Saturday, September 28, 2013

emotions up the sleeve

She had emotions on the top of her sleeves,
she woke up with starry dreams
she slept with miracle in mind
oh she was so out of her mind

her eyes shining with twinkle bright
her laughter, a bird in flight
her presence, freedom alive
ahh she was such a girl
beside that, an absolute delight

her chirpy talks made sense
her attempt to tease was all in vain
ahh she was just a dream
she never existed

she was a kid, till date
how long she survived intact
its really strange
out there in an unknown world
she had the exquisite taste

unconventional in all ways
all too eager, all too prompt
to difficult to be cajoled
so easily interpreted in vague

she lived amidst tears and smile
content and one with life’s grace
envy of others, and tinge of regret
wonder of some,
for such profound existence

like no one can catch the light
no one can know what's in line
always up with a new surprise
such was she, the unique case

beauty of her lighted up face
rhythm of her each step
world was such a great place
life so abundant  grace

royalty was the trademark
ah she was the perfection
she was a girl you said?
ah she never really existed!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Today I saw this movie called “Lunch -Box” A superb movie, undoubtedly. The most striking scene of it was, when the lead protagonist Neela’s – father, who is long suffering from cancer, dies and she is trying to comfort her mom. Her mom starts blabbering mundane stuff–very true, spoken from heart, partly you feel anything can happen now, you cry your heart out, on the irony of the situation. You wonder – is it all the love, is this end we all will meet and see while living. Is it just a way to suppress the pool of emotions,we live inside, yet goes unexpressed all our life.

What is it that's so captivating about it? Is it her own life, she is speaking about, or is it every single woman’s tale including Neela’s . You wonder of Neela in that scene and her mothers.. Its one of the best scene’s ever.

 Well after the movie was over, my craving for her story was not. I sat there, staring at this powerful media – which left us to create the story/the world for ourselves, as we may please. But I was not interested. I just kept seeing that scene in my head, over and over again, and every time tears spilled on their  own, and I was lost in the depths of uncertainties.

never too much…not as seen..

Its never as big, as you imagine it to be. Often when you look back and try to relive that, it turns out to be insignificant-almost like a minor errand or glitch. i wonder, what amplifies the notions in our minds, when the real happening is pretty small..with all the care you took to document, later it always seems very uneventful, like citing the obvious or something. So maybe we are barricaded and strangled by the magnified images we perceive, rather than any actual happening. Happening- something to chew on ……

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Techonology and Expressing emotions...

People want to express and then they don't. In this vague battle - the meaningless boards - get all the words-just the gist pasted as status and no words of explanation. Some people make fun of it,and that's almost the purpose it serves. But it takes away a bit though veiled and maybe its a relief - of having bothways. Is it technology which has made us this hideous? Or is it just us?Why don't anyone wanna share anything which is not good anymore? Is it a fear of being labelled a bore? What the hell - is happiness the entire summary of life? If you are feeling irritated, go call and tell all about it? Why you have to suppress and show just a little  bit by some status? Why is tete-a-tete so less prevalent now? I would love to be of help in your bad times, I have many of mine as well, you are not alone, everyone has them. Why a stupid hide and seek game then? Ahh I'll never understand this..

Then there are some posers, who will pretend they are too good for this world, or maybe life. Nothing can deter them, when they are actually all mess inside. Man-whom you wanna make fool of? Anyone can see right through and know things as they are, but its not right to poke you where it hurts, so we keep our mum. But seriously why- why is it wrong to  have a low time? It doesn't change your image, your integrity matters, I know strong people fight with the wind and tornadoes and all that bullshit. But you are not supposed to behave like a hopeless freak, do whatever to help yourself. But why you have to hide behind a encrypted status and project you are a superhuman and all the while you are burning inside. Common- this is ridiculous.

Just lent out once, forget all about it and go work to address it. But live it with zest...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The menace of consumerism or the fundu Marketing guys??

Well I am gonna crib in this post. No, I will herald a new thinking of healthy living..Blah..lets just say whatever it is and get over any projected sense of over importance in this world and my role as visionary to make it the best place it can be and exercise high intellect to transform the way it functions, which sadly still needs to see some light of the day. Anyway

Since childhood we have seen ads of Suffola and n such healthy cooking oils- you see how deeply it is mingling with our food and hence our health and our existence. A young and very smart guy is on the verge of heart-attack or is cholesterol ridden and could not play with kids as he is always busy. Later they added a nice tint of depicting nasty kids- who yell that "you never play with us, then why at all you exist" or something of the sort. When I used to see anyone cooking in oil like sarson ka oil- I used to shun that internally so harshly that they are playing with the health of people and ensured I don't touch a bit of it. Well seems like I am a victim of what I was avoiding for like forever. The most unhealthiest cooking oil - is what marketed to be otherwise.  Will provide the reference soon.

