Thursday, April 24, 2014

rise, above the blinded eyes...

hide behind the vocabulary of abuse
hide in snide remarks
lament of a hidden agenda
shout all you can
for once he goes,
there will be no-one
and you will be back
cursing all-mighty
for the state we are in

never before, a person stood tall
amongst all odds
never before i witnessed a hero
you say, Indira was one
who gave us one and only blot
on democracy
you say Rajiv  was
ofcourse the epicenter
of corruptions
yes, i said it
the keyword
which prompted all

no common, shout abuse, be a retard
call all names you can
but where were you all this while
when the country was bleeding
ailing under the so called awesome rulers
or for that matter oppositions
you say Modi wave,
the stable government
ofcourse I would love it
if he would have fielded
deserving candidates
you feel empowered
slapping Kejriwal
sharing funny posts of that
try this with Modi
wait, you can't

haha, funny isn't it
some people are more equal than others
and those who are not
who are amongst us
lets show them, they are no better
than us,
the best way is to be silent
and adjust,
afterall we thrive on jugaad

lets just shout all we can
we are a country of believers
a little too much
of aristocracy, of family names
of rules illogical, wild, insane
so called traditions

we perpetrate humanity
in the name of culture
yes, you, go ahead
elect all the criminals
you can,
and when your constituency
reaches its heights
accept my congratulations
for job well done
for in history of last 60 years
it has never happened
it was too deep shit
to be helped

yes, the concerned considerate beings
may you be blessed
as long as you choose your well
just don't burn my home or my friends
for silly votes of divide and break
else i don't seek any other mess
don't incite my friends, against me
for your power hungry politics
don't eat up our national reserves
built by taxing us, counting on our labour
don't fill up your pockets with shares
and drag development projects to decades
and then get it made with sub-standard products

for when that bridge breaks
its us who pay by our life
we pay, for your greediness
and for being blind in faith
when you create all havoc
none of you die
its us, our friends
the common people
caught in the mess
created by your efforts

Modi, Kejriwal, Nitish, Shivraj
whoever works
do elect them
but criminals
please have zero tolerance
its high time
we think of the nation
each person counts
each constituency deserves the best
one man never rules
at the end, whom you elect
is your leader
have a competent one
refuse to accept less
whoever may take up the shrine
your place too deserves the best
we are a democracy, after all

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