Friday, May 15, 2009


Yes I'm a poet looking for applause
I need a crowd and an ovation filled response
Or I stand out and spill out tears to fill few buckets
But sorry no other option is existent

As a poet am I ..meant to write a novel
To pass all the plethora of time god allotted
Oh whatever it is , I have no intention to be a mere mortal
to just gobble , drink ,dance and die some day

But I need to stand apart , get noticed and move on
As to be in the crowd is not my piece of cake
No! give me any heightened sense of loss and pain
Or lend me an out-worldliness to watch and witness

But no don't ever expect me to be normal
And for that matter to be with you , or be jovial
As either I'm exuberant or gloomy
But for me normalcy was never meant to be

As just a poet am I
Meant to wither , meant to suffer
Meant to exaggerate every event
Yet relish the flow of the string of emotions
to dwell in the depths unknown

Yet see it in the unexpressed , unexplored
Voluble , torturous , unconcerned
Whatever you may feel or call me
Yet I remain the same, mystery clad

A poet- meant to be different and stand apart
Now don't be picking some tangible blows
Or for that matter some sharp remarks
As I'm unhurt, absent minded and still

I'll see the glory amongst the make of a tool
And a contrast in  words and action
As a poet am I , meant to be flop
But no don't ever start calling me that

As its again a matter of time, as it moves ahead
After a generation gap , I may be revered and praised
You may think of think of taking an autograph just in case
But no! don ever take me more than lightly

As a poet am I, to refresh your moods
Pick you up, put out all of your gloom
To make you smile and display your broken teeth
As just a poet am I and a poet I'll be............


Now I am writing it to u all. Yes my dearest pals, my friends of these 4 yrs. We all knew in some of our corners of thought this was due, yet when its a reality; its impact left a large void , marking a silent end of 4 yrs of absolute joy. The mark was our great party on 4th –the best ever and then the convo till then no senti's , no emotions , just a shared smile , dreams , understanding and care .Talks of do keep in touch, keep scrapping and chatting surfaced at the convo yet it felt out of place . We all were like oh don’t, it can’t b true, why they are talking so??We'll meet again and again;-same as usual and this can never come to an end. How can it ever !!!

We never realize the importance of the moments, the lightness, the warmth we are getting when we are there; amidst that scenario but when devoid of it we do know the details we never think we noticed before . Same is the case with us , the college days offered an array of good days, a chain of plethora of varied things and now that we are all spread across length and breadth of our Country ; we know what they mean and realize why they are gonna be cherished throughout our life and its tale told to all young enthusiasts as our collection of treasured tales.

Departing had never been an easy job. In bollywood movies the overtly emotional tone its imparted; can make many of us run away from the mere word, but even as a generality -its not easy. When bidding adieu to our best friends, great pals, wonderful people - a feeling of lost, devoid, vacuum we noticed; its presence was just sensed but the impact comes much later now; days after when we are all away and we recollect the days that can never be the same again; those which can never return as same in tune and melody , ease and free spirit (for now we are gonna enter “corporate world” – to quote Avasthi sir).

There’s some reservations to what it will be like. How we will cope up there yet a new hope glimmers that we’ll have some pocket money to waste and indulge in exquisites we so much longed for (new stocks of handset, lappy, ipods, designer clothes, branded watches, outings what not!! ; most interesting part is that everything we plan to afford by our first salary :D) ; sadly though joining refuses to come .Yet we cant resist the wings of planning’s ,of the world where we earn, from spreading wide and high. Yet we wish that college days may go on. The spontaneity must remain the same with an added advantage.

Lets see whats in store till then virtual bakars are no less entertaining. Be available forever, for the same collegic bakars, though virtual. So hope we don ever know the impact of departure as being communication engineers that we can always ensure. RIGHT . KEEP ROCKING TC. CYA.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is contentment in life??

Is it relishing whatever god has given to u. Is it being patient against ur sense of getting it all too easily.Is it throwing all the burden of right or wrong on others shoulders..........
Is it knowing that u r the one caught unaware, amongst some silly Ideas or vanity or interests of other one. Yet being unconcerned to it .Is it the way of life or is it being in the vicious loop of achievements to find contentment as its end product?? Does some unrequired overboardness of one need to be tolerated to avoid negative incidences , not too cherishable or memorable one’s?? Is it a consistent compromise to find a moderate way out?? If not, then whats the way out ?? Is it to shout out loud as we often find helpless people doing in hope that maybe their voice makes someone assist them?? With the pertinent hope that next time their grey cells will make them aware against such extreme measures by the intensity of your voice....Else the story will go on repeating. With you as the persistent victim of uncontentment ...

Now "victim" is the word which makes me go wild.I can never allow me be the state it refers to......I can be extreme, I can be bad, I can be mad, I can be little bit too much -I wont mind.......But please, being a victim is out of question, out of choice for me.Yet this is what i feel when i know i'm at the receiving end of others silly obsessions n notions...with none of any inherent flaws of mine. Now now.. Then whats the way out ??...Whats the life and its fundamentals then?? I go on with all the unintelligent acts as this instant I donno whats right or wrong. And seek out ways I cud have followed, to avert that fate. And that extreme self impositions makes me unsure if I had ever been right at the first place... Now now if I say it so-that I had been right, it may be because we see one side of the story as per our convienience...May be there are viewpoints and faces unseen. But how does it entitles anyone to mistreat me. How does it justifies the life's take on me?? We all hope for a path exactly correct which implies that we always being in the luxuries department of it. Never ever facing any tide, never been challenged on the issue of our humanity.And all the bla bla we consider as ingredients of ideality......To put it in short -just being at ease.....always , anyway n any place.......
Why does approval of others becomes a must to assign value to our worth?? Why does it ever matters what others say? When was it that our wishes needed to be suppresed for fear of comments?? Why sometimes events make people go wild, to the extent that all beauty of life is lost. Then i donno what is it-thats required and i loose all sense or so called "senses"......

There's nothing big enough; all is too minor ..too little...too immaterial to make fuss off. This all is nothing then what cruelties life offers to some on their platter by no mistake of them. Its then that this craze seems too immature. And we know we are long way to go....before acceptance. Before being able to be a tool to do better in this world. Its none of it. I know its pretty tough,.as life is a comedy in its way of progressing. Though its not over a span of time. When what remains is just a big void......with scars and nothing else but just the feel of its pain then its too hard to be this objective to origins and end. But what remains is a sheer hope and a belief that if there’s someone who knows the truth may it consistenly help us.............