Thursday, June 19, 2014

let’s rise

let’s rise,
become a better version of our self
retain our skin
not change because of a glitch

let’s rise
and grow together
chase our dreams and stars

lets rise
in companionship
shun the traps of expectations
be there for each other
in lows and in highs
rather than causing them

lets rise
in our life and live
what we perceive
our true self to be
believe and achieve
all those impossible dreams
which define us

no change is required
its you, the idea you live
which is most charming
be your own self
distinctly recognizable

lets rise
no unnecessary efforts
to be, what we are not
no pretensions
no burdens
just be, your own true self

lets rise
communicate and learn
rejoice the experiences
not get caught up in hassles

lets rise
solemn and strong
in togetherness

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