Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a day at a time..

lets cherish the raindrops
and cool breeze
lets walk hand in hand
and relish
there's still time
there always is

its not the end
its the journey
to look at

the choice is always ours
let's create memories
let's add to it
bit by bit
and keep building

lets smile
and walk and laugh
lets add up to the way
there's no end to seek
no destiny
its here and now
in each moment
that its meant to be...

come, lets walk
and lets traverse the miles ahead
come, lets sing songs and crack jokes
merrily continue the journey
whatever may lie uphill

lets see the day
as it comes
and each day
becomes a part of the path
path not yet known or seen
path all ours to create and tread

lets live the beauty of today
lets be in heights and falls
whatever comes our way
laugh it off, in poor jokes
and it will be fine
there's no end to reach

its a continued journey
lets take the different experiences
it brings and live it
one day at a time.....

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