Okay lets go to beauty, why, what else comes to your mind on mention of consumerism and beauty products. It is amazing that marketing guys could cut right through the bias of society and sell the shitty products to both vain men and women(maybe all women- vain or not) as lets accept it-taking care of your one and only body is like a sacred thing, right? Wrong!! Though however easy it might be to wake up and dab your skin with cleansers and put on layers of moisteners and skin whitening creams and shinning products -- seems like they make your skin addicted and in long run prone to 1000s of bad effects - and ofcourse burn a huge whole in your pocket every month and then treatment of  aftereffects is also to be managed, its almost like a web. Well we have believed the beautiful fairy ladies of tv ads telling us what to purchase and why and 1 entire shelf is filled with 3 different types of oils, 3 different face-wash, moisturizer and creams, as per occasion things- of which most just get wasted away as on occasions we are (atleast I am) just too lazy to try them on. Now I don't see any future use of them, than to throw them away asap. Refer -

I believe the marketing guys can sell you anything, just by bringing together - very smart family, dog, car, green lawn and kids- some interplay and dialogues between them and here -the product is unopposed king of the world. Be it useless junk products like coco-cola, chips, fast-foods or be it things you will never need but has to be purchased to be in the league. Amazing guys you know which chord rings a bell with people. You can paint the future they aspire, for them, and then they will regret if they cannot get that. Amazing isn't it.. :) Well you have to earn, don't you. So yeah, it might be in long time, but you can shape  the thinking of people.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Coincidence, Maths and Beauty..

Everything falls in line, doesn't it? You are unaware of something for decades- then suddenly one day you get to hear about it, marvel at its beauty and think its something unusual and awesome. lo and behold- coming 1 month  - you see it everywhere, see how many people have invested all there waking moments - working and spreading it and they deem it to be the nature's own creation, a secret mystic presence in all objects which can explain the secret design. Well all this blabbering as I saw this movie or rather TV series "Da vinci demons" where he is replicating the nature's designs and coming up with engineering marvels..too ahead of his time and thought process of the era. Now I saw, marveled that how beautiful it would be to study fruits like he does and understand and experiment and here  I am within a week stumbling on 'n' links of divine proportion, maths behind nature and people working on it are actually giving the probable applications and approach on platter -to whomsoever is interested to use these beautiful designs, domain-wise. Now this is heights of coincidence, is it divine design to let me know of existence of such a beautiful concept and maybe believe in him, after so many years of doubt or denial. Well maybe, else why would these happenings become so linear, out of a sudden and so simultaneous. Whats the odd, we say? right !! Whatever it is- Nature/God/Almighty/Maths - its heights of beauty, very apt to be labelled as heaven!!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Something like impossible dreams...

I dream a few impossible dreams...
the thought struck me from nowhere
and rest hour i spent
weaving the meaning it portrays
unsure if it asserts or negates

did it mean
the dreaming i indulge in
happens to be impossible?
or it proclaims
oh ya well,..
whats the fun dreaming,
if its not certain,
seemingly impossible

It felt so interesting
though out of nowhere..
still couldn't decide
which side I'll lie
in case of a debate..

Dream is what,
if not, something that has never happen
no previous instance of certainity
but some inane or intrinsic faith
all in mind, its what i want

almost like a metaphor
like reaching for the stars
when you perfectly know
not gonna happen in this lifetime

or is it worth boasting
that i dream of things impossible
like I am out of league
that so many managers- pretend
people go out of way and insist
that's what they are
or atleast the projected selves :P
though I have observed
we all converge to be almost same
on many different ways
yet at the end - varied expressions
of same thoughts

one of a kind, different
its just superficial polish
of the industrial age
which gives you some benefits
maybe in short term
anyways, not drifting apart

Still dreaming big and not hiding it
risking a crazy label and aloof glance
we all know
no-one's gonna care, till you achieve
that silly/big/impossible dream
then why care at all
to put it in words

Well the choice fails me
Both seems plausible reasons
so I keep this thought from nowhere
and wonder on its simplistic beauty
and complexity, yet with some positive stand
I dream few impossible dreams, after all !!