitely no other way
here I am, a living martyr
bearing stones and slabs
hopefully the future will see
the struggle it had been
and appreciate that their was someone
strong enough, to try it till the end

I'll tread, these insignificant little steps
I won't paint the moon on glassy surface
as its not a dreamland
there are no fairies
no-one has a wand to rescue the dearth
no-one even knows how low it has sunk
yet they bear it, every single day
thinking its just a day

i can't take on this giant
its not my responsibility
but you
burden is on you
for you have seen
for you have courage
for you have been persistent
no cake walk, is a huge detterent
in this fast age, we need a button
sadly no one has one
not even you
so your end, seems hollow statements
but you won't mind them
i believe

if you will
ofcourse i will understand
for giving up on life
for someone not even aware
is not I would be willing to do
maybe if I gain infinite patience
maybe, some day, if I am strong enough...

you have withstood the test of time
you have shaped dreams,
you have created vision
generated hope in deep darkness
you sir, will be there
till the time permits
i might not join you yet
i am a coward
i don't like being pelted
maybe when i am enlightened enough

but you sir, must walk
little by little
there are few of us
still not blinded
by forged lights
few who know
what is needed

you sir little by little
must walk
the path must be treaded on
destiny might be visible
it might never be reached
but you will instill
the much sought hope
the all powerful hope
but yes, something can be done!!
no matter how deep it may seem
no matter how very challenging
even a person
can be the difference!!

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