Thursday, April 24, 2014

rise, above the blinded eyes...

hide behind the vocabulary of abuse
hide in snide remarks
lament of a hidden agenda
shout all you can
for once he goes,
there will be no-one
and you will be back
cursing all-mighty
for the state we are in

never before, a person stood tall
amongst all odds
never before i witnessed a hero
you say, Indira was one
who gave us one and only blot
on democracy
you say Rajiv  was
ofcourse the epicenter
of corruptions
yes, i said it
the keyword
which prompted all

no common, shout abuse, be a retard
call all names you can
but where were you all this while
when the country was bleeding
ailing under the so called awesome rulers
or for that matter oppositions
you say Modi wave,
the stable government
ofcourse I would love it
if he would have fielded
deserving candidates
you feel empowered
slapping Kejriwal
sharing funny posts of that
try this with Modi
wait, you can't

haha, funny isn't it
some people are more equal than others
and those who are not
who are amongst us
lets show them, they are no better
than us,
the best way is to be silent
and adjust,
afterall we thrive on jugaad

lets just shout all we can
we are a country of believers
a little too much
of aristocracy, of family names
of rules illogical, wild, insane
so called traditions

we perpetrate humanity
in the name of culture
yes, you, go ahead
elect all the criminals
you can,
and when your constituency
reaches its heights
accept my congratulations
for job well done
for in history of last 60 years
it has never happened
it was too deep shit
to be helped

yes, the concerned considerate beings
may you be blessed
as long as you choose your well
just don't burn my home or my friends
for silly votes of divide and break
else i don't seek any other mess
don't incite my friends, against me
for your power hungry politics
don't eat up our national reserves
built by taxing us, counting on our labour
don't fill up your pockets with shares
and drag development projects to decades
and then get it made with sub-standard products

for when that bridge breaks
its us who pay by our life
we pay, for your greediness
and for being blind in faith
when you create all havoc
none of you die
its us, our friends
the common people
caught in the mess
created by your efforts

Modi, Kejriwal, Nitish, Shivraj
whoever works
do elect them
but criminals
please have zero tolerance
its high time
we think of the nation
each person counts
each constituency deserves the best
one man never rules
at the end, whom you elect
is your leader
have a competent one
refuse to accept less
whoever may take up the shrine
your place too deserves the best
we are a democracy, after all

Friday, April 18, 2014

just dots...

its a series of jots and dots
it can be as well be a blotch
or a fairy in a snow clad peak
it can be the prairies
or the rainbows, the green leaves

its after all just few dots
crammed in clusters
clumsily, filling space ...
we call it a painting
the high sounding art

the blue sea and the orange sky
the feel of wind brushing against the skin
or the scent of love
it can project all

the art, the sculpture, the painting
stand there and relish
the constituents of all
the atoms, the pixels, the dots

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Depression was how she died, her husband was a jerk. Then why she did not just leave him?
She could have divorced him.

No you don't understand, Divorce is not easy in India. And if you are uneducated woman who cannot earn for yourself, you have nowhere to go. Isn't it the fallacy, you don't teach the girls of this country, as the boys need to be the breadwinner, while she is the one who needs to learn culinary skills and manage home ultimately, which btw doesn't matter, as money rules. So when you marry your uneducated daughter off, basically  you are wielding the power and control of her life to whatever that guy turns out to be.
That's a lot lot power to have, and if that guy turns out to be jerk and they have had few kids already as per the prompt Indian thing to have, for matching the portfolio of "perfect ages and next things to do in life". Then ofcourse the woman is screwed.

Yes I pitied that lady, who died of depression. Common this is 21st century we are talking of. System, its meant to protect people. No matter how large be their number. Its called system for that matter. That's why you are so scared to fall off the system, that half of the time you are stuck somewhere you don't belong, to fit in somehow and tread along. Be depressed but have the meals and mostly die of heart attack, rather than helplessness or long sustained depression.

