Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Centre of the Universe

So you think you are the centre of the Universe? Like the time Earth was the centre with the sun and stars revolving around it. Earth had the alter, a pedestal, a position so elite, so high-up that no-one questioned the role assigned to the Mother earth by the great Creator, to be of utmost importance and have unquestionable authority. The messengers of this dictum were elite class, the protagonists and interpreters of magic of the celestial beings and the saviours, the next-to man of Gods. All went well till all did the task assigned to them and never questioned the sayings and notions. But sadly one commoner, began questioning it. He was looking for facts, trying to check and confirm the reality from the dictum. Alas he found all evidence to be contrary.

Earth was a just a minute part of a big vast world. Not worth mentioning, no high priority role, no glory from the Creator, no pedestal. It was part a system called solar-system, revolving around Sun- the brightest star. It was one of the 7 others such bodies, and several other innumerable rocks. Almost an existence with no meaning or grandeur. It was neither the smallest nor biggest, neither nearest nor farthest, neither most beautiful nor most contrasting. Almost unremarkable, resembling in some parameters to few others in almost everything.
He tried to tell people that, look what I found. There’s another story, which is the truth. Lets explore the reality of the world and become the great explorers, the truth seekers, the first to know all the truth. To inculcate scientific curiosity and correct thinking in the masses. Lets hold hands and go on this exploration together, shall we? There is a world of possibilities and discovery ahead. We will be the first to do so. How awesome is that. But the people high up, on pedestals, the next to Gods, did not like the idea. Too happy with the status and mass followings. They saw the man as a threat. But he was right, they feared. He can make them unimportant overnight. They feared the consequence. They executed him, in false charges, they killed the source that threaten their identity and sanctity and their words. Words they had used to rule. The truth is their’s to create, in words, and everyone should take them as axiom and create their beliefs. No one can question the reality of those words or try measuring it in ground reality, or actually set out to see. It was the way and what they said and made rules, shall rule the world. Amen!
Except, it was 500 years ago, and slowly many rose against the dictatorship and single hold of these lying Zealots. They rose en masse and changed the world.
Now we are the advanced world. Segregated in smaller centres of earth. Smaller segments, with each thinking themselves to be of prime importance, decisive piece in the fate and tale being set by some master and his grand plan. The most crucial and precious one’s. Be it countries or people, group or society. We have a version of the self-proclaimed centres, who shall not be questioned. They are to rule, the men of that group, and those who question shall be executed. It is the norm, the way things always are done. Except this time, we won’t let there be a mass, to rise against us, we will eliminate each single piece the moment it raises its head. We shall rule by our words, our creation of nonexistent reality. You don’t believe us, you want to question us on some specifics, you  know your fate. So better shut up and believe or just let others be.
You think the earth is dependent on you? You think the solar system will stop if you want. or the universe will come revolving to you? Well a single stray rock can wipe you out of existence any moment. But till you live, lets all propagate the myth. We are the best, repeat after me. We are the best, the centre of everything. We matter so much. That it should not be questioned. Take my word and shut up.
Serve me, be my followers and never question thy faith. Don’t go looking for evidence. You shall be executed. As has happened from centuries. You can be wiped out, but till then, you are the world, the centre of universe.

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