Sunday, June 15, 2014

the indifferent world..

a guy in the corner, a girl in the street
the smiling face, the suppressed shriek
the lady walking her dog, lost..
in contemplation, where she went wrong
the drug addict, in yearn for weed
rummaging through home, in search of some dollar green
dying to be alive, dead for life
the lady haggling for few bucks,
the abusive being,
the routine

the regulars, unknown unnoticed
every john n martha
cleaning the streets, nursing the sick
jotting down the accounts
and running the coffee machine
the existing nonexistence

the wide roads and its siren sweet
the lone smile, the eyes bright
the captivated hope, the desperate stride
the emotional upheaval
the pretentious well-being
the unencompassable/uncontainable joy
with fear of unseen

they cannot dance, they cannot sing
can just mimic,
trying to be in control
of what is yet to come
trying to find a cause, a reason
being, oh being – bounded by strings
and with limited eyes….
lost in the multitude of dimension

you watch x, what goes in y and z and time
seems so arbitrary
yet it makes sense after a while
each stride, each meaningful day
each meaningful smile
the assurance one seeks
each empathic nod and hug in need
hope shining bright
the most needed thing

the future, the past
the rent, the fees, the medical bills
the tour, the freedom, the petrichor
the valley, the heights, the untrodden terrain
the lows, the highs, the unexpected twists and tides
the flowers, the breeze, the chirp, the chimes
the poetry in words, the poetic words

the unspoken expressions and similies
the tears of joy, embrace of love
the choking throat, the judging eyes,
the hatred, the snarl
the indifferent world

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