Yes the loudest shout and voice is often of those who have no idea how it is like on the other end, of being there. There are people out there, living it day in day out, girls being killed -as lets face it, they are too much of a liability. And isn't the whole dictum of this system we live in, is "be an asset, not a liability". So hey why curse the system, it needs class to maintain exquisite things, like liabilities, so let those who can afford it, manage it. Why should everyone toe the line, in the name of law. Oh yes and since we are so supposed to be living as per "Indian tradition", no matter how limited its knowledge is, or even if no-one knows what it means, or no matter what an absolutely illiterate person is the one dictating it, lets face it, "being a girl and getting treated as a human being" is definitely not the part of our traditions.

 If you are a girl, better be obedient, subservient, homely, low-voice, good countenance, submissive being. Depression? for what? Education? why do you need it? Safety? well don't step out, you know guys can earn. Rape? "boys are boys, mistakes ho jaati hain". Remind me which barbaric age we are living in? Oh yes "the imposed  and self asserted notions of being traditional ..oops sorry of following our culture.

Do they even know what culture means. I suppose not, and I am no one to question them. For yes it will be way out of line. You just need to follow instructions and be at home, depression, all your fault. Dowry deaths must be the girls fault, after all - lets face it "uneducated, not earning, eating 4 times meals(which she cooked btw- but doesn't count, its her job, unpaid one ofcourse, else what will she do all day long, its so easy for her, she can sit at home and sip tea while guy has to go out and sweat to earn bread and butter. lucky she.)

Well what was it? yes depression, she died of depression. This is 21st century and it happens. After all "boys are boys, mistakes ho jati hain" but girls should toe the line, be at home, learn to be a good homemaker, sit at home as "safety is in your own hands and maybe is in sitting at home" and if you are fucked up in home, you need to swallow it down lady, as you are having an easy time. Sitting at home, doing nothing, what do you have to do in the world. 

Isn't the system is supposed to provide opportunities and conducive environment. What do I know, when its the end which matters. This end just happens to be of discrimination, dominance and depression. Lets face it, girls are just too dumb, bearing and putting up with this, till this date. Ya ask me that question. 

3 kids, all girls. They were married off. Job done. Thank god, timely done. She lived till the week before the last one was to get married, hanged on all depressed. Couldn't manage the last week, died. Well maybe its not that bad, as the marriage is still on, as people pool in dowry, just in case, guy has 2nd thoughts.He deserves a price for keeping that liability for lifetime.  Lets just pray that this story doesn't become her story, a story of depression. As what else can we do, all is in god's own hands. We have grown too savage for humans and too blind to see the truth, as we are summoned and rightly living the cultured life, where only half the race is human, rest is born to be slave.

History repeats itself, I heard. I thought of all those manu's out there writing books on the disease womenfolk is. What good she is but to nurture few kids, who again will mistreat and continue this legacy. Indian women should toe the line, not follow the common sense, as ofcourse its against our culture to be humane. But guess what, it was not a history after-all. Its here, right here, in minds of few men? Can it even exist if someone has a tidbit of mind or sense. Well what do I know, I am of that stupid race, yes women, the silly stupid disgrace.

Oh I am just talking of the village folk, people. Don't take it personally. I see the lady laborers, carrying load after loads of bricks on head. But they would be paid less, way lesser, as they are silly woman, worth for nothing. I see my friends, just outcasted in decision making, as what will they know, its the men running the country, you are not to have a word. Yes, here I said it 'liability, incompetent' . 500 Years of passing legacy of illiteracy and dominance. We need to follow it to dying breath else be justly hanged/killed for being uncultured. Anything is justified for the glorious image we perceive we represent. Oh sorry by we, I ofcourse mean- the asset, the humans, the truly deserving beings, the masters.

We hear all these glorious tales of victory and of race. We see the might of words, we see the larger than life figures in drama, taking over the whole world, or saving the dying humanity. Guess real world is not that fake. No-one is going to save you. If you are uneducated, jobless, woman, you are destined for the confines of walls and even there if it doesn't turns out well. Well feel free to die and land in hell, as woman where else do you aspire to land up in. You useless liability. Its just a choice which hell would you like to land